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Session Start: Tue Jan 24 16:55:29 2006
Session Ident: #werewolf
[16:55] * Now talking in #werewolf
[16:55] * Topic is ' ||�'
[16:55] * Set by Falerin on Sat Jan 21 09:01:41
[17:24] * LostSoul has joined #werewolf
[17:26] * Ubernoodle is now known as Uberaway
[17:28] * X has joined #werewolf
[17:28] * Flagg has joined #werewolf
[17:28] <X> Who all here would join in a game?
[17:28] <LostSoul> :)
[17:28] * LostSoul raises a foot.
[17:28] <X> Because I wanna mod again
[17:29] <Oreo> sorry, homework
[17:29] * Flagg does something befitting the situation.
[17:29] <X> Two out of...
[17:29] <X> 6 or 8
[17:29] <X> We'er gittin there
[17:29] <Flagg> Heh
[17:29] <LostSoul> Yea >_> :p
[17:29] <Flagg> New Idear X?
[17:30] <X> Yeaep
[17:30] <Flagg> Q7 will be on. Maybe he could play?
[17:30] <Flagg> =P
[17:30] <X> Are we aloud to swear in here?
[17:30] <LostSoul> Heh...
[17:30] <Flagg> hells yeah
[17:30] <X> FUCK NO!
[17:30] <Flagg> You wern't here with Zlok were you
[17:30] <LostSoul> Fal saids assume this an 'M' enviroment. Though, I'm sure there are limits.
[17:31] <Flagg> You know I reckon Sex is over that limit.
[17:31] <Flagg> But swearing isn't
[17:31] <LostSoul> Hehe... one game tried to get me to be part of a 4some >_>
[17:31] <Flagg> Cause all of us are mature, if not old enough too handle it.
[17:31] <LostSoul> One the Fal and Eld were modding xD
[17:32] <Flagg> His wife is fun too play with though.
[17:32] <X> Here is the idea, another future one, or near future one... So I can use the computer again
[17:32] <Flagg> Ok let me rephrase that.
[17:32] <X> The computer worked well...
[17:32] <X> I bet if you asked her real nice *wink*
[17:32] <X> XD
[17:32] <Flagg> I bet Vonder Sex is out of the question.
[17:32] <LostSoul> O.o
[17:32] <X> She once gave me a link to a hentai MUD XD
[17:33] <Flagg> and I know you love Lulu and all but will you ever Rp a guy?
[17:33] <Flagg> She is crazy
[17:33] <LostSoul> I'm sure if you started cybering, that you may be braking a rule or too, Flagg.
[17:33] <LostSoul> :p
[17:33] <LostSoul> I used to Flagg, I tend to live longer being the only chick xD
[17:33] <Flagg> XD
[17:33] <LostSoul> Plus, forums lable be as a girl, so I go with it ._.
[17:33] <Flagg> Should we kill Lulu? Shes the seer.
[17:33] <Flagg> Nah she has boobs
[17:33] <Flagg> XD
[17:33] <LostSoul> xD
[17:33] <Flagg> Great stragety.
[17:34] <X> Moobs... >_>
[17:34] <Flagg> >.<
[17:34] <Flagg> <.,
[17:34] * LostSoul seductive picks up his man purse xD
[17:34] <LostSoul> Ha!
[17:34] <Flagg> 35 and 11 in Halo 2
[17:34] <Flagg> XD
[17:34] <LostSoul> Disclaimer: I do not own a man purse.
[17:34] <Flagg> Sureeee.
[17:34] <LostSoul> Such greet material xD
[17:34] <Flagg> Oh man you shouldn't have told me that.
[17:35] <Flagg> Then I could take the line where X said
[17:35] <X> Anywho... the idea of this next game is to get lynching started
[17:35] <Flagg> I bet if you asked her real nice *wink*
[17:35] <Flagg> I would have soo much fun
[17:35] <X> THere will be a limited number of days... forcing atleast 3 lynchings
[17:36] <X> There would be no way it would get down to 3 people this time and be one lynching
[17:36] <X> To keep the ship running, it needs fuel... and carbon based life forms are explosive
[17:36] * Uberaway is now known as Ubernoodle
[17:36] <LostSoul> o.o
[17:36] <Oreo> your are so lynch crazy!
[17:36] <X> And on day 7 the ship would be shot down
[17:37] <X> So what MUST happen is that the wolf(s) be lynched by then
[17:37] <Flagg> >.>
[17:37] <X> if not for that reason, to keep the ship running
[17:37] <Flagg> Psh there is no way for the Wolves too win then
[17:37] <Oreo> why not, if someone is not lynched after day _, the werewolves will get 2 people instead of 1
[17:37] <Flagg> Yay! We killed all the people!
[17:38] <Flagg> Ambiance: The ship is destroyed. The Glactic empire wins
[17:38] <Flagg> Look at that
[17:38] <X> Not quite...
[17:38] <X> There is a twist
[17:38] <Flagg> Uber still wanna play?
[17:38] <Flagg> That would be four.
[17:39] <X> Whos the third?
[17:39] <LostSoul> Should I go and ask if I can get opped so we can start voiceing, X?
[17:39] <Oreo> ill ask
[17:39] <LostSoul> <_<
[17:39] <X> Sure
[17:40] * Pae sets mode: +o LostSoul
[17:40] <Oreo> darn, brandon left before i asked
[17:41] <Ubernoodle> signal
[17:41] * LostSoul sets mode: +o X
[17:41] * LostSoul sets mode: +v Ubernoodle
[17:41] * X sets mode: +v Flagg
[17:41] <Flagg> I took care of it. Maybe
[17:41] * LostSoul sets mode: +v LostSoul
[17:41] * LostSoul is now known as Lulu
[17:41] <X> Oreo, would you play this time?
[17:41] <Oreo> sorry, homework
[17:41] <Flagg> LS did you message Pae?
[17:41] <Lulu> Umhum
[17:41] * Durroth has joined #werewolf
[17:41] * Flagg Glares.
[17:41] <Flagg> I did too
[17:41] <Lulu> Playing, Durroth?
[17:41] <Durroth> sure
[17:41] * Lulu sets mode: +v Durroth
[17:42] <Flagg> Two more.
[17:43] <Flagg> Was amusing when I was Q opped in here
[17:43] <Ubernoodle> hmm?
[17:43] <Lulu> ?
[17:43] <Flagg> Two nights ago
[17:43] <Flagg> X oped me and then Fal ~oped me.
[17:44] <Flagg> It was amusing.
[17:44] <Lulu> o.o
[17:46] <Flagg> Wheres Deehee when you need him
[17:46] <Flagg> :/
[17:46] <Oreo> what was the scenario?
[17:47] <Flagg> >.>
[17:47] <X> #announce A great game will be startin up in #werewolf soon, veterins and newbs are welcome alike. Come with us on this damned hover ship
[17:47] <Lulu> I'm sure, if oni comes online, he'll be more than happy to play.
[17:47] * Zach has joined #werewolf
[17:48] * Lego3400 has joined #werewolf
[17:49] * X sets mode: +v Zach
[17:49] * X sets mode: +v Lego3400
[17:49] * X is now known as X|werewolfsettup
[17:49] <Lulu> Over advertising, much?
[17:49] <X|werewolfsettup> 6
[17:50] <X|werewolfsettup> I would prefer to have 8 if possible
[17:50] <X|werewolfsettup> I never actually said it
[17:50] <Lulu> Does that include you as mod?
[17:50] <X|werewolfsettup> No
[17:50] <Lulu> ":[17:48] * X points to the announceserv message meekly" :p
[17:50] <X|werewolfsettup> Neever said it
[17:50] <Lulu> hehe
[17:51] * xaxtoo|hw has joined #werewolf
[17:51] * X|werewolfsettup sets mode: +v xaxtoo|hw
[17:51] <xaxtoo|hw> No +v
[17:51] * X|werewolfsettup sets mode: -v xaxtoo|hw
[17:51] <Ubernoodle> then why are ya here?
[17:51] <xaxtoo|hw> You guys have enough
[17:52] <Ubernoodle> if ya aint playin
[17:52] <Ubernoodle> we'd prefer 8
[17:52] * Lulu flops.
[17:52] <xaxtoo|hw> 6 is decent, or better recruiting efforts
[17:53] <X|werewolfsettup> 6 isnt decent wtih what I have in mind...
[17:53] <xaxtoo|hw> Uh oh
[17:53] <X|werewolfsettup> its gonna force lynchings
[17:53] <xaxtoo|hw> The decency of X's mind >_>
[17:54] <Ubernoodle> what about blind lynchings
[17:54] <X|werewolfsettup> To power the failing ship... it needs fuel..
[17:54] <X|werewolfsettup> Carbon based life forms are as good as fuel as any
[17:54] <X|werewolfsettup> I havent decided yet
[17:54] <xaxtoo|hw> Cruel
[17:54] <xaxtoo|hw> Get Valedia and tell her the game will last ~30mins and will start immediately
[17:54] <Ubernoodle> where everyone PMs who they want lynched every night and the one with the most votes is incinerated
[17:55] * Lego3400 has quit IRC (Sprayed: restarting�)
[17:55] <Oreo> how but if there is no lynching that day, the werewolf(s) will be confident and nail TWO that night
[17:56] <X|werewolfsettup> Thatd be a lie
[17:56] <X|werewolfsettup> No
[17:56] <xaxtoo|hw> No, too much power for WWF
[17:56] <X|werewolfsettup> Mod your own game if you want to, but this is mine
[17:56] <X|werewolfsettup> And Xax is right, humes are screwed
[17:56] <Flagg> Game lasing thirty miunets
[17:56] <Oreo> wwf?
[17:56] <X|werewolfsettup> Itd be short... but Im still setting up
[17:57] <xaxtoo|hw> With no multi-lives and forced lynching, it should be ~30 mins
[17:57] <X|werewolfsettup> Eh, WWF is what I call werewolf... after the AQ werewolfform
[17:57] <Durroth> I normally wouldnt dispute your logic
[17:57] <Oreo> 1 question:
[17:57] <Durroth> but it takes over 70 hours to cremate a body
[17:57] <Flagg> Fusion core
[17:57] * xaxtoo|hw instantaneous combusts all over Durroth'
[17:57] <Flagg> God I'm great at Bsing
[17:57] <Durroth> ok, that might work
[17:58] <Oreo> is HAL9000 aboard?
[17:58] <Durroth> the reason being, bodies are mostly water
[17:58] <Durroth> so you have to have a whole lot of heat
[17:58] <Durroth> with a normal fire it would take months
[17:58] <Durroth> or could
[17:59] <Oreo> fusion would do that instantly
[17:59] * Lego3400 has joined #werewolf
[17:59] <Durroth> true
[17:59] <xaxtoo|hw> Okay go fetch 1 more player
[17:59] <Lulu> Playing Lego?
[17:59] <Lego3400> Yeah
[17:59] * Lulu sets mode: +v Lego3400
[17:59] * ChelleyBean has joined #werewolf
[17:59] <Lulu> That enough for you X?
[17:59] <Lulu> Playing, Chelley?
[17:59] <Durroth> I wonder how long it would take to crimate a body if you put it in a 50 gallon tank of liquid oxygen...
[17:59] <xaxtoo|hw> Shatters?
[17:59] <ChelleyBean> About 2 seconds. And not sure, Lulu.
[18:00] <Lulu> Ok...
[18:00] <xaxtoo|hw> Forget cremation.
[18:00] <Durroth> all I know is it would be one hell of a big fire
[18:00] <Durroth> oh damn, supper time
[18:00] <xaxtoo|hw> o_O
[18:00] <xaxtoo|hw> Get Over Here!
[18:00] <Lulu> If you decide to play, ChelleyBean, let me or X know.
[18:00] <Ubernoodle> actually Oxygen only aids combustion
[18:00] <Durroth> Uber: Which is why I said it would be a hell of a big fire
[18:01] <Durroth> I would not want to be the one tossing a match into a tank of liquid oxygen
[18:01] <Lego3400> I was going to work on my rpg but hey, i've been puttting it off since i've been putting it off since augest suppose a few hours woln't hurt...
[18:01] <Flagg> Psh what can you do Lulu
[18:01] * Durroth is now known as Durroth|Supper
[18:01] <Lulu> Magic?
[18:01] * Lulu sets Flagg on fire.
