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Welcome to the Circle of the Crone Collaborative site!

This website is for Camarilla members whose characters are members of the Circle of the Crone Covenent in the Vampire: The Requiem Chronicle. This space is for each and every member to find and share information, contacts, and resources for playing a Circle of the Crone PC. The power is yours, find it, add it, share it!

Circle of the Crone Resources

About the Circle - More information about the Circle of the Crone, The Camarilla, White Wolf and Vampire: The Requiem.

Characters - The Characters who are a part of the Circle of the Crone, and the people who play them.

Lineages/Bloodlines - Advertise your lineage, find in-character sires and childer.

Factions/Groups - Not everyone agrees, not everyone has the same agenda. Find ties to like minded groups here.

Cities - Find out the status of a city before traveling there, how friendly it is to Crones, which Crones reside there, and any magical occurances in the area.

Resources - Additional information, resources and links of interest to Circle of the Crone players.

Magic - Information on the dark powers wielded by Circle of the Crone characters

Wikipedia Entries

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