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Wiki successfully set up.

[edit] Pages

Try not to make them shit.

Also, if you find yourself with a biased page on here against you, please don't delete it: we have most of them backed up anyway, so you'll be wasting precious time :'(


[edit] Other optional things to do

  • Control the rights of unonymous and logged in users through the Control Panel (which can be found in the toolbox on the left side of this page).
  • Add the IP address for your wiki to the Categorized wiki list. Simply edit that page and put your wiki under the appropriate category.
  • To increase the amount of space you have for uploads, add links to from external sites, and go to the Link Quota Page to increase your uploads quota.
  • Edit MediaWiki:Sidebar to change the navigation menu
  • Add this wiki to some external wiki indexes:
  1. Wikipedia list of wikis
  2. WikiIndex


  • If you are feeling adventurous and know a little about web design you can edit the javascript and css to the Header to change the look of your wiki.
    • You must log as Overheat Hothead to do this
    • Whatever you enter in this page will be added to the html in the header after the standard style sheet, so you can override styles.
  • Read the User's Guide for other usage and configuration help.
  • Add your wiki to the map of wikis
  • Add a message to the Feedback Page if you see anything that could be improved.
  • Spire, what is the point of this?
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