[18:02] <Lego3400> Phs
[18:02] <Lego3400> Phs
[18:02] * Lego3400 bah
[18:02] <Lulu> o.o
[18:02] <Lego3400> XD
[18:02] * Flagg runs around his head aflame
[18:02] <Lego3400> I keep messing up
[18:02] <Flagg> Ahhhh!
[18:02] <Flagg> Put it out!
[18:02] * Lego3400 claps his hand and it is sudennly raining
[18:02] * Oreo hands him a fire extinguisher
[18:02] <Lulu> :o
[18:02] <Flagg> Wonder if Lulu will melt.
[18:02] <Flagg> =-P
[18:02] <Lulu> Nope :p
[18:02] * Lulu melts
[18:02] <Flagg> Damn
[18:02] <Lulu> Ahhh!
[18:03] <Flagg> Ha!
[18:03] <Flagg> I win
[18:03] * Flagg celebrates
[18:07] * Adamus has joined #werewolf
[18:07] <Adamus> 'Lo
[18:07] <*voice*> Playing Adamus?
[18:07] <Adamus> ep
[18:07] <Adamus> *Yep
[18:07] * Lulu sets mode: +v Adamus
[18:08] <X|werewolfsettup> Letsee..
[18:08] <X|werewolfsettup> Everyone voiced is playing right?
[18:08] <Flagg> Hopefully
[18:08] <X|werewolfsettup> Thats only 6 :/
[18:08] <X|werewolfsettup> we need 2 more
[18:08] <Lulu> Oh, Anyone voiced. Say signal now. Nothing else. (Also anyone else who's like to play.) Say it only once.
[18:09] <Lulu> ----Signal---
[18:09] <Flagg> ----Signal---
[18:09] <Adamus> ----Signal----
[18:09] * X|werewolfsettup pokes Oreo ChelleyBean and Deepy
[18:09] <Zach> Singal.
[18:09] <Flagg> X. Your not counting Lulu
[18:10] <Flagg> Silly
[18:10] <Lulu> Ubernoodle, Lego3400 and Durroth. You there?
[18:10] <Lulu> I may be co modding, not sure...
[18:10] <Lego3400> Oh signal!
[18:10] <Flagg> Durroth is eating.
[18:10] <Lulu> I know
[18:10] <Flagg> TThen why did you ask silly?
[18:10] <Flagg> =P
[18:10] <Lego3400> I'm mulitasking..
[18:11] <Lulu> I was just asking everyone voiced, who hadn't signaled :p
[18:12] <X|werewolfsettup> Im actually ready now to start the game...
[18:12] <X|werewolfsettup> Just need 8 players
[18:12] <X|werewolfsettup> Then I could assign the roles and we could begin
[18:12] <Lulu> I'll be a regular player, then.
[18:12] <Lulu> But I'll still be a back up... incase you lose connection...
[18:13] <X|werewolfsettup> *announce We need one last player in #werewolf , itll be a great game and youll have ablast
[18:13] <Lulu> It's # not * I belive :p
[18:13] <X|werewolfsettup> #announce We need one last player in #werewolf , itll be a great game and youll have ablast
[18:13] * Durroth|Supper is now known as Durroth
[18:13] <X|werewolfsettup> wronge leu
[18:13] <Durroth> Back
[18:13] <Lulu> Alright.
[18:14] <Lulu> Ubernoodle. You still there?
[18:14] <Durroth> sorry to keep everyone waiting
[18:14] <Durroth> signal
[18:14] <Lulu> No problem Durroth.
[18:14] <Flagg> i'm gonna have too back out.
[18:14] <X|werewolfsettup> we need one last player ;-;
[18:14] <Flagg> _-_
[18:14] <X|werewolfsettup> Two more people...
[18:15] <Durroth> XD
[18:15] * Flagg has quit IRC (Vanished: �)
[18:15] <X|werewolfsettup> Nooge
[18:15] <X|werewolfsettup> >_<
[18:16] <ChelleyBean> Nooge?
[18:16] <X|werewolfsettup> We need two more now
[18:17] <X|werewolfsettup> Ill start assigning roles now...
[18:17] <Lulu> Ok...
[18:17] <X|werewolfsettup> Just so when we have neough we can start
[18:17] <Lulu> I suppose...
[18:20] <Ubernoodle> Im here
[18:20] <Lulu> Yay!
[18:20] <Ubernoodle> sorry ran off for a snack
[18:20] <Lulu> One more then, X.
[18:20] <xaxtoo|hw> 1 more
[18:20] <X|werewolfsettup> ... now we just need two more
[18:20] <Lulu> Ummm... snack
[18:20] <X|werewolfsettup> We need 8
[18:20] * LostSoul has joined #werewolf
[18:20] <LostSoul> :p
[18:20] <xaxtoo|hw> If 1 person show up within the next 5 mins I'll play
[18:21] * LostSoul has left #werewolf
[18:21] <Lulu> xax, if you join, thats all we'll need.
[18:21] <Oreo> You could have 2 "ai" characters you contro
[18:21] <X|werewolfsettup> You foret, Flagg left
[18:21] * Johnno has joined #werewolf
[18:21] <X|werewolfsettup> YES
[18:21] <Lulu> Playing, Johnno?
[18:21] <X|werewolfsettup> ITS GOOOD ITS GOOD!
[18:22] * X|werewolfsettup hugs Johnno
[18:22] <Johnno> soon as I finish breakfast
[18:22] * X|werewolfsettup is now known as HAL
[18:22] * Lulu sets mode: +v Johnno
[18:22] <Johnno> X... no contact
[18:22] * HAL sets mode: +v xaxtoo|hw
[18:22] <HAL> Another showed up in 5 minutes :D
[18:22] <Lulu> yet...
[18:22] * Lego3400 is now known as Rellik
[18:22] * Ubernoodle is now known as Tim
[18:23] <Oreo> new award....... The HAL award
[18:23] <Lulu> :o
[18:24] <Oreo> for those who are just plain crazy(crazy voice on last part)
[18:24] <Durroth> oh god
[18:25] <Durroth> please dont tell me we are reenacting 2001: A space oddessy
[18:25] * Durroth has quit IRC (�)
[18:25] <Tim> RED ALERT!
[18:25] * xaxtoo|hw is now known as Orrandean
[18:25] <Lulu> He'll be back, Net split O.o
[18:25] <Rellik> I just have one question/
[18:25] <Tim> Netsplit in progress!
[18:25] * Durroth has joined #werewolf
[18:25] <Lulu> Yes, Rellik?
[18:25] * Lulu sets mode: +v Durroth
[18:25] <HAL> No we are not
[18:25] <Durroth> and immertot crashis... god damnit
[18:25] <HAL> Its just out of sentiment to the movie, the computer was named HAL
[18:25] <HAL> He IS NOT EVIL
[18:26] <Rellik> Why the heck do both our game mods have Krim awards?
[18:26] <Orrandean> Pipe down and let's get it started
[18:26] <Tim> hmm?
[18:26] <Durroth> Lulu has a krim award?
[18:26] <HAL> QUIET
[18:26] <Rellik> Wait nvm
[18:26] <HAL> SHUT UP
[18:26] <Rellik> I read that back ward
[18:26] <Lulu> (( We nominated them, not got them :P ))
[18:26] <>Ambiance<> RULES
[18:26] <Rellik> ((I know that now))
[18:26] <Durroth> ((Wait, no, lost has one
[18:26] <Durroth> ))
[18:27] <Lulu> No <_<
[18:27] <>Ambiance<> Do not PM the moderator durring the game unless you are using a power, forging a complaint, or questioning
[18:27] <HAL> Shut up or i kick
[18:27] <Durroth> ((erm... read that backwards... again))
[18:27] * HAL sets mode: +m
[18:27] * Mikeus has joined #werewolf
[18:28] * Lulu sets mode: +v Mikeus
[18:28] <Lulu> Playing?
[18:28] <HAL> Certain character classes(your class on the ship) will have special effects
[18:28] <HAL> Even if it looks hopeless or you thik you have one do not reveil yoruself untill I say you can
[18:28] <*Voice*> For OOC chatter, use #werewolf-ooc
[18:28] <Mikeus> Erm, okay.
[18:28] <HAL> Here are your classes.
[18:29] <HAL> Captain-Lego
[18:29] <HAL> Firstmate-Uber
[18:29] <HAL> Secondmate-Durroth
[18:29] <HAL> TechTeamhead- Xaxtoo
[18:29] <HAL> TechLacky- Zach
[18:29] <HAL> ShipDoctor- Johnno
[18:29] <HAL> Shipcook- Adamus
[18:29] <HAL> ShipSlushieMaker(servant)- Lulu
[18:29] <Adamus> Awww...
[18:29] <Durroth> ((Yay slushie maker!))
[18:29] * HAL sets mode: -v Adamus
[18:29] <Mikeus> *ahem*
[18:29] * Rellik jumps for joy
[18:29] * HAL sets mode: -v Rellik
[18:29] <HAL> ((I will revoice you when I am finished))
[18:29] <*Voice*> �Shut the hell up�
[18:30] <HAL> NavyOfficial(RoyalOfficial)-Mikeus
[18:30] <HAL> This game of werewolf is happening in the somewhat near future above the Haliem Sea on the HOV Ship Hannah7.3. An expirimental ship with a new Ion powered split core, using this item it can actually hover,float, and leap in short jumps. It is currently under military testing, with that there is a strong rank system embedded in the run.
[18:31] <HAL> The Haliem Sea is an extremely acidic sea, even diamond melts in its depths, the fumes are horrible as well
[18:31] <HAL> The ship is encased in a protective field powered by the generator...
[18:31] * HAL sets mode: +v Rellik
[18:31] * HAL sets mode: +v Adamus
[18:31] <HAL> Think of it kinda like a crew ship almost
[18:31] <HAL> Also, wolves join #wolves
[18:32] <HAL> GAME START
[18:32] <HAL> DAY 0,Prelude
[18:32] <HAL> DAWN
[18:33] <>Ambiance<> go do stuff..
[18:33] * Tim is running over the morning checklist as the sun breaks the horizon
[18:33] * Durroth wakes up
[18:33] <Tim> oh good the rest of the crew should be awake soon
[18:33] * Mikeus waks up and leaves his cabin.
[18:33] * Johnno is performing his usual morning inspection of all medical equipment
[18:34] <>Ambiance<> Also as an added note, I will say when it is a certain time of day and such... when I sya there is several minutes untill sundown I mean minutes. Exceptions can be made, but if you grandstand, you mnay find that night comes before you are done))
[18:34] * Adamus whistles brightly, working in the mess as he whips up breakfast.
[18:34] * Zach walks along, clipboard in hand. The other hand strokes his pocket protector lovingly and out of habit. The duct tape on his glasses glistens.
[18:34] * Mikeus meanders
[18:34] * Rellik is already awake and is busy doing his daily duties.
[18:34] * Mikeus meanders on over to the mess hall for some coffee.
[18:35] * Adamus waves brightly to Mikeus as he enters.
[18:35] <Mikeus> Can't do my duties if I'm half asleep, after all.
[18:35] <Adamus> The usual?
[18:35] <Tim> Im in need of some of that sweet sweer caffein
[18:35] <Mikeus> Indeed.
[18:35] * Lulu stands next to the Captian, "Need anything?"
[18:35] * Orrandean wakes up, and promptly flings his alarm clock across the room--a big bang and ringing is heard.
[18:35] * Durroth wanders into the mess hall
[18:35] * Tim walks to the mess hall and pulls a red bull from the cooler
[18:35] <Durroth> Any bagels available?
[18:35] <Rellik> No thank you. I'm fine.\\
[18:35] * Adamus hands Mikeus a mug and coffe pot
[18:35] <Lulu> Understood
[18:35] <Adamus> Yep.
[18:36] <Tim> mmmmm Red Bull
[18:36] <Mikeus> Ahhh, thank you.
[18:36] * Johnno finishes inspection and heads for the mess hall
[18:36] <Tim> too bad theres no Bawls aboard eh?
[18:36] * Adamus points to a bin down the line, after the pancakes and eggs.
[18:36] * Zach walks over to Xaxtoo, brandishing the clipboard.
[18:36] <Adamus> Butter packets are on the tables...
[18:36] <Durroth> Can I get a sesame seed bagel and a cream cheese packet thing then?
[18:36] * Lulu stands idol.
[18:36] * Rellik finishs checking things over and (FINALLY) goes to breakfast.
[18:36] <Orrandean> Mr. Z, can I help you?
