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Welcome to The World as We Know It.

This story is a carefree romp, but by it's very nature there is a little bit of complexity to writing for it. If you wish to contribute, please read the Contributer's Guidelines. Thank you and enjoy. --Elerneron

"This is the end," says the Creator as he looks into your eyes. "I'm done with it . . . with all of it." His shoulders slump as he sighs heavily. "I need a vacation."

The statement hits you like a brick. The Creator; the Master of the Universe; the Maker of All that Was, Is, and Will Be . . . is retiring? Your mind boggles with the enormity of it all. But there is so much that could still be done. The universe is still relatively young. So much wasted potential. If only you could do something. If only . . .

"Master," you say nervously, "if you are not doing anything with it . . . do you think that I could . . . I don't know . . . that maybe I could run it for you? I mean the universe . . ."

The Creator looks up with a smile. His smile broadens as he looks at you. His eyes twinkle as he laughs lightly. "That isn't a bad idea at all. There will be some rules though."

"Of course, Master," you reply eagerly.

"First, you may only view the universe from one planet; but I will give you my favorite planet . . . the Earth."

"Thank you, Master."

"Second, you can influence the actions of the beings on the Earth, but you cannot directly force them to do anything. I am still a firm believer in free will."

"Of course, Master."

"Third, you may make any changes that you wish, but they cannot be directed at any one individual, they must encompass a group of people."

"Ummm," you say, "I'm not certain that I understand."

"Let's say that you want to make a woman's breasts larger, for instance. You cannot just make her breasts larger, but you can make a rule for the universe that will make her breasts larger. You could make a rule that all women had large breasts, or a rule that all blondes had large breasts; but you cannot directly target a single individual. The changes that you make must be rules that affect how things work. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master," you respond, "is that all?"

"One more thing," he says smiling broadly. "All of your changes are permanent. You cannot unmake any rule that you make; nor can you work around it by making a rule to counteract a rule that you've made. Is that all clear?"

"Yes Master."

"Then the universe is yours. I'm out. PEACE!"

With that rather strange and enigmatic farewell, he disappears. You wonder briefly where he went that isn't part of the universe. You shrug. It doesn't really matter, you have a world to change! It's the End of the World as You Know it; and You Feel Fine!

Where will you focus your gaze? (If you contribute a new country, use its formal name as detailed here [1] if it has one.)

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