Bearer of Argent Dawn

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[edit] Personal Details

Name: Bearer of Argent Dawn (Varin sel Falia)

Race:  Human

Class:  Fighter

Age:  17

Appearance: Often obscured. Pale white hair, chin-length. Tall and well-built, hardened by time on the road.

Alignment:  Lawful Good

Brief History:  TBD

Plot Hooks:
- The Fate of Falia: Since his escape from assassination nearly a year ago, Varin has not been back to his home country. The Merchant Council that now 'provisionally manages' Falia for Electrum would like nothing better than to see him dead or under their thumb like his sister. They're willing to hold the people's bellies hostage to keep his sister under control and out of reach...what would they do to a far more expendable prince?

- Argent Dawn: Legend has it that Argent Dawn was once one of the greatest blades in the history of the continent, but gave freely of itself to annoint the line of Falia in days past. Is it possible to restore the power and wisdom of the blade by infusing it with enough magic? Legend agrees...but legend says many things...

- Velinae sel Falia, Heiress of Falia: Spirited away to parts unknown to 'serve the interests of the new alliance', few know what has happened to the Paladin Princess of Falia, least of all her younger brother. He searches for clues, but admits that he hardly knows where to begin...

- A Case of Mistaken...: Especially with his mask always on, Varin's soft voice, beautiful hair, and gentle strength has led to more than one...confusion on the battlefield. He takes after his sister almost like a twin (an incident involving a dress and some padded corsetry when he was 14 STILL gives him nightmares), and he is somewhat self-conscious about accidental masculine attention.

[edit] Abilities

Ability - Score Mod Defenses
Strength 18
Fortitude Hit Points
Constitution 14
Dexterity 12
Reflex Surges/Value
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 15
Will Armor Class
Charisma 12

[edit] Racial Features

+1 to all defenses

+1 Feat

+1 Skill

+1 At-Will Power

[edit] Class Features

Combat Challenge

Combat Superiority

One-Handed Weapon Talent

[edit] Skills

Athletics +10

Endurance +8

Heal +8

Intimidate +6

Perception +4

[edit] Feats

Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword

Armor Proficiency: Plate

Shield Push

[edit] Powers

[edit] At-Will

Cleave - +10 vs. AC, 1d10+5 damage, 4 damage to adjacent enemy

Tide of Iron - +10 vs. AC, 1d10+5 damage and push the target 1 square if same/1 bigger/1 smaller. May shift into their previous square.

Footwork Lure - +10 vs. AC; 1d10+5 daamge and can shift 1 square and slide enemy into that square.

[edit] Encounter

Passing Strike

Dance of Steel

[edit] Utility

Shrewd Repositioning

[edit] Daily

Villain's Menace

[edit] Equipment

Argent Dawn - +1 Sunblade
+1 Versatile Plate Armor
+1 Cloak of Resistance (Silver and sky toned)
Heavy Shield (Bears the crest of Falia)
Steel Mask attached to +1 Headband of Perception (Smooth, mostly featureless)
Adventuring Pack
160 GP

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