From Create Your Own Story

You press the buttons on your time machine, which to anyone else would look like a normal watch. There have been many mistakes you have made in the past and you want to rectify them. You set your dial to the first time on your list.


You open your eyes and look around. You realize you are at your grandparent's old home. It takes a few minutes for you to figure out what has happened. Then it dawns on you. Your time machine worked... well, sort of. It took you into the past, but not the past you wanted.

You know about the time your grandparents lived in this home, put are not sure when exactly this is.

Then your mom walks into your room. She tells you its time for bed. "Go ahead and get changed and brushed your teeth. Then come out and tell us all goodnight. And don't forget your Goodnites either,"

Goodnites? You are confused for a moment before you remember you had been a bedwetter when you were younger.

Your mom walks out the door and closes it behind you. You pause. You check your watch/time machine and realize it is gone. You try not to panic, but its difficult.

Do you:

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