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Name:Ranva Izeil
Weight:151 lb.

Appearance: Ranva, thanks to his preference to wear his hair in a less than conservative fashion, would not appear as much an elf as a more...thin and angular human in some ways. Indeed, he possesses the generally thin build that is expected of elves, and stands at what would appear to be average...human height. Between that, his rather pale complexion, and his orangeish-auburnish hair--with a rather "messy" appearance to it, going down to shoulder length--hiding his ears, and some could see him passing for a human. Somewhat.

The better of his equipment, on the other hand, is clearly human-made. He appears clad in what seems to be grey-dyed...or possibly dyed-black-and-faded leather armor, complemented with a dark purple cloak (with a black interior) that seems to make one's eyes hurt if focused on too long. One could see, however, a shortsword hung on the left of the belt he was wearing, and a parrying dagger at his right. Several small throwing knives remain slung through in varied manners, and to complete the ensemble, a tan cloth headband is wrapped around his head--presumably to keep both sweat and his hair out of his eyes. And really, the pack's just that. A pack. What were you expecting from a pack, anyway?

Backstory: Ranva was an elf born on Charnos itself to a pair of elven immigrants (into a family of four at this point, by the current point in the game, six, including him), rather than the greenery-filled plane that is the Feywild. At a young age, he was introduced to a more...urban...lifestyle, and this began to reflect when he moved out into the world. Armed only with a knife and his physical nature, he, for a while, offered his services up as a well-meaning "hired hand," albeit being picky. His skills--particularly in perception of things both physical and social, nevermind his comparably innocuous look (comparably, compared to that of someone in straight up platemail) and skill with a sword and dagger--and reputation eventually caught notice of the royal family in Falia. And as such, with no small degree of conditions or wringing, Ranva Izeil was hired on to be the personal guardian of their son.

Shortly following an assassination attempt on his charge, Ranva notably disappeared from the castle. He had only started appearing as of relatively recently--or at least, someone who looked a lot like him, minus the ears...and with a much less refined hairstyle--outside of Falia, accompanying a masked swordsman in platemail, seeming to work together with him on various errands and jobs...

Plot Hooks:

  • Pinning the Blame: Ranva, unfortunately, while having saved the life of his charge, did not escape scot-free. Aside from minor injuries, he was quickly accused of being the assassin in question, and is, by now, less than popular in Falia--if not Wanted.
  • Ulterior Motives: While Ranva is clearly helping Bearer of Argent Dawn of his own free will, only two-fifths is out of a sense of duty, and another two-fifths is out of good will. The last fifth, while not quite admitting it, is a desire to get closer to Velinae. This...is likely not going to end well for him.
  • Crime and Retribution: Ranva, in his initial days as a hireling, for lack of a better word, quit a job that he wasn't given full details on, given by a crime lord. When he learned the ramifications of it, he had quit the job and skipped town without notice. Unfortunately, this came at a price, as now the aforementioned crime lord has him as an addition on the hit list...
  • Sickness at Home: While Ranva had come by well enough to live, his family had come down on hard times--between poverty, and one of his younger brothers having caught an illness that has yet to be cured, all he can do at the time being is send money over for aid in continued treatment. And that's become much less available to him as of a year ago...


[edit] Abilities


[edit] Defenses


[edit] Vitality

Healing Surges:7
Healing Surge Value:8

[edit] Skills

Acrobatics (Dex): +10
Arcana (Int): +1
Athletics (Str): +9
Bluff (Cha): +3
Diplomacy (Cha): +3
Dungeoneering (Wis): +2
Endurance (Con): +2
Heal (Wis): +2
History (Int): +1
Insight (Wis): +7
Intimidate (Cha): +3
Nature (Wis): +4
Perception (Wis): +9
Religion (Int): +1
Stealth (Dex): +10
Streetwise (Cha): +3
Thievery (Dex): +10

[edit] Feats

  • Weapon Proficiency: Parrying Dagger
  • Quick Draw: +2 Feat bonus to initiative, ready a weapon as part of an attack.

[edit] Features

[edit] Racial

  • Low-Light Vision
  • Languages: Common, Elven
  • Elven Weapon Proficiency: Proficient with longbow, shortbow
  • Fey Origin: Treated as fey creature for origin-related effects
  • Group Awareness: Grant non-elves +1 racial bonus to Perception
  • Wild Step: Ignore difficult terrain when shifting

[edit] Class

  • First Strike: Gain combat advantage against any creatures that haven't yet acted in the fight during the first round.
  • Rogue Tactics[Brutal Scoundrel]: +Str damage to sneak attacks
  • Rogue Weapon Talent: Shuriken damage die up one size, +1 to hit with daggers
  • Sneak Attack: +2d6 damage with combat advantage and light blade/crossbow/sling

[edit] Powers

[edit] At-Will

  • Piercing Strike: Dex vs. Reflex, 1[W]+Dex damage, Light Blade only.
  • Deft Strike: Dex vs. AC, 1[W]+Dex damage, Light Blade/Crossbow/Sling only, shift 2 squares before attack.