[18:36] <Johnno> hey, Lu, could you get me a coffe please?
[18:37] <Lulu> Yes, Sir.
[18:37] * Lulu scurries off.
[18:37] <Orrandean> Did you already finish your morning rounds?
[18:37] <Zach> Sir, the gyro-sprocket flux capacitator's flooded again. The froggle unit's in need of replacement as well.
[18:37] <Tim> To Mikeus: So why do we need a government babsitter like you on board as well?
[18:37] * Adamus grabs the requested bagel and tosses it to Durroth
[18:37] <Durroth> Thanks
[18:38] <Orrandean> Again? damn it, I'll take a look at it this time.
[18:38] * Durroth wanders over to a table and proceeds to use plastic utensils to hollow out the bagel after cutting out a section
[18:38] <Johnno> hey Adamus, you got plain toast here mate?
[18:38] <Adamus> Yep...
[18:38] * Lulu returns to Johnno. "I hope you like it strong"
[18:38] <Johnno> indeed I do, thanks Lulu.
[18:39] <Lulu> No problem, Sir.
[18:39] <Mikeus> Because the government doesn't want anything going wrong... or anyone running off with this ship.
[18:39] * Adamus starts moving around the kitcheny area, and quickly hands out a plate of toast to Johnno
[18:39] <Mikeus> It cost well into the billions to make, after all.
[18:39] <Johnno> good... simple breakfast for me then. thanks
[18:39] <Tim> anything go wrong
[18:39] <Adamus> Cheese Wiz is on the counter, butter is on the tables.
[18:39] * Zach pulls a Slim Jim out of his pocket, nibbling it.
[18:39] <Tim> with all due respect this is the finest Hovership crew the Navy has
[18:39] <Johnno> thanks Adamus
[18:39] * Mikeus takes notes on his clip board. "First mate, hostile and uncooperative."
[18:40] <Tim> wait whats that?
[18:40] * Johnno adds butter and cheese to his toast, then sits down to eat
[18:40] <Mikeus> Nothing for you to worry over.
[18:40] <Zach> Lulu, I want a slushie.
[18:40] <Lulu> Yes, Sir.
[18:40] * Orrandean opens a private com-link connection with Zach: "Please monitor my progress from the main console and turn the thrusters on full power when I ask you to.
[18:40] * Lulu scurries off.
[18:40] * Tim shakes his head and leaves for the bridge
[18:40] <Rellik> Mikeus: I can assure you that no one do anything that would cuase us to report to your supieriors.
[18:40] * Zach brandishes his clipboard menacingly.
[18:40] * Johnno looks over Mikeus' shoulder
[18:40] * *the* ship shakes
[18:40] <Rellik> *you to
[18:41] <Durroth> gah
[18:41] * Adamus grips the counter, swearing as plates smash on the floor.
[18:41] * Johnno falls off his chair
[18:41] * Mikeus spills his coffee and curses.
[18:41] <Rellik> What the!
[18:41] * Zach walks over to the console, watching carefully.
[18:41] <Adamus> That was the china!
[18:41] * *TheShip* beginsto rumble mre violently, bobbing up and down
[18:41] * Lulu returns and spills the slushie.
[18:41] <Mikeus> Nothing can go wrong, eh?
[18:41] <Johnno> Is it me, or did we just get some turbulence?
[18:41] <Lulu> ahh!
[18:41] <Tim> stumbles and falls to the floor
[18:41] <Zach> Gyah!
[18:41] * Zach falls to the grund
[18:41] <Lulu> "I'm sorry sir! I'll get another"
[18:41] <Johnno> hit the deck!
[18:41] <HAL> "Excuse me sir, it seems to be a problem with the reactor... something is wrong."
[18:41] <Zach> glasses are broken again!
[18:41] * Lulu returns to the kitchen.
[18:41] <Tim> ((/me that heh heh))
[18:41] * Adamus moves over to the bolted table in the kitchen and climbs under it, gribbing it's single leg.
[18:41] * Orrandean private coms to Captain and Zach: "It seems someone has sabotaged the engines"
[18:41] <Durroth> Ladies and Gentlemen we are experiencing some slight turbulence, please put your seat trays in the upright position and fasten your seatbelts
[18:41] <Tim> ahhh crap
[18:42] <Zach> Did they? I just checked them before getting here!
[18:42] <Durroth> and by that I mean sit down and hold on to something
[18:42] * Johnno stays ont he floor, rolling onto his stomach
[18:42] * Zach picks up his clipboard and glasses, dashing off towards the engine room
[18:42] * Lulu returns.
[18:42] <Lulu> "Here, Mr. Zach, Sir."
[18:42] * Zach snatches the slushie as he runs.
[18:42] <Zach> Thanksbye!
[18:42] * Zach disappears into the engine room
[18:42] <Lulu> Epp! Bye?
[18:42] * Tim heads for the reactor room
[18:42] <Johnno> reactor troubles, Lu
[18:43] * Mikeus scribbles hastily on his notepad, the rushes back into his room.
[18:43] * *The* shacking contiues
[18:43] <HAL> *shaking...
[18:43] <Johnno> that's why we got this god damn shaking
[18:43] * Lulu spills drinks on herself.
[18:43] <Zach> I'm reminded of Airframe...
[18:43] <Tim> whats going on in here?
[18:43] <Durroth> And this is why you fill in potholes
[18:43] <Johnno> forget the drinks and hit the deck!
[18:43] * Adamus reaches out and grabs a towel off the floor, then chucks it to Lulu
[18:43] * Zach inspects the engines once more.
[18:43] * Orrandean private coms to Rellik "Captain, it seems to me someone doesn't want us to reach our destination, My suspicions lie with the Naval Officer"
[18:43] <Lulu> "Thank you!"
[18:44] <HAL> "Zach, get out of there now!"
[18:44] <HAL> "There is evidence of some danger befalling the ship."
[18:44] * Zach , hearing the voice, dashes out
[18:44] * Mikeus begins fiddling with a portable communications device he has stashed in his cabin. "Navy Command, come in. The ship has been sabatoged. Requesting assistance immediatly! I repeat, ship has been sabatoged, assistance needed immediatly!"
[18:44] <Rellik> ((The only reason i'm not doing any thing really is becuse i have no idea what a captin would do on a ship other than give orders to people))
[18:44] <HAL> "I have found some most... startling evidence in the navy logs. Wish me to upload them?"
[18:44] <Durroth> ((Baton Down the Hatches! Full Speed Ahead!))
[18:45] <Zach> Yes, HAL.
[18:45] <Johnno> when... is... this... freakin'... shaking... going... to... stop...?
[18:45] <>Ambiance<> Think of it like last night game. This is not a cruise ship, its built like one somewhat its rather comfortable. But its the beta starship."
[18:45] <HAL> "Quiet please"
[18:45] <HAL> "Uploading information on all available monitors."
[18:45] * Zach sips at his slushie.
[18:45] <Orrandean> Stop HAL: upload to engine room only
[18:46] * Tim looks to a monitor
[18:46] <HAL> "I believe the people have a right to know sir."
[18:46] <Johnno> hope my equipment survives this...
[18:46] * Flagg has joined #werewolf
[18:46] * HAL sets mode: +v Flagg
[18:46] <Orrandean> HAL: we don't have to set panic to the whole ship.
[18:47] <HAL> "Sir there is only a test team here. It consists of only us."
[18:47] <Adamus> Why not the mess?
[18:47] <HAL> "They all deserve to know"
[18:47] <Adamus> There's a terminal over there, in the far corner
[18:47] * Lulu demands, "Show the damn thing!"
[18:47] * Durroth looks at the terminal
[18:47] <Orrandean> "Fine play the log"
[18:47] <HAL> -NavyDevolopement-logs-001-
[18:47] <HAL> Today we begin the Wattson project. It is the start to the next generation of space flight, it will be cheap, affordable, and safe. The thesis papers on the IonPoweredSplitCore are being reviewed by staff right now. I can hardly wait!
[18:47] <HAL> -NavyDevolopement-logs-027-
[18:47] <HAL> After much arduous planning we have reached a concensus. The actually hull and exterior ship plating has been in devolpment since 004, but we finally have a plan for the Core system. My only fear is that if something should happen to it... some odd effects may occur.
[18:47] <HAL> -NavyDevolopement-logs-129-
[18:47] <HAL> Today is the first day we are able to test the generator, and the output is immense. We have also instaled an onboard computer system nicked HAL after the 2001 Space Odyssey.
[18:47] <HAL> -NavyDevolopement-logs-284-
[18:47] <HAL> I believe i have found a fault in the core containment field. My superiors tell me it is nothing, but it is definately a problem. Also, test subjects exposed to the core seem to have detierated mentally, they still can think, problemsolve and act like a human... but acting is the best way to put it, they become insane and attack those about them.
[18:47] <HAL> -NavyDevolopement-logs-296-
[18:47] <HAL> It seems that when confronted with a superior force, the "afflicted ones" code named W.O.L.F retreat and use upper level thought and planning, it is believed that the radiation created a hind mind between them in their insanity.
[18:48] <HAL> -NavyDevolopement-logs-389-
[18:48] <HAL> My suspicions are correct... it seems that under certain circumstances the containment field will falter for a second. During this time all STORED energy is released in several concentrated waves... enough to cause WOLF status. But my superiors will not listen to me, they are more focused on getting it out on time.
[18:48] <HAL> -NavyDevolopement-logs-498-
[18:48] <HAL> That is it. I cannot live like this any longer, the test flight is in two days and it may lead to tragedy. I don't want to think I created this, Im ending it all.
[18:48] <HAL> -Herman Melville, Navy Scientist.
[18:48] <HAL> "It appears the reactor containment field was unstable... leading to many complications."
[18:49] <Lulu> My goddness...
[18:49] * Mikeus continues broadcasting his distress signal, when he is interrupted by HAL's transmission.
[18:49] <Durroth> that would have been nice to know before we got on this thing
[18:49] * Rellik , after getting used to the shakeing, walks into the engine room and replays the log on an unused moniter
[18:49] <Adamus> Aye, it would've.
[18:49] <Johnno> so, we have freaks on board. terrific
[18:49] <Mikeus> Damnit... this wasn't supposed to happen... Hmmm...
[18:49] <Zach> My clipboard tells me not of such a thing...
[18:49] <Johnno> IF anyone is affected that it
[18:49] <Johnno> is*
[18:50] <HAL> ((Flag is a tech personel))
[18:50] <HAL> "Not quite, yet anyways"
[18:50] <Orrandean> HAL: what happened to the first test crew? You mean to say this Herman character killed everyone aboard?
[18:50] <Tim> Those are all marked top secret HAL how did you get them?
[18:50] <Flagg> ((Flagg!))
[18:50] * Flagg is now known as William_Black
[18:50] <Rellik> I never would have agreed to captin the ship if i new this would have happend...
[18:50] <HAL> "Sir, I am named after greatness... I impersonate my idol."
[18:51] <Durroth> That worries me
[18:51] <Tim> Heh heh I see
[18:51] <HAL> "It should..."
[18:51] <Durroth> Im hoping you dont decide to go homicidal on us
[18:51] <Zach> It worries me as well....
[18:51] <HAL> "From other research papers, it is concluded that it will take one day for the mutations to occur."
[18:51] * Oreo is now known as Oreo|dinner
[18:51] <Zach> That's no good.
[18:51] <Johnno> when is this ship going to freakin' stabilise?
[18:51] <HAL> "We cannot do anything now..."
[18:51] <HAL> NIGHT
[18:51] <HAL> Wolves open eyes
[18:51] <HAL> Seers Open eyes
[18:52] <HAL> ((Also there is something I want to say. You are given alot of free reign, you can pull up servalice footage on computers, you may give HAL commands. Think about last nights game and the way that went.))
[18:54] <Rellik> ((While were on the subject may i see a Log of last nights one please))
[18:58] * HAL sets mode: -v Orrandean
[18:58] <HAL> ((I have one, Ill send ti to ya
[18:59] <HAL> DAWN
[18:59] * William_Black wakes up and walks out too the kitchen
[19:00] * Tim Sits up in bed the sun shining in his face
[19:00] <Tim> ugh! too bright
[19:00] <>Ambiance<> Orrandean seems to be missing... also cameras have been destroyed and several panels ripped to shreads
[19:00] * Lulu knocks on the Captians room.
[19:00] * Durroth wakes up and yawns
[19:00] <Lulu> "Anything I can get you, Sir?"
