Sit next to Mom

From Create Your Own Story


You look at your mom sitting quietly next to your dad. "Damn she is way to hot", you think to yourself. Her double D breasts protrude out of her tight white t-shirt, her long brunette hair curled behind her left ear showing a few of her many ear piercings (a statement I think she uses to show she is still rebellious in nature), her sexy tan legs sprawled out across my sleeping Dad, and her athletic tone stomach peaking out of the bottom of her shirt are all to hot to handle for this young horny teen.

I immediately slide in like a superhero onto the couch, landing violently onto moms lap, she jumps slightly from my abrupt entrance. She looks down at me, pats my head, then turns her head back up to the movie.

I can feel her hot soft skin touching my cheek, I look down to see her sexy legs, and then back up to see her tight stomach. I am incredibly hard right now.

What do I do:

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