[edit] Encounter

  • "Erratic Spike"[Positioning Strike]: Dex vs. AC, 1[W]+Dex damage, slide target 1 square.
  • "Stun Force"[Setup Strike]: Dex vs. AC, 2[W]+Dex damage, target grants combat advantage to attacker until end of next turn.
  • Elven Accuracy: Reroll attack roll as free action. Use the reroll.

[edit] Daily

  • "Piercing Gale"[Handspring Assault]: Dex vs. AC, 3[W]+Dex damage, can shift 2 squares, can be used while charging. Reliable.

[edit] Utility

  • Fleeting Ghost: At Will, move action--Move full speed while stealthed.

[edit] Equipment

  • Ephemeral [+1 Quick Shortsword] (+1 to hit, 1d6+1 damage, +1d6 on crit, Light Blade, Daily: make a free basic attack when an attack hits. 2 lb.)
  • Ethereal [+1 Parrying P.Dagger] (+1 to hit, 1d4+1 damage, +1d6 on crit, Light Blade +1 to AC in off-hand. Daily: Make opposed attack roll in response to melee attack. If attack beats opponent's attack, negate attack. 1 lb.)
  • +1 Veteran's Leather Armor (AC 3, when Action Point is spent, gain +1 to attack rolls, defenses, until end of next turn. Can convert an action point to a power recovery(Daily), 15 lb.)
  • +1 Cloak of Distortion (+1 to Fort/Ref/Will, ranged attacks from more than 25' away take -5 to hit, 2 lb.)
  • Throwing Knives [Shuriken] x20 (1d6 damage, light thrown, Range 6/12, 2 lb.)
  • Thieves' Tools (+2 to checks to pick locks, disable traps. 1 lb.)
  • Adventurer's Pack (you know what's in there. 33 lb.)
  • Clothes (They look nice. 6 lb.)

[edit] Capacity

Current Load: 62 lb.
Normal Load: 160 lb.
Heavy Load: 320 lb.
Maximum Drag Load: 800 lb.

[edit] Quick Combat Reference

HP: 34
Surges: 7
SV: 8
AC: 19
Fort: 14
Will: 13
Reflex: 17
Speed: 7

[edit] Features

  • Low-Light vision
  • Elven Weapon Proficiecy
  • Fey Origin
  • Group Awareness
  • Wild Step
  • First Strike
  • Rogue Tactics:Brutal Scoundrel
  • Rogue Weapon Talent
  • Sneak Attack(+2d6+3/+15 crit)

[edit] At-Will

  • Basic Melee(Shortsword): +8 vs. AC, 1d6+4 damage (10+1d6 crit)
  • Basic Melee(Parrying Dagger): +8 vs. AC, 1d4+4 damage (8+1d6 crit)
  • Basic Ranged(Shuriken): +8 vs. AC, 1d6+4 damage (10 crit)
  • Deft Strike: +9 vs. AC, 1d6+5 damage (11+1d6 crit), shift two spaces beforehand
    • (1d4+5(9+1d6 crit) damage from P.Dagger,+8 vs. AC/1d6+4(10 crit) damage from shuriken)
  • Piercing Strike: +9 vs. Reflex, 1d6+5 damage (11+1d6 crit)
    • (1d4+5(9+1d6 crit) damage from P.Dagger)

[edit] Encounter

  • Positioning Strike: +9 vs. AC, 1d6+5 damage (11+1d6 crit), slide target one square.
    • (1d4+5(9+1d6 crit) damage with P.Dagger)
  • Setup Strike: +9 vs. AC, 2d6+5 damage (17+1d6 crit), target gives combat advantage until end of next turn
    • (2d4+5(13+1d6 crit) damage with P.Dagger)
  • Elven Accuracy: Reroll attack. Use new roll.

[edit] Daily

  • Handspring Assault: +9 vs. AC, 3d6+5 damage(23+1d6 crit), can shift 2 squares. Can be used while charging. Reliable.
    • (3d4+5(17+1d6 crit) damage from P.Dagger)

[edit] Utility

  • Fleeting Ghost: Move full action and retain stealth. At-Will.
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