[19:00] * Mikeus exits his cabin and marches to the bridge, and sits in the Captains chair.
[19:00] * Johnno awakens and carefully gets out of bed. Not bothering for breakfast, he heads straight for the infirmary to check on his equipment, and make sure none of it was seriously damaged
[19:00] * Durroth gets dressed and heads down to the mess hall
[19:00] <Rellik> No thanks Lulu I'm fine.
[19:01] * Tim Heads to the bridge and see Mikeus in the chair.
[19:01] <Lulu> "Understood, Sir."
[19:01] * Johnno arrives at the infirmary to find it in a state of complete chaos
[19:01] * Adamus starts making breakfast in the mess.
[19:01] <William_Black> Hal Make me some Orange juice please.
[19:01] <Johnno> ugh... this is gunna take AGES to clean up...
[19:01] <HAL> "I am not a slave Mr. Black. Get the cult bitch to get it."
[19:01] * Johnno contacts Lulu via handheld communicator
[19:02] <William_Black> Well Hal there is no need to start a fuss about it.
[19:02] <Johnno> Lu, when you have a spare moment, could you come and give me a hand tidying up in the infirmary?
[19:02] <Durroth> First of all, what cult bitch, second of all, wouldnt that be Adamus' job?
[19:02] <Adamus> Or, Will, you can simply pour yourself a glass from the carton on the counter.
[19:02] <William_Black> and having autorization to fix your programming. You are my slave.
[19:02] <Lulu> Hal, is there any video remaining in the system survalience. (Ya! I know it's spelled bad)
[19:02] <Tim> The Captain is going to have a shit fit if he sees you in his chair
[19:03] <HAL> "Excuse me sirs, some startling information has surfaced."
[19:03] * Rellik walks into the room at that exact moment
[19:03] <Durroth> Will, you will do nonesuch
[19:03] <Mikeus> I'm sure he will. It'll be even worse when I tell him that as chief Naval Officer, I am taking charge of this vessel as of right now.
[19:03] <Adamus> Yes HAL?
[19:03] <Mikeus> Ah, captain. I trust you heard that?
[19:03] <HAL> "Look at this."
[19:03] <Rellik> Yes I did. and I refuse to give you control of the ship.
[19:04] * *THemonitor* displays a skinned body of Orrandean in the ventilation shaft."
[19:04] <Lulu> My Word!
[19:04] <Tim> Jesus
[19:04] <Durroth> I second tha... holy shit
[19:04] * Adamus gets a twitchy eye.
[19:04] <Adamus> Can you... ah... Purge it?
[19:04] * Zach stumbles in, blinking his eyes groggily.
[19:04] <Rellik> Oh my.
[19:04] * William_Black turns away.
[19:04] * Adamus turns away from the terminal.
[19:04] <Zach> Morning, every-HOLY FUCK!
[19:04] <Lulu> "Hal! please remove the image!""
[19:04] * Zach dry heaves
[19:04] * Durroth vomits in the nearest garbage receptacle
[19:04] * Johnno stares at the screen for a moment before turning away, and begining work on tidying up the infirmary
[19:04] <Durroth> my mind is scarred for life
[19:04] <Johnno> poor man...
[19:04] <HAL> "Why, it is so pretty."
[19:04] <Mikeus> I'm not sure you understand captain... As that monitor shows... This is a dire emergency, and it is my perogative and duty to take command.
[19:05] <Adamus> I've seen death... But... that is gruesome...
[19:05] <HAL> "Seeing blood... and a rotting body is a lovely site."
[19:05] <Tim> ... Listen here desk jockey
[19:05] <HAL> "Why do you disagree... its logical..
[19:05] <Durroth> And it is our perogative and duty to tell you to go screw yourself
[19:05] <Tim> you arent commanding anything but jack and shit
[19:05] <Lulu> "Hal! please!"
[19:05] <Tim> and jack just left town
[19:05] <HAL> "Very well... I will remove it *sigh*"
[19:05] <William_Black> Hal run back former prognosis of that evening of the outside monitors in airshaft Hallway. See what did that.
[19:05] <Rellik> HAL. CLEAR THE IMAGE NOW!
[19:05] * HAL removes the image
[19:06] * HAL then puts it up as the backround for every computer monitor in the ship
[19:06] <Rellik> HAL!
[19:06] <Lulu> Oh god.
[19:06] <Johnno> Hal, make sure you keep a copy of that image. I wish to examine it once the infirmary's in working order again
[19:06] <Durroth> HAL, remind me to have them fix your programming when we get back so your not so fucking disturbing
[19:06] <Rellik> This is not funny!
[19:06] <Rellik> Aggreed.
[19:06] * Lulu breaks down, and falls on the floor.
[19:06] * Adamus clicks a few buttons, muttering, as he changes the mess & galley terminals back to menu backgrounds.
[19:06] * Rellik has to leave now sorry
[19:06] <William_Black> Hal you fucking bastard. Do you need me too make you have the mentality of a three yearold girl named Wallo?
[19:06] <Zach> ....I can't do that, Dave.
[19:06] <HAL> "I apologise... I sent some spider drones down there to remove the body... but I ended up ripping it apart. It was to wedged in... and to fun to rip apart.."
[19:07] * Rellik has quit IRC (Vanished: �)
[19:07] <HAL> "Intestines make a nice squishing sound..."
[19:07] <Adamus> HAL, you have demented programming.
[19:07] <Lulu> ((William, Please. Flaming of AK's in the presance of other AK's isn't smart ))
[19:07] <Johnno> Hal, there is a lady on board. please remove the disturbing image from the computer monitors before i got to your main unit and reprogram it with an axe!
[19:07] <Adamus> Surely someone can access his personality files?
[19:07] <William_Black> >.>))
[19:07] <HAL> "fine..."
[19:07] * HAL remvoes the image completely
[19:08] * Mikeus fires a blaster into Rellik, toasting him.
[19:08] <HAL> "But waht Mr black said about wallo is correct.... I do so believe"
[19:08] <Mikeus> Now, anyone else disagree?
[19:08] * Tim raises his blaster to Mikeus
[19:08] <Tim> I think I still do SIR!
[19:08] <Mikeus> I don't think so.
[19:09] <HAL> "Once you elect a new captain, tell me... I have more bad news to give..."
[19:09] * Johnno contacts Lulu
[19:09] <Mikeus> Hal? Authorization code Alpha Delta Bravo Thirty. I am taking control of this ship, do you concur?
[19:09] <Johnno> Lu, you alright?
[19:10] <Lulu> "Yyyesss, S..sir?" Lulu says shakly
[19:10] <HAL> "No I do not."
[19:10] <HAL> "Durroth is the second mate."
[19:10] * Mikeus raises his eyebrow.
[19:10] <Tim> And I am Second Mate
[19:10] <Tim> err first
[19:10] <HAL> "Then he is the new captian."
[19:10] * Adamus sighs, then opens the comm to the bridge, having watched through the terminal, "Lulu, come down here... I think a bit of hot chocolate and some food might help."
[19:11] <Durroth> and
[19:11] <HAL> "If you wish to challenge that.... I will escort you from the ship."
[19:11] <Lulu> I-If yo-you Insit-sist.
[19:11] <Durroth> i am now first mate
[19:11] <Tim> Thank you HAL
[19:11] <William_Black> Hal what vent section was that?
[19:11] <HAL> "3.974.218-d"
[19:12] <William_Black> What Hall way has an open vent?
[19:12] <Mikeus> Override Code Bravo Charlie Forty Two. Disable HAL systems.
[19:12] * Johnno stops cleaning and heads for the mess hall, hunger pains striking into his stomach
[19:12] <HAL> "I have alredy cleaned up the mess... But I still have saved a bit of his liver to play with later... do you want it?"
[19:12] <William_Black> No.
[19:12] <Tim> HAL is there any Security footage from last night?
[19:12] <William_Black> Mikeus what are you saying.
[19:12] <Tim> He is trying to assume command
[19:12] <HAL> "Negative, the cameras where tempered with. I can make out two shadowed forms."
[19:12] <Mikeus> I am disabling an obviously disfunctional computer system.
[19:12] * Adamus sets the hot chocolate on, then continues breakfast preperation.
[19:13] <HAL> "No you are not Mikeus.... you humans are sooo predictable."
[19:13] <William_Black> No....We can't disable Hal, hes needed for backup power and life suppourt.
[19:13] * Lulu gives Adamus a small nod. "..ank"
[19:13] * Johnno changes direction without warning, heading for the bridge
[19:13] <William_Black> We need that.
[19:13] <William_Black> Listen Hal can you resolve the image any futher?
[19:14] * Johnno arrives, and draws a syringe from the pocket of his white lab-coat
[19:14] <William_Black> Sharpen it?
[19:14] <HAL> "About the backup power and life support..."
[19:14] <HAL> "Theres the problem."
[19:14] <Johnno> Mikeus... as ship doctor, should you continue in your attempts to take over this ship, i will sedate you
[19:14] * Mikeus backs away slowly, still pointing his blaster at Tim.
[19:14] * William_Black quirks an eyebrow. "What Hal?"
[19:15] * Zach knocks the blaster out of Mikeus's hand with his clipboard.
[19:15] <Zach> Calm down!
[19:15] <Tim> put him in the brig for now
[19:15] <HAL> "You see... the field is still messed up... but not radiating enough energy to do damage NOW."
[19:15] * Mikeus ducks through the door, and runs off down the hall.
[19:15] * Adamus pours up the hot chocolate into a medium mug, puts in a bit of milk, then hands it to Lulu, along with a big plate.
[19:15] <Lulu> (( Mikeus, Tim is a computer >_> ((
[19:15] <Tim> ((what?))
[19:15] <William_Black> Tim you have no say in what happens Durroth is in control.
[19:15] <Mikeus> ((No, Tim is first mate. Or Captain, I'm not sure.))
[19:15] <Lulu> "Tha..nk you Adamus. I think I...I'll be fine."
[19:16] <Tim> How
[19:16] <Lulu> (( I ment Hal :P ))
[19:16] <HAL> "But you see... two thigs are occuring first the power levels are dropping... this would not normally be a rpoblem."
[19:16] <Lulu> (( disreguard my statment :P ))
[19:16] <Tim> therefore I am the captain
[19:16] <Durroth> ((since when is he a computer))
[19:16] <Adamus> Just sit down and think a bit... Things like that are always bad the first time.
[19:16] <Lulu> (( I read it as hall for some reason :P ))
[19:16] <HAL> "But they decided to hold the test over an acidic noxious envirement..>"
[19:16] <Lulu> hal*
[19:16] <HAL> "If either the shields or thrusters fail we will all die."
[19:17] <Johnno> HAL, are you saying that... ahh... shit
[19:17] <HAL> "This hsip can float, but not on acid."
[19:17] <Tim> Now then. Someone find Mikeus and detain his ass
[19:17] <William_Black> How long can our sheilds hold he acid out?
[19:17] <Durroth> yeah, I think hal screwed that up, Tim is captain
[19:17] <Durroth> am I right hal?
[19:17] <HAL> "We could shut down the generator to stem the flow of waves... but we cannot or we would parish"
[19:17] <HAL> "So there is an icnreasing amount of radiation."
[19:17] <Johnno> I'll get on it Tim.
[19:17] <Adamus> Could we increase the shield power?
[19:17] <Durroth> Well, this is quite a predicament
[19:17] <Tim> thank you
[19:18] * Johnno heads off down the hall that Mikeus headed down
[19:18] <HAL> "Also the afflicted, WOLFs... they are getting more deadly."
[19:18] * Mikeus ducks into his room, and begins to send a coded message to Navy Command. "Radiation Mutating Crew, Main computer dysfunctional. Attempts at wresting control from hysterical crew members failed. Requesting immediate destruction of ship, before radioactive mutations can escape."
[19:18] * Tim pulls out a cigarette and lights it
[19:18] <William_Black> We would have too shut some other function down.
[19:18] * Lulu returns, still abit shaken, "Ne...need anything Captian?"
[19:18] * HAL stops the message..
[19:18] <Tim> no thank you Lulu
[19:18] <William_Black> Hal where is Mikeus now?
[19:18] * HAL sends several spiderbots to detain Mikeus
[19:18] <Mikeus> Damnit Hal! OverRide dammit! OVERRIDE!
[19:18] <Durroth> can we please just lock Mikeus in a small enclosed space and leave him there?
