From Create Your Own Story

| Chimpout-Human Edition|| (WIP- Don’t Edit)

You have returned home from the war in Iraq, to your old neighborhood in Midvale, Ohio. You thought your troubles were over, only to come to discover that your neighborhood has been infested by that especially virulent breed of North American Pavement Ape known as the nigger. With a hefty severance thanks to your medical discharge, and a lifetime disability pension thanks to PTSD, money will not be an issue. You also have a Soviet Kalishnikov with three thirty round clips of ammo beneath your bed.

Despite the heavy presence of jigaboos in your neighborhood, and the damage they are wreaking across America, the world is still prett much your oyster. Right now, you are sitting on the edge of the bed, in the furnished room you rent in the Armstrong Place Apartments. What to do?

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