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Name: Vuzok Stormbreaker
Race: Orc
Class: Fighter
Level: 3
Alignment: Unaligned
Age: 22
Height: 7'6"
Weight: 320 lbs.
XP: 2425/3750

Strength: 20(+5)
Dexterity: 10(+0)
Constitution: 18(+4)
Intelligence: 8(-1)
Wisdom: 14(+2)
Charisma: 10(+0)

Battlerager Vigor: Hit by enemy close or melee attack, gain 4 temp hp; temp HP from invigorating powers stack with any other temp hp; +1 damage for melee and close attacks in light armor or chainmail, +2 damage with axe, hammer, mace, or pick.
Combat Challenge: Mark target on attack; if target shifts or makes attack not including you, make melee basic attack as immediate interrupt.
Combat Superiority: +2 to opportunity attacks; if move provoked, move ends.
Low-Light Vision
Running Charge: +2 speed when charging.
Indomitable Will: +1 Will saves.

Acrobatics: +0(+1 base, +0 Dex, -1 armor)
Athletics: +10(+1 base, +5 STR, +5 trained, -1 armor)
Dungeoneering: +3(+1 base, +2 Wis)
Endurance: +11(+1 base, +4 CON, +5 trained, +2 orc, -1 armor)
Insight: +3(+1 base, +2 Wis)
Intimidate: +8(+1 base, +0 CHA, +5 trained, +2 orc)
Nature: +3(+1 base, +2 Wis)
Perception: +4(+1 base, +2 Wis, +1 item)
Stealth: +0(+1 base, +0 Dex, -1 armor)

Superior Weapon Proficiency: Execution Axe

Basic Melee Attack: Standard Action; One Creature; Strength(+9) vs. AC; 1d12+10
Brash Strike: Standard Action; One Creature; Strength + 2(+11) vs. AC; 1d12+12; Grant combat advantage to target until start of next turn.
Crushing Surge: Standard Action; One Creature; Strength(+9) vs. AC; 1d12+8; Invigorating; +4 temp HP.

Insightful Strike: Standard Action; One Creature; Strength(+9) vs. AC; 2d12+8, +2 if target is bloodied.
Warrior's Surge: Standard Action; One Creature; Strength(+9) vs. AC; 1d12+8, and can spend a healing surge.
Sweeping Blow: Standard Action; Close Burst 1; Strength + 2(+11) vs. AC; 2d12+8

Lasting Threat: Standard Action; One Creature; Strength(+9) vs. AC; 3d12+8 and target is marked until end of encounter or you are unconcious, no mark can supersede.

Boundless Endurance: Daily; Minor Action; Personal; gain regeneration 6 when bloodied.

Basic Clothes - 4 lbs.
+1 Reinforcing Chain Mail - 40 lbs.
+1 Bloodclaw Execution Axe - 14 lbs.
+1 Ornament of Alertness
Bracers of Mighty Striking
Standard Adventurer's Kit - 33 lbs.
Little Edzio's Jawbone
Total Weight: 91 lbs.

Hit Points: 50/50(Bloodied: 25; Surge Value: 12)
Healing Surges: 13/13
AC: 18(+1 base, +6 armor, +1 enhancement)
Fortitude: 19(+1 base, +5 Str, +2 class, +1 enhancement)
Reflex: 12(+1 base, +1 enhancement)
Will: 15(+1 base, +2 Wis, +1 enhancement, +1 orc)
Initiative: +1(+1 base)
Speed: 5(7 charging)

Appearance: Vuzok strikes a fearsome image, the epitome of orcish savagery and strength. An unkempt mane of coarse black hair tops his head, and wild yellow eyes that are bloodshot to the point of the 'whites' being red peer out from under a sloping brow. Beneath it is a somewhat flat, wide nose, a strong jaw and large mouth filled with sharp teeth, two tusk-like canines protruding from his lower jaw the most prominent. A number of scars mar his face, the most prominent one just missing his left eye as it runs from his brow down to his jaw. His skin is a grayish green color, and his body is a tower of muscle laced with scars from claws, teeth, weapons, and other less identifiable sources. His armor appears to be made of blackened metal chain over the hide of some reptilian beast, while a horned skull decorated with jagged red patterns acts as his helmet. Strapped to his back is a huge axe with two large, jagged blades, the haft decorated with the teeth and claws of animals(and non-animals as well).

Background: Vuzok was born on the Grand Plainslands of Electrum into the Redskull tribe. It soon became evident as he grew to incredible size and strength that he would become a great warrior, and he learned to harness the savagery in his blood and wield it as a weapon. And although he was uneducated, he was not ignorant of nor oblivious to the world around him, and he saw that the orcs were in decline. The orcs had been the first inhabitants of the continent, but as the centuries wore on their lands were slowly swallowed up by the humans of Imperial Electrum's expansionist efforts, the dwarves and tieflings of Senko's endless squabbling, and the Obsidian Emperor and The Wound caused by his destruction. The nomadic orcs have slowly been driven south towards the Diamondwind Dunes, and north towards the Sentinel's Teeth, the most habitable and desirable lands taken by the sedentary and materialistic 'civilized' races. There was little he could do on his own without any understanding of these encroaching societies, and so he decided he would be better off walking among them to see what it was that made them so successful in expanding and enriching themselves, and how he could stop them from doing so at the expense of his people. And so he set off, keeping the orcish philosophy of perfection through hardship close to his heart, and the intent to make a better life for his people and save them from their descent. But then he got distracted, and now he's just wandering around, looking for trouble. But he'll get back to that other thing. Eventually.

Personality: Vuzok is a being of extremes. He's rarely ever shows restraint with his emotions and feelings, and doesn't often hesitate to speak his mind on any situation, or act upon whatever whims come to him. Although a very gregarious and friendly fellow, he remains somewhat difficult to approach due to his unpredictable penchant for violence. Raised among the extremely physical and conflict-oriented society of the orcs, he doesn't see physical violence in as serious a light as most 'civilized' people, and indeed thinks of getting into a good fistfight as a form of recreation. When he actually is being serious about hurting someone, he doesn't pull punches in the slightest and lashes out in the most effective and destructive means possible. He follows a philosophy of self-improvement through hardship, and often takes the most difficult path available or even seeks out danger in order to better himself by overcoming it. He considers personal ability to be paramount to a person's worth, and judges others by their own personal ability to perform tasks they require. As such, he has little or no respect for people who rely on servants or minions to carry out their desires for them, and he shows little kindness or mercy to anyone he doesn't respect.


  • Vuzok once made an enemy of a wealthy, unscrupulous human merchant from Dragonreign who was exploiting plains-living orcs by conning or outright robbing of the tribal artwork popular among the upper classes. He wrecked their base of operations, killed many of the merchant's thugs as well as the manager put in charge by the merchant, and exposed to the tribe he was exploiting that they were being decieved.
  • While travelling through Senko, Vuzok was embroiled in one of the many feuds of the aristocracy when he was tricked by a tiefling noble into wrecking a business establishment owned by the tiefling's dwarven rival. When Vuzok found out he was manipulated, he decided to make amends and even things out by going and wrecking one of the tiefling's investments as well. This only served to make an enemy of both the dwarf and the tiefling, though.
  • Although there has yet to be any sign of it beyond his incredible strength and vigor, it is possible that Vuzok is not entirely mortal. Where this divine spark might come from and whether it will make itself known has not yet been learned, but it likely will not become significant for quite a while.(AKA Epic Tier)
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