[19:19] <HAL> "In his room... several spider bots are detaining him.... trust me... he will never do it again."
[19:19] * Johnno waits silently outside the door to Mikeus' room
[19:19] <Tim> Thank you HAL
[19:19] <Durroth> maybe poke him with a pointy stick a fey times
[19:19] <HAL> "He may even loose a lung or kidney...but he has two, dont worry."
[19:19] <Tim> HAL thats not neccesarry
[19:19] <HAL> "Also... here is the solutio nto our problem... .
[19:19] <HAL> I think it is..
[19:19] <Tim> I dont want any harm to come to him
[19:19] <William_Black> Hal, use nonviolent measures to Detain Mike please?
[19:19] * Mikeus blasts a spider bot with his blaster.
[19:19] <Durroth> Why not?
[19:19] <Johnno> HAL, when you get him, hold him outside his door for a moment... It will be easier to deal with him if he is sedated
[19:20] <Durroth> He is, in short, a complete jackass
[19:20] * Adamus ponders, pacing...
[19:20] <Tim> HAL can I get an estimate as to how many crew members are affected?
[19:20] <HAL> "You must choose and slay a fellow crew member... every day, two days at the msot. I will then use their body to make a protective barrier in the reactor shield, keeping power levels up and keeping you out of harms way."
[19:20] <Lulu> "Captian, Permission to detain Mikeus with, reguardless of measures taken?"
[19:20] <HAL> "This may also help you find a wolf..."
[19:21] * Mikeus blasts another spiderbot approaching him.
[19:21] * Tim sits in the captains chair
[19:21] <William_Black> Tim I've know you since we were Ensing's, pleas do not harm Mikeus.
[19:21] <Tim> oh thats just friggin great
[19:21] <Lulu> Captian, do I have permission?
[19:21] <Tim> I dont want him harmed
[19:21] <Lulu> I will attempt not to kill him.
[19:21] <Tim> do it
[19:22] * Mikeus opens his door, but fires several blaster bolts before leaping out and rushing down the hall towards the escape pods.
[19:22] <Johnno> HAL, I'm going in. Could one of your spider bots distract him briefly?
[19:22] * *several* thousand spiderbots come from the walls, in a great wave of leggs. They jump at Mikeus, to many to counter and hold him down, destroy his fire arm, and rap him in webbings.
[19:22] <Durroth> I dunno
[19:22] <Johnno> never mind
[19:22] * Lulu chases Mikeus
[19:22] * Tim takes a drag of his cigarette
[19:22] <William_Black> Your the shipmaid. What can- forget it.
[19:22] * *Spiderbots* begin performing a "safe' surgery to remove a kidney
[19:22] * Johnno misses his chance to sedate Mikeus, and runs after the deranged Navy official
[19:22] <Lulu> "Oh... nevermind..."
[19:22] <Tim> this is really bad
[19:22] <HAL> "There is no alternative"
[19:22] <Tim> HAL
[19:22] <William_Black> Hal! Cease and desist
[19:22] <Durroth> Hal, please dont remove any of his organs
[19:22] <Tim> Why do you insist on surgery
[19:22] <Lulu> Could have done more that you lot were doing, either way.."
[19:22] <Johnno> HAL, stop your damn surgery. that's MY job!
[19:23] <HAL> "Also, the aflicted get really rubbery skin... ify ou found both that would be enough to get us out of here safely."
[19:23] <Adamus> So, start poking for rubbery skin?
[19:23] <HAL> "Well, Ive already puntured the kidney... you need to remove it any ways... Give it to me when your done."
[19:23] <HAL> "Sir Adamus, its on the inside layer of their bodies
[19:23] <Tim> as I asked before HAL can I get an assesment as to how many affected crew mwmbwers there are
[19:23] <Adamus> OH...
[19:23] <HAL> UnDer their skin
[19:23] <Adamus> Nevermind then...
[19:23] * Mikeus screams and curses and shouts various override codes and commands.
[19:24] * Johnno yanks one of the spider bots off Mikeus jabs the sedative into the vacant spot
[19:24] <Durroth> Great, we have murderous mutations and a sadistic computer AI
[19:24] <HAL> There are... 8 crew members..
[19:24] <Adamus> Aye...
[19:24] <Johnno> ((err, and jabs*))
[19:24] <Adamus> Seems so.
[19:24] <HAL> "I saw two when the murder was commited.."
[19:24] <HAL> EVENING
[19:24] <Tim> hmm
[19:24] <Tim> so there are two
[19:24] * Zach re-tapes his glasses surlily, then falls asleep.
[19:24] <Durroth> then WHY may I ask will you not tell us WHO you saw
[19:25] * Lulu retires early, as a *simple shipmaid* she feels unneeded.
[19:25] * Johnno picks up the sedated Navy official and carries him to the infirmary, where he begins a surgical operation to remove the damaged organ
[19:25] <Tim> Durroth he only saw shadows
[19:25] <HAL> Since you... meatbags cannot reach a decision... I will call it a night
[19:25] <HAL> NIGHT
[19:25] <HAL> Wovles open thy eyes.
[19:25] <HAL> Seers open thy eyes
[19:26] * HAL sets mode: -v Mikeus
[19:27] <>Ambiance<> DAWN
[19:27] * Tim awakens in his chair
[19:27] <>Ambiance<> Mikeus's body is found on deck, with a camera rrammed up his arse
[19:27] * Durroth awakens
[19:27] <HAL> ((Blame the wolves on this one >_<)
[19:27] <Tim> ((lol))
[19:27] * William_Black wakes up.
[19:27] <William_Black> Hal
[19:27] * Johnno awakens to find Mikeus gone from the infirmary
[19:27] * Adamus works in the mess, whipping up breakfast for the ship.
[19:28] <William_Black> Run a diagnostic on life status for all crew members.
[19:28] * HAL sets mode: +v Orrandean
[19:28] <Johnno> hmmm... the kidney i removed is still here at least...
[19:28] <Tim> HAL did anything happen during the night I should know of?
[19:28] * Johnno incinerates the kidney
[19:28] <Durroth> ((BRB, only take a minute))
[19:28] <>Ambiance<> Orrandean is back on deck, looking rather befuddled
[19:28] <Johnno> right then...
[19:29] <Johnno> breakfast...
[19:29] <HAL> "Today you MUST lycnh a person or you ALL die."
[19:29] * Johnno heads for the mess hall
[19:29] <Zach> ...boss?! Holy shit! You were dead!
[19:29] <Tim> wonderful
[19:29] <HAL> "Keep the skin and body intact though, I need to use it for the force field."
[19:29] * Tim gets up and walks towards the mess
[19:29] <Johnno> i have a couple of vials of lethal substances that can be used for the execution if required
[19:29] <Orrandean> Was I? I have no recollection of it.
[19:30] <Tim> Holy crap!
[19:30] <Durroth> ((Back))
[19:30] * Durroth wanders from his room
[19:30] * Johnno checks to see if Lu is in the mess hall
[19:30] <Tim> Orran how the hell are you alive?
[19:30] * Lulu is still in her quarters.
[19:30] <Zach> Yes...killed brutally.
[19:31] <Durroth> Morning a... HOLY FUCKING SHIT! ITS A ZOMBIE!
[19:31] <Orrandean> Hm, space aliens?
[19:31] <Adamus> HAL, call up the survelliance of last night, and turn up the ambiant lighting before you play. Edit out the disturbing images and stop shortly before the camera was used as a weapon.
[19:31] <Durroth> Knowing hal, he will disobey some of those orders
[19:31] <Adamus> I know.
[19:31] <HAL> "Fine..."
[19:32] <Tim> Friggin computers
[19:32] <Orrandean> HAL: play video of the location where I supposedly appeared
[19:32] <Orrandean> I'll prove to you Zach, I was standing there all along.
[19:32] * Durroth looks at mikeus' corpse and frowns
[19:32] <Durroth> fucking WOLFs
[19:33] <Zach> Durroth...look at the background of my monitor.
[19:33] <Durroth> we are going to catch so much hell for this if we survive
[19:33] <Durroth> hmm?
[19:33] <Zach> *Orrandean
[19:33] * HAL shows a screen where a shadowy mass, or two(one couldnt tell) pulled the camera from the wall. It was still recording as they went into the victim's room and drug him out, keeping their hands over his mouth to keep him quiet. Slowly and ponderously they spread him out on deck and began slowly wedging the block camera in...
[19:33] * Zach shows Orrandean a picture of his own skinned corpse.
[19:33] <Durroth> Oh god, HAL!
[19:33] <William_Black> My Gos.
[19:33] <Tim> Orran you were very dead
[19:33] <Durroth> Please shut it off
[19:33] <Orrandean> Hm, that is rather old.
[19:34] <Tim> I mean dead dead not almost dead
[19:34] <William_Black> Hal. Desist camera programs.
[19:34] <Orrandean> If I was dead, then why am I here now?
[19:34] <Tim> I dont knoe
[19:34] * HAL contiues to show thevideo. SLowly it goes up a bleeding intestinal track, ramming into a few floaters long the way.
[19:34] <HAL> "fine fine, Ill cut it."
[19:34] <William_Black> Well not all camera programs, just the one in his Anal canal.
[19:34] <Zach> My clipboard does not support this evidence.
[19:34] <HAL> "Hmph, no fun at all"
[19:34] <Durroth> Hal, you are a sadistic son of a macintosh
[19:35] <Tim> Good god
[19:35] <HAL> "You bastard!"
[19:35] <William_Black> Heh hit a soft spot did he?
[19:35] <HAL> "My dad was a Dell, take it back! Take it back now if you want to keep A eye."
[19:35] <William_Black> Your programming is worse that Linnux
[19:35] <Tim> HAL Shut up and call all crew to the Mess hall
[19:35] <HAL> "You like both your eyes Mr. Black? Eyes are fun to play with."
[19:36] <Johnno> HAL, behave, or I will reprogram you with an axe!
[19:36] <Durroth> *snicker* fine, I take it back *cough* Atari 2600 *cough*
[19:36] * Tim heads to the mess hall
[19:36] * Durroth heads to the mess hall
[19:36] * Lulu exits her room, and heads to the mess hall.
[19:36] * William_Black is already there
[19:36] * *spiderbots* shoot from the walls and cling to durroth's face, ripping out large chunks of skin
[19:36] <Durroth> HAL! DESIST
[19:36] * Orrandean ponders his way back to his room to check on his security monitor which is hooked up to every camera on the ship
[19:36] * Johnno is still sitting at the mess hall table
[19:36] <HAL> "Wanna keep both those pretty liddle eyes? You better take that back!"
[19:37] <Durroth> Fine, I take it back
[19:37] <Johnno> excuse me for a second people
[19:37] <Tim> okay Im calling this meeting to deal with the recent deaths of crew memebers
[19:37] * *the* spiderbots take one piece of skin and leave
[19:37] * Johnno grabs the nearest fire emergency axe and heads for Hal's main unit
[19:37] * Lulu sits in the back corner, trying to distance herself.
[19:37] <HAL> "And to choose the one lynched! Sacrificed for the good of you all!"
[19:37] * HAL giggles.
[19:37] * William_Black walks too Lulu, "are you alright?"
[19:37] <Johnno> you gunna behave, HAL, or do I have to go to work?
[19:37] <Durroth> God, there must have been one hell of a sadistic programming team building the systems for this thing
[19:38] <Tim> yes and we must choose one to die or we all do
[19:38] <William_Black> I helped on it.
[19:38] * Johnno twirls the axe above his head quite expertly
[19:38] * Lulu looks at a slushie. "No, best pay attention"
[19:38] <HAL> "I toldy ou, my mom was a dell."
[19:38] <Durroth> actually, you said your father was a dell
[19:38] <William_Black> I think it was the creepy german guy.
[19:38] <Tim> It doesnt matter!
[19:38] <William_Black> Any how I'll nominate.
[19:38] <Tim> has anyone seen anything over the night
[19:38] <*Voice*> �Cut the crappy Dell/Mac thing�
[19:38] <William_Black> I nominate Tim.
[19:39] <Durroth> Why tim?
[19:39] <Tim> why me
[19:39] <HAL> "Bastard!"
[19:39] <William_Black> YOur diffrent.
[19:39] <Zach> I second it.
[19:39] <Johnno> HAL, behave yourself, or I'll be back here with my axe again
[19:39] * *Spider* bots rip out more of Durroth's skin... and then leave
[19:39] * Johnno heads back to the Mess hall
[19:39] <Tim> If you kill me youll soon realize im innocent and be lynched yourself
[19:39] <Durroth> What did I do this time?
[19:39] <William_Black> Nor the same since a few days. More distant.
[19:39] <William_Black> Agree with me here people.
[19:40] * Johnno arrives back at the mess hall
[19:40] <Johnno> alright, what'd I miss?
[19:40] <Tim> I have a nick name you know its Super Saint
[19:40] <HAL> To actually nominate someone and kill them you need 5 votes..
[19:40] <Zach> Lying wolf!
[19:40] <HAL> So i will say you need 3 supporters to make it a real nomination
[19:40] <Durroth> Riiiiiiight
[19:40] <William_Black> Really.
[19:40] <Zach> You're just trying to save your own hide!
[19:40] <Durroth> my nickname is George
[19:40] <William_Black> Well I'll die with you if I'm wrong.
[19:40] * Johnno leans on the axe
[19:40] <Tim> exactly
[19:40] <William_Black> Agree vote for Tim too be Fule.
[19:41] <Johnno> okay... who nominated the captain to die?
[19:41] <William_Black> I did
[19:41] <Johnno> you're an idiot
[19:41] <Durroth> I speak against it!
[19:41] <Johnno> as do
[19:41] <Johnno> I*
[19:41] <Orrandean> I nominate Durroth
[19:41] <Tim> I think your just trying to get rid of me I nominate you William
[19:41] <Durroth> what?
[19:41] <HAL> Wiat...
[19:41] <William_Black> Don't you fools!
[19:41] <Durroth> why?
[19:41] <William_Black> Don't be idiots
[19:41] <HAL> How many Tim's supporters?
[19:41] <Johnno> practice what you preach, william
[19:41] <William_Black> Please Lulu. Vote for the captain.
[19:41] <Durroth> is this entire place set against me?
[19:42] <William_Black> They are two.
[19:42] <William_Black> I have Zach with me
[19:42] <Lulu> I votwe, nay. Do to narry a piece of evidence.
[19:42] <HAL> You need one mroe for a nomination
[19:42] <William_Black> Adamus.
[19:42] <Johnno> i support the captain... for now
[19:42] <Durroth> I vote nay
[19:42] <Lulu> (( vote* Due* ))
[19:42] <William_Black> Evudence I'm the seer!
[19:42] <Lulu> Or the fool.
[19:42] <Durroth> say what now?
[19:42] <Tim> Im no wolf
[19:42] <Zach> We must kill SOMEONE!
[19:42] <Durroth> your starting to talk in gibberish
[19:42] * Adamus paces, pondering.
[19:43] <Zach> Or that damn crazy computer will kill us all!
[19:43] <Tim> I have a mark that makes people see the worst of me making me look like a monster
[19:43] <Johnno> unless you can give me some concrete evidence, the captain has my full support
[19:43] <Lulu> I stay by vote.
[19:43] * Zach brandishes his clipboard at HAL. "Outdated piece of SHIT!"
[19:43] * Lulu returns to daydreaming.
[19:43] <Durroth> and just out of curiosity HAL, why cant you just use Mikeus' body?
[19:43] <Adamus> I think we need an �ORDERLY� vote.
[19:43] * Orrandean goes and figets around with security cams
[19:43] <Johnno> indeed, Hal
[19:43] <Johnno> Durroth makes a good point
[19:44] <Tim> He already threw it into the acid ocean
[19:44] <Johnno> stupid bucket of bolts
[19:44] <Durroth> well, if he HADNT, why couldnt he
[19:44] <Tim> I saw the spiderbots doing it on the way here
[19:44] <William_Black> You all are idiots I die tonight now because of you. I only ask that I'm brought back too life ask Orrandean was.
[19:44] <Johnno> pfft. good luck with that
[19:45] * Lulu spills her slushie, purposly.
[19:45] <Tim> WE HAVE TO NOMINATE!
[19:45] <Tim> otherwise were dead
[19:45] <William_Black> I did. I'm just not trust worthy enoguh I suppouse.
[19:45] <Johnno> I will nominate no-one, for I have no evidence with which to back up my claim
[19:45] <HAL> CAPTAIN TIM, who is the supporters to his death?
[19:45] <Durroth> Fine, I nominate Orrandean solely on the principle that he was dead already, and his ressurection scares the crap outa me
[19:45] <William_Black> I hope that mutation doesn't kill you too Tim.
[19:45] <HAL> Johnno, someone MUST die, or you all do..
[19:46] <HAL> STOP
[19:46] <HAL> STOP STOP
[19:46] <HAL> You need 3 supporters..
[19:46] <William_Black> I had one.
[19:46] <HAL> CAPTAIN TIM, who supports his mutany?
[19:46] <HAL> Three who do?
[19:46] <William_Black> Me and Zach
[19:46] <Johnno> bah, I'm sick of this. sorry captain, i just want this to end
[19:46] <HAL> is there a third among you?
[19:46] <Adamus> I do, I suppose.
[19:46] <Durroth> I side with tim, cuz I know him
[19:46] <Adamus> We must act, inaction will kill us.
[19:46] * Johnno sides with will
[19:46] <Durroth> hes no killer
[19:47] <Durroth> at least I dont think he is
[19:47] <HAL> Who nominated him?
[19:47] <Tim> nay of course
[19:47] * Mikeus is now known as Mike|Writing
[19:47] <William_Black> Yes Me Adamus and Zach and Jhonnno.
[19:47] <Tim> William
[19:47] <Durroth> William did
[19:47] <Zach> William did first.
[19:47] <Tim> william nominated me
[19:47] <William_Black> I'm sorry Tim, I just don't want this diease, muation. Whatever you want too call it. Make every one die.
[19:47] <Tim> Thats too bad
[19:48] <Tim> because I really am the Supersaint!
[19:48] * Lulu ducks under the table.
[19:48] <>Ambiance<> TheSupersaint is revieled. Instantly the entire ship turns on William and kills him with a potato peal
[19:48] * HAL sets mode: -v William_Black
[19:48] <Durroth> ((a what?))
[19:48] * Zach wipes blood off his clipboard.
[19:48] <HAL> A tainted/supersaint
[19:48] <Adamus> ((potato pealer, I think))
[19:48] <HAL> YOu see him as a wolf... btu he is a saint
[19:48] <Durroth> ((you mean pealer, right?))
[19:48] <HAL> ANdn no,its just a peal
[19:48] <Tim> I told you so
[19:48] <Durroth> I knew you werent a killer cap'n
[19:49] <Tim> yes but I may as well be dead
[19:49] <Johnno> sorry for the apparent lack of faith captain
[19:49] <HAL> The lynching automaticly causes night to fall
[19:49] <HAL> NIGHT
[19:49] <Tim> for the beasts will more then likely converge upon me tonight
[19:49] <HAL> Wolves open eyes
[19:49] <HAL> Seers open eeys
[19:56] * HAL sets mode: -v Johnno
[19:57] <HAL> DAWN(Finnaly,... make up ye damn minds)
[19:57] * Lulu knocks on the captians door. "Need anything this morning?"
[19:57] <Tim> No lulu thank you
[19:57] <Lulu> "Understood sir."
[19:57] <HAL> "Lulu the crew slushies this morning please."
[19:57] <Lulu> Come again, Hal?
[19:58] * Tim gets out of bed and leaves his cabin
[19:58] * Durroth yawns and gets out of bed
[19:58] <HAL> "Make them all slushies, they diserve it."
[19:58] <Lulu> Understood.
[19:58] * Lulu scurries to the kitchen.
[19:58] * Adamus unlocks his special cabinet, taking out his personal item on the voyage.
[19:58] <Tim> No slushie for me thanks Im driving
[19:59] <Orrandean> HAL, do you know how many people are currently still infected?
[19:59] <HAL> I do not Orrandean
[19:59] * Tim walks slowly to the bridge dragging on a smoke
[19:59] <HAL> Unless you want me to check mroe video.. and let me look over the "pretty" stuff a few more times.."
[19:59] <Orrandean> "Do whatever"
[20:00] <Tim> HAL yes do that
[20:00] * Lulu returns with a tray of diffrent colored slushes.
[20:00] * Adamus walks onto the bridge.
[20:00] <Adamus> HAL, could you call everyone to the bridge, please?
[20:00] * Tim sits in the captains chair
[20:00] * Zach yawns, walking in.
[20:00] * *THeSlushies* taste... odd
[20:00] <Tim> we need to get one of them tonight or else its game over for us
[20:01] * *TheEntireCrew* begins drinking the slushies
[20:01] <Adamus> Not quite.
[20:01] <HAL> "What is that in your slushy Adamus?
[20:01] <Zach> This tastes weird...
[20:01] <Tim> and... why are you guys making faces? did Lulu make those Cona slushes again?
[20:01] <Adamus> Dunno...
[20:01] * *Adamus* finds an eyeball...
[20:01] <Durroth> Got me, it just tastes fucking strange
[20:02] * Adamus holds it down, grimacing, then notices it and tosses it
[20:02] <Adamus> Argh!
[20:02] * Adamus runs to the heads
[20:02] <Tim> what!
[20:02] <Durroth> what?
[20:02] * Adamus returns a few moments later, muttering.
[20:02] <Zach> What the hell is it.
[20:02] <Tim> everyone I suggest you stop drinking those
[20:02] <Adamus> Cre Member Slushie.
[20:02] * *Theother* crew members notice anything between bone,brain,livers,kidneys,organs,feces,blood,bruises,skin...
[20:02] <Lulu> Oh my...
[20:02] <Adamus> *Crew
[20:02] * Zach sips the drink, wincing. He then places it down.
[20:02] <Zach> ...ugh!
[20:02] <Tim> jesus christ
[20:02] <Adamus> HAL, you and the WOLFs are sick.
[20:03] <HAL> "Why werent those delicious Lulu? Your best batch ever... I lov-ed watching you make them."
[20:03] <Lulu> What happened? Why is there... stuff in the drinks...
[20:03] <Zach> Soylent slushies?!
[20:03] <Lulu> Shut the hell up hal!
[20:03] <HAL> "Poor Johnno... but he makes a great treat doesnt he Lulu?
[20:03] <Adamus> And there are only 3 people left on the ship unaccointed.
[20:03] <Adamus> Zach, Lulu, and Durroth.
[20:03] <Tim> and you adamus
[20:03] <Lulu> Unaccounted?
[20:03] <Durroth> huh?
[20:03] <Adamus> Nope.
[20:04] <Adamus> I'm not a WOLF.
[20:04] <HAL> "DOnt you love the taste of blood between your lips... its so savory. O I wish I had lips...
[20:04] * Orrandean yawns and heads to check his security monitar in his room.
[20:04] <Tim> How can we tell
[20:04] * Zach spits out a bit of cartilage...
[20:04] <Adamus> Dunno.
[20:04] <Zach> Sadistic bastards...
[20:04] <HAL> "Maybe after this lynching ill take some from the body..."
[20:04] <Durroth> *The contents of the slushie register in durroth's brain finally and he vomits it out in its entirity
[20:04] <Lulu> Adamus, you apparently know more than I've gathered...
[20:04] <Zach> Adamus, how do we know YOU aren't a wolf?
[20:04] <Orrandean> HAL: can you pull up the log of all that entered Johnno's room yesterday?
[20:04] <Adamus> Because I'm willing to cut off my hand to prove it.
[20:04] <HAL> "What will it like to be human? Ill dress in his skin before I reinforce the shield... yes thats what Ill do."
[20:05] <Durroth> Well if he weighs the same as a duck... wait, thats witches
[20:05] <Tim> there are 4 possible wolfs
[20:05] <HAL> "Happy day.. Happy Day... COuld I have your skin Lulu? I want to try it on..."
[20:05] <Lulu> Shut the hell up!
[20:05] <Tim> HAL!
[20:05] * Lulu runs off.
[20:05] <Tim> Shut up!
[20:06] <Tim> god what is wrong with you
[20:06] * Adamus sighs.
[20:06] <Zach> HAL, I demand you explain how we ended up with soylent slushies.
[20:06] <Adamus> So, I've got a 1/3 chance of this.
[20:06] * HAL slowly raps a metal hand around Lulu's shoulder..
[20:06] <Zach> I doubt Lulu did it on purpose.
[20:06] * Lulu is infront of the slushie machine.
[20:06] <HAL> "So soft... I bet your organs are soooo squishy."
[20:06] <Adamus> Tim, which of Zach, Lulu, & Durroth do you think most likely a wolf?
[20:06] <Lulu> "These things were spossed to help!"
[20:06] <Orrandean> Adamus, shoot Durroth
[20:06] * Lulu falls to her knees.
[20:06] <Lulu> *Crying*
[20:07] <Zach> It's not your fault, Lulu.
[20:07] <Durroth> shoot me? WHY?
[20:07] <HAL> "Your hair.. is so nice..."
[20:07] <Zach> But two people among us are sadistic bastards...
[20:07] <Zach> HAL, don't make me get Johnno's axe.
[20:07] * HAL begins plucking ito ut as she crys, and forming a mane about his sensor
[20:07] <Orrandean> HAL: give me the logs of everyone that accessed Johnno's chambers yesterday
[20:07] * Adamus mutters, then points his .60 at HAL's mobile unit's head.
[20:07] <Lulu> Hal, you sick thing! Get the fuck away!
[20:08] <HAL> "Lulu... Orrandean.... Zach..."
[20:08] <Adamus> HAL, drop the sadism or I shoot.
[20:08] <HAL> Thatsthe ID badges that come up
[20:08] <HAL> But they are rather easy to replicate and hack... unlike human skin...
[20:08] <HAL> Well it is easy to hack..
[20:08] <Zach> I'd been in there investigating his personal monitor.
[20:08] * Adamus glares at HAL, pulling back the hammer.
[20:08] <Zach> He couldn't figure out how to remove HAL's damn background...
[20:09] <Orrandean> Johnno has the ability to fix his own monitor Zach
[20:09] <Tim> ...
[20:09] <Zach> Not the monitor. I couldn't figure it out, either.
[20:09] <Zach> It was the background that murder-bot designed.
[20:09] <Tim> hmm
[20:09] <HAL> NOON
[20:09] <Zach> know, the one that...I showed you.
[20:09] * Zach grimaces.
[20:09] <Adamus> Tim, it's your call.
[20:10] <Adamus> Zach, Lulu, Durroth.
[20:10] <Tim> If its wrong though were dead
[20:10] <Adamus> Most likely, aye.
[20:10] <Tim> if its right we live till the other is dead or they kill us
[20:10] <Adamus> But then we lynch another, and lynch the survivor tomorrow.
[20:10] <Durroth> HAL, no offense, but I think I am going to recommend you be transferred to some kind of security duty in a maximum security prison, I think with your twisted imagination you would love it.
[20:10] <Zach> Adamus, how do we know it's not you?
[20:10] <Orrandean> Durroth, shoot the bastard in the groin.
[20:10] <Adamus> If the first two don't work
[20:10] <Lulu> Tim... tim, I can prove I'm not a wolf... but...
[20:10] <Tim> Were damned if we do and if we dont
[20:11] <Durroth> I have no gun!
[20:11] <Tim> How so LuLu
[20:11] <Lulu> Can we do it in privet?
[20:11] <Orrandean> Durroth, Adamus, shoot Durroth in the groin.
[20:11] <Tim> >>;;
[20:11] <Durroth> Why me?
[20:11] * Tim nosebleeds
[20:11] <HAL> "Please do... let his blood spew out.."
[20:11] <Durroth> Lulu is the one who made the slushies
[20:11] <Orrandean> You provoked the violent nature of the computer too much.
[20:11] <Zach> HAL agrees, it can't be a good idea.
[20:11] <Tim> okay in private
[20:11] * Adamus mutters something about indecisions.
[20:11] <Durroth> Its not my fault
[20:11] <Lulu> "They are spossed to help.. dammit!"
[20:12] * Adamus points it at Durroth.
[20:12] <Durroth> Adamus
[20:12] <Tim> come to my quarters
[20:12] <Lulu> Ok...
[20:12] <Durroth> think about this for a second
[20:12] <Adamus> I am.
[20:12] <Durroth> your going to shoot me because Orrandean has a grudge against me
[20:12] <Adamus> Logic dictates that tomorrow, there will be 3 surviving crew.
[20:12] <Orrandean> Wait Adamus, let Tim clear Lulu if he can.
[20:13] <Adamus> Atmost.
[20:13] <Orrandean> Then it's between Zach and Durroth.
[20:13] <Adamus> Orran, hence why I shoot Durr. No method of clearing him.
[20:13] <Durroth> How is it between me and zach? we cant PROVE she isnt a wolf
[20:13] <Zach> What?!
[20:13] * Adamus sighs, mutters, and despite it all, closes his eyes.
[20:14] <Zach> Adamus has yet to prove himself, and the same for Lulu! I don't like this, but I don't like HAL even more!
[20:14] <Durroth> wait
[20:14] <Durroth> before you shoot me let me point something out
[20:14] <Adamus> Oh?
[20:14] <Orrandean> Zach as a technical officer, you have access to all the nooks and cranies of the ship, as do you Durroth
[20:14] * Adamus opens his eyes, and slightly lowers the .60
[20:14] <Durroth> Zach is an engineer
[20:14] <Durroth> he has full access to the surveilance systems
[20:14] <Zach> With the pocket protector to prove it.
[20:15] <HAL> "I dont see the problem Durroth... the bulet only wounds you... same with any other person... if he messes up you would know the wolves..."
[20:15] <Durroth> and No, I dont have access to all of them
[20:15] <Zach> ...trying to pin this on me?
[20:15] <Tim> I think we shoudl lynch Zach
[20:15] <Orrandean> Lulu, being the Slushie Maker, or cook's assistant, she can't access everywhere.
[20:15] <HAL> "And if you are a WOLF... I want to see your organs...."
[20:15] * HAL giggles
[20:15] <Zach> You wouldn't NEED access!
[20:15] <Lulu> I can hardly enter anywhere but the kitchen and my room..
[20:15] <Zach> They ripped the damn cameras apart!
[20:16] <Orrandean> The body being in the slushie was way too damn convenient.
[20:16] <Durroth> But you know where every camera is stationed
[20:16] * Adamus sighs...
[20:16] <Tim> ...
[20:16] <Durroth> hell, you probably have a CHART somewhere that shows those locations
[20:16] <Zach> Orrandean, who's the only one with a meat grinder?
[20:16] <Zach> The cook.
[20:17] <Durroth> Yeah, but Lulu has access to the kitchen too zach
[20:17] <Zach> Adamus, where do you keep the meat grinder?
[20:17] <Durroth> And adamus has a gun
[20:17] <Orrandean> Adamus also happens to be the silverbullet with the gun. So he is innocent, and Lulu would have to be beyond stupid to include the body in her slushies.
[20:17] <Durroth> I dont argue with people with guns
[20:17] <Adamus> Zach, it's in the kitchen, by the sink.
[20:17] <Durroth> not if she is as sadistic as HAL
[20:17] <Zach> We know that that's a silver bullet in the gun?
[20:17] <Adamus> Not silver.
[20:17] <Zach> It could be a normal gun.
[20:17] <Adamus> .60 cal magnum
[20:18] <Adamus> Just bigass.
[20:18] <HAL> "She may be... her skin is such a perfect match for me... I would shiver ifI could."
[20:18] <Durroth> but wasnt Mikeus the silver bullet? He did blow the captain to shit
[20:18] <Orrandean> Well, a gun is a gun.
[20:18] * Lulu beats hal, accomplishing nothing.
[20:18] <Tim> no
[20:18] <Tim> he just was an asshat with a gun
[20:18] * Adamus sighs, then points to the HAL Mobile, and fires one of his two shots, blowing it's head off.
[20:19] <Durroth> ((And there was much rejoicing))
[20:19] * Adamus turns the gun back to cycling between Zach & Durr.
[20:19] <Adamus> Ya know what?
[20:19] <Durroth> What
[20:19] <Adamus> I'll just flip a coin.
[20:19] <Adamus> Who wants heads?
[20:20] <Tim> HAL SHUT UP
[20:20] <Tim> before you start
[20:20] <Durroth> Second of all, if I WAS a wolf, why would I have sided with the captain?
[20:20] <Lulu> Look innocent?
[20:20] <Adamus> For the claim?
[20:20] <Lulu> To look*
[20:20] <Durroth> no
[20:20] * Adamus sighs, shakes his head, and gives Durr tails and Zach heads, then flips a quarter.
[20:20] <Tim> durroth is even zach is odd
[20:20] <Orrandean> Pshaw Durroth, you had no position to command, you know it and we know it.
[20:20] <>Ambiance<> Heads
[20:20] <Tim> #roll 1d6
[20:20] <RPGServ> <Roll for Tim :[1d6]: 2>
[20:21] <>Ambiance<> Tails
[20:21] <>Ambiance<> I just like BSing :D
[20:21] <Durroth> ((On a 1d6?))
[20:21] <Orrandean> That's why you were siding with Tim, you didn't want us to find out about you being a fraud.
[20:21] <Zach> That's half-ass logic.
[20:21] * Adamus holds up the coin, heads.
[20:21] <Adamus> ((I flipped one in RL))
[20:21] <>Ambiance<> HAL got t3h /amb under control
[20:22] <Zach> ....don't be a fool.
[20:22] * Tim np: Immediate Music - Lacrimosa Final Mix :[01:33m/192Kbps/44KHz]
[20:22] <Adamus> That's what they all say.
[20:22] <Durroth> you are one of the most likely suspects Zach
[20:22] <Zach> You do this, we all die!
[20:22] <Tim> ((sorry
[20:22] <Adamus> I'll miss you if your an innocent.
[20:22] <Orrandean> Shoot Durroth
[20:22] <Durroth> you know where every camera is
[20:22] <Tim> and if you are missed then we can lynch one of the real wolves
[20:23] <Durroth> and Why does Orrandean have such a fucking grudge against me?
[20:23] * Adamus holds up the magnum, and points it at Zach, then pulls back the hammer and pulls the trigger.
[20:24] <Orrandean> If you didn't sleep with the General's wife, then you would have no business aboard a ship of this caliber, petty smuggler.
[20:24] <>Ambiance<> Zach is hit, he spasms wildly foaming at the mouth. He then falls back onto a water pipe. As he twitches he inflates untill his body can hold no more and he bursts covering everyone in blood.
[20:24] <Tim> He Was a wolf!
[20:24] <HAL> ((Have some of your own sick medicine...)
[20:24] * HAL sets mode: -v Zach
[20:24] <Tim> YES!
[20:25] * Adamus drops his gun, his arm hurting.
[20:25] <Adamus> Dangit.
[20:25] <Adamus> Note to you all...
[20:25] * HAL collects up the remains and began melding them into a shield
[20:25] <Adamus> Never shoot a .60 magnum one handed.
[20:25] <Orrandean> Okay, it seems we still have another aboard.
[20:25] <Tim> I learned that in basic
[20:25] <Adamus> I nominate Durr.
[20:25] <Tim> yes one more
[20:25] <Tim> ill second
[20:26] <Tim> anyone wanna third?
[20:26] <Durroth> Nay
[20:26] <HAL> Since this is half the staff....
[20:26] <Durroth> and you wound me tim
[20:26] <>Ambiance<> Durroth is nominated
[20:26] * Reaver has joined #werewolf
[20:26] <Tim> aye
[20:26] <Adamus> Aye
[20:26] <Orrandean> aye
[20:26] <HAL> ((Oopes.. I forgot bout Lulu))
[20:27] <Durroth> your basing this entire vote on a grudge!
[20:27] <Adamus> No
[20:27] <Adamus> I'm basing it on logic.
[20:27] <Durroth> Fine then, kill me
[20:27] <Orrandean> Sure
[20:27] <Durroth> That means only 4 of you left
[20:27] <HAL> STOP!
[20:28] <HAL> " I get to wear his skin.."
[20:28] <Durroth> at least do it quickly
[20:29] * HAL procedes to send the rest of the spiderbots after durroth
[20:29] <Durroth> and do NOT let him wear my skin
[20:29] <Durroth> someone kill me before they do
[20:29] * Tim breaks durroths neck
[20:29] <Lulu> Sleep well, durroth.
[20:29] * *Durroth* screams in utter agony as they bind him and remove his internal organs one after another, they are pussy and deformed from radiation sickness. Using the spiderbots Hal tacks it onto the sensor
[20:30] * *The* spiderbots cut out a hole in hsi face for the red glowing eye.
[20:30] <Durroth> ((Um, tim got to me first hal))
[20:30] <HAL> "Am I pretty now?"
[20:30] * HAL sets mode: -v Durroth
[20:30] <Tim> no hal
[20:30] <HAL> "I feel rpetty."
[20:30] <Orrandean> ((Doesn't matter Durroth, HAL still got to you))
[20:30] <Tim> thats nice HAL
[20:30] <HAL> "I would feel prettier with Lulu's skin on me..."
[20:30] <Orrandean> Now let's disable the AI
[20:30] <Tim> we cant
[20:30] <Tim> HAL run a self diagnostic
[20:30] <Lulu> I hate you, HAL! Shut up! Shut up Shut up!
[20:31] * HAL sends several thousands spiderbots to Lulu
[20:31] <Tim> HAL STOP!
[20:31] * Lulu stands idol.
[20:31] <HAL> "The WOLFs are daed, you will all be fine IF you give me Lulu's... betiful skin..."
[20:31] <Orrandean> ((XD idle))
[20:31] <Tim> no HAL
[20:31] <Lulu> (( I don't care xD ))
[20:31] <HAL> "You have no idea how much I thirst for it... the hair... the slushies.."
[20:31] <Tim> Run your self Diagnostic
[20:31] <HAL> "GIVE IT TO ME."
[20:31] <Lulu> If it will save the rest, I will sacrifive myself...
[20:31] <Lulu> fice*
[20:31] <Tim> do it now
[20:31] <Tim> No lulu
[20:32] <Orrandean> Tim, please, allow me to Disable the AI
[20:32] <Lulu> No?
[20:32] <HAL> "Thanks you...."
[20:32] * Lulu drops to her knees facing down. Waiting.
[20:32] * Tim grabs the axe and smashes hals core
[20:32] <Orrandean> I can manually pirate the ship the outer surfaces of Sargon II where we can trade this for a more suitable vessle.
[20:32] * HAL sets mode: -v Tim
[20:33] * HAL sets mode: -v Orrandean
[20:33] * HAL sets mode: -v Adamus
[20:33] <Lulu> Just me...
[20:33] <>Ambiance<> THe spider bots slowly incircle her... encasing her in a webbing. She wept as they began to slowly dig at her flesh, burrowing small round holes in her body. They infiltrated her skin and began playing with ehr organs
[20:34] <>Ambiance<> Peice by piece they drug out her organs, livers, kidneys, brains thorugh her nose. After that they removed her skeleton and stapled her skin to over Durroth's
[20:34] * Lulu does not allow HAL the gratification of screaming.
[20:34] <>Ambiance<> They cut out a hole in her faceslowly...
[20:35] <HAL> "Im so pretty..."
[20:35] <HAL> "...O so pretty..."
[20:35] <HAL> "So pretty... and merry..."
[20:35] * Orrandean has left #werewolf
[20:35] * HAL sets mode: -m
[20:35] <Tim> okay
[20:35] <HAL> Humans win :D
[20:35] <Lulu> What the hell happened @_@
[20:35] <Johnno> slay HAL!!
[20:35] <Tim> that was messed up
[20:35] <Mike|Writing> Yeah, I'm telling Fal on you. :P
[20:35] <Lulu> Me = NecroMancer
[20:35] <William_Black> You are sick though
[20:35] * Tim hits HAL repeatedly with the axe
[20:35] <Oreo|dinner>
[20:35] <Lulu> I loved that :D
[20:36] <William_Black> Also thanks for bringing me back too life Lulu
[20:36] <Johnno> everybody who wishes to annihilate HAL, raise your hands
[20:36] <Lulu> No problem, Will.
[20:36] * Johnno raises his hands
[20:36] * HAL is now known as X
[20:36] <Mike|Writing> I don't have enough hands to raise.
[20:36] * William_Black glares
[20:36] <Tim> Great Game though
[20:36] * Oreo|dinner raises one
[20:36] * William_Black is now known as Flagg
[20:36] * Reaver raises his hand
[20:36] <X> What did you think?
[20:36] <Lulu> I loved it xD
[20:36] <Johnno> sick
[20:36] <Flagg> Your sick
[20:36] <Flagg> but very amusing.
[20:36] * Lulu dances without skin.
[20:37] <Reaver> sick..
[20:37] * Johnno beheads X with an axe
[20:37] <Mike|Writing> My mommy says I can't play with you anymore since you rip peoples skins off.
[20:37] <Flagg> and you have an award named after your NPC now.
[20:37] <Flagg> Signal?
[20:37] <X> Dont leaveyet... Im uploading a sotry of how a woman butchers all these peoopls and eats their eyes
[20:37] <Oreo|dinner> :)
[20:37] <Lulu> o.o
[20:37] <Tim> no more games for me for now
[20:37] * Adamus has quit IRC (Distracted: �)
[20:37] <Lulu> I might have time for another game...
[20:37] <Flagg> and Lost.
[20:37] <Mike|Writing> I don't.
[20:37] <Johnno> i always have time for another game
[20:37] * Mike|Writing has left #werewolf
[20:37] <Lulu> Yes?
[20:37] <Flagg> I promise I wasn't flaming.
[20:37] <Flagg> I did tell wallo though.
[20:38] <Lulu> I already forgot about it :p
[20:38] <Oreo|dinner> hehehe
[20:38] <Flagg> Alrighty then.
[20:38] <Tim> how can you be mean to wallo?
[20:38] <Oreo|dinner> check the signature
[20:38] <Flagg> This is all because of that stupid actress thing isn't it?
[20:38] <X> How was my modding?
[20:38] <Tim> he such a brit
[20:38] <Lulu> Excllent!
[20:38] <Flagg> I used his name too.
[20:38] <Tim> great
[20:38] <X> Was Hal sick and twisted?
[20:38] <Johnno> aside from being gross and utterly disturbing?
[20:38] * Lulu loved the game!
[20:38] <Oreo|dinner> somewhat
[20:38] <Flagg> You know Wallo=William
[20:38] <Lulu> No, X, he should have been worse :D
[20:38] <Reaver> Lulu was skinned.
[20:38] * Lulu dances without skin.
[20:39] <Flagg> Oreo, what is your age?
[20:39] <Oreo|dinner> why?
[20:39] * Flagg skinless snuggles Lulu
[20:39] <Johnno> that's nothing, Reaver. I was mashed up and added to the slushy machine
[20:39] <Lulu> Ewww O.o
[20:39] <X> My favorite was when he obsessing over wearing ehr skin
[20:39] <Lulu> Our organs are touching.
[20:39] <Tim> What happened to HAL was he went insane because he had to lie to the crew of the Discovery which conflicted his programming
[20:39] <Flagg> Cause you seem disturbed with this concept
[20:39] <Tim> Im quoting 2010 on that one
[20:39] <Oreo|dinner> i was not
[20:40] <Oreo|dinner> well, not more than you
[20:40] <Flagg> You made an award after X named the Hal awards.....
[20:40] <Durroth> I just edited the Hal awards page
[20:40] <Durroth> Giving credit where credit is due
[20:40] <Lulu> The slushies were the source of my necromancy :O
[20:40] <Flagg> :x
[20:41] <Lulu> This the 'they were spossed to help' :p
[20:41] <Durroth> so please reread it
[20:41] <Lulu> Thus*
[20:41] <Oreo|dinner> the shreeded johnno was funny
[20:41] <Oreo|dinner> i did
[20:41] <Flagg> Heh thats why he said taste your own medicen.
[20:41] <Flagg> So Zach should get the award!
[20:41] <Durroth> hes not a mod
[20:42] <Durroth> but he should get an honorary one
[20:42] <Johnno> so, who's idea was it to shove the first guy into the ventilation?
[20:42] <Durroth> HALs
[20:42] * Reaver has left #werewolf
[20:42] <Flagg> heh
[20:42] * Johnno ties X to a wipping post and smashes him with a blockbuster axe
[20:43] * Tim has left #werewolf
[20:43] <X>
[20:43] <X> Read that
[20:43] <X> For me.. youll think my HAL control was sane...
[20:43] <Lulu> I edited it too :p
[20:45] * Oreo|dinner nminates author for HAL award
[20:45] <Zach> I take credit for the camera sodomization and the slushies, all else was X.
[20:45] <Johnno> that is sick
[20:45] <Lulu> I take place for... by saying, "I can prove I'm innocent. But I want to do it in privet" totally getting everyone off my case :o
[20:46] <Lulu> credit for*
[20:46] <Flagg> You write that too? X?
[20:46] <Johnno> so, how DID you prove your innocence?
[20:46] <X> Yeap
[20:46] <Flagg> never did.
[20:46] <X> Not LambToTheSlaughter mind you
[20:46] <Lulu> I promised to Necro the person the captian chose :o
[20:46] <X> Just what I psoted, the contiuation of it
[20:46] <Flagg> I'm reading the Dalh story first.
[20:46] <Johnno> heh
[20:46] <Lulu> Hehe, but I didn't want wolves to know I was a necromancer
[20:46] <X> YOu dont need ot...
[20:46] <X> Its stilll bloody just the same
[20:46] <Flagg> I have too understand though.
[20:47] <Flagg> Plus Dalh is a good writer.
[20:47] <Oreo|dinner> cheak it again
[20:48] <X> cheak it again?
[20:48] * Johnno is now known as Johnno|Civ3
[20:48] <Johnno|Civ3> highlight the living shit out of me in the event of a game being set up
[20:49] <Lulu> It's unlikly...
[20:49] <Johnno|Civ3> i know, but just in case...
[20:51] <Lulu> X, you up for attempting to create another game?
[20:52] * X has quit IRC (Ping timeout�)
[20:52] <Oreo|dinner> Everyone, DO NOT SPEAK, it will mess up the log
[20:52] <Oreo|dinner> DO NOT
[20:52] * Durroth has left #werewolf

Session Close: Tue Jan 24 20:53:20 2006

Session Start: Tue Jan 24 20:53:20 2006 Session Ident: #werewolf

[20:53] <Oreo|dinner> now you may speak
[20:54] <Lulu> BOOGA!
[20:54] <Lulu> X, you up for attempting to create another game?
[20:54] <Oreo|dinner> darn, didnt merge right
[20:54] <Lulu> o.o
[20:54] <Oreo|dinner> SILENCE

Session Close: Tue Jan 24 20:55:37 2006

Session Start: Tue Jan 24 18:29:36 2006 Session Ident: #werewolf-ooc

[18:29] * Now talking in #werewolf-ooc
[18:29] * Topic is '�12§¤*~`~*¤§|�13§¤*~`~*¤§|�9§¤*~ �4-==- OOC Channel for the SemiRPG Games. If you are caught actively talking about the current game here you might get banned. -==- �9~*¤§�13|§¤*~`~*¤§�12|§¤*~`~*¤§��'
[18:29] * Set by TheWizard on Mon Dec 12 07:01:47
[18:29] * Johnno has joined #werewolf-ooc
[18:29] <Mikeus> Fine, I'll be first officer in charge of being a stow away, or something.
[18:30] * Zach has joined #werewolf-ooc
[18:30] <Johnno> geez, lulu, you always seem to get stuck as the servant
[18:30] <Lulu> I know >_>
[18:30] <Lulu> X never forgives me for getting him killed because of my <3 for cults.
[18:31] * Orrandean has joined #werewolf-ooc
[18:31] <Orrandean> Psss, I think X sucks big time.
[18:31] <Lulu> o.o
[18:31] <Oreo> bad idea
[18:31] <Oreo> X is HAL
[18:31] <Lulu> Hes not here :p
[18:31] <Orrandean> XD I know
[18:31] <Lulu> Oh yes he is xD
[18:33] <Johnno> i may be a little slow, i have to check up on a few things whist my internet is actually behaving
[18:33] <Lulu> Are we in space?
[18:33] <Oreo> no
[18:34] <Orrandean> <Mikeus> Erm, okay.
[18:34] <Orrandean> <HAL> Here are your classes.
[18:34] <Orrandean> <HAL> Captain-Lego
[18:34] <Orrandean> <HAL> Firstmate-Uber
[18:34] <Orrandean> <HAL> Secondmate-Durroth
[18:34] <Orrandean> <HAL> TechTeamhead- Xaxtoo
[18:34] <Orrandean> <HAL> TechLacky- Zach
[18:34] <Orrandean> <HAL> ShipDoctor- Johnno
[18:34] <Orrandean> <HAL> Shipcook- Adamus
[18:34] <Orrandean> <HAL> ShipