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Welcome. This wiki contains various stuff to do with the online role play games I, Cheez, participate in, on various places around the internat, mainly the EGS Mayhem forum and RP sub-forum of the TZH forum, but also in several other forums. It is meant to be an easily accessible/linkable reference for me and the people I RP with.

Useful sites

The following sites are used by me when creating RP settings, characters ETC.

  • [1] Random number generator.
  • [2] Loads of name generators.
  • [3] More generators.
  • [4] Modern Firearms and ammunition- pretty much THE site for firearms research.
  • [5] Logo generator- Useful for businesses, ETC.
  • [6] Heromachine- Flash based program used to create an image of a character. No download required.
  • [7] Loads of names.
  • [8] Dress My Babe 6- Another character image creator. Also no download. Warning- nudity available (But easily avoided)
  • [9] Elvish language stuff.
  • [10] List of modern terrorist groups.
  • [11] Lizardmen name generator.
  • [12] Pagan god name generator.
  • [13] Online language translator. It has 1 or 2 languages that Google doesn't.
  • [14] 20000 Names- Bloody good site with lists of names from around the world, divided by gender.

RP stuff

RPs that I've made

Characters, organisations ETC that I have in other people's RPs

Stuff that's used in multiple RPs

Vehicles, weapons, equipment, ETC.

Characters ETC with approval pending

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