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This is a little project I've decided to embark on, concerning a certain character from a different certain project. That character leads a rather flippy life, full of drugs and fuck, at the age of fourteen. That part of his life's more or less established, with his past being less fleshed out. This guy's the most interesting of all the characters, considering his life, though I may add some of the others one... if this turns out to be fun enough (which it has).

At the moment, I'd like to avoid outside interference, but I may allow others' edits/contribution soon enough, to see how the kid may turn out otherwise or how additional characters might derail things. Considering the nature of the site though... Heh. I'd like to avoid outside contribution until I've added why Luka's screwy, as, until then, there's no way you'd be able to really understand him (and, ergo, wield him). Luka's screwy because he's father's a neglectful, violent drunk, who's hurt him quite heavily a few times. So, yeah. That's it. Please though, if you'd like to add your own bits, try to keep the guy in character; there's a link to a short summary at the bottom of this page. Further, keep in mind:

The original/my storyline will be marked with an asterisk (*); please don't edit those, ever. Unless, of course, I made a glaring and painful typo, in which case: please do fix it. But, otherwise, only edit the pages without an asterisk (*). If you edit anything else, I'll cut you. Also try to keep it in character; extra points if you can write in a similar style as I do, and/or manage to impress me with how accurate you wield the characters.

I think I reserve the right to scowl violently and mark as hated anything I don't like (also make vanish?), but please let me know if I don't; it would be more than a little nice to know. Also: try to keep the naming scheme matching:

Verse/<character>/<page> works for most, unless it's a very specific scene that undoubtedly has a direct sequel, like sex, in which case: Verse/<character>/<partner>: <page>

Also notice that characters get their own category of pages, so keep that in mind (and please try to match it as close as possible to my own naming schemes). You can also add your own characters, starting on this page, if you want, and play with them in the same world. Keep in mind though, it's a rather underdeveloped world.

God, I'm so demanding...

Anyway, choose a character...

or learn a bit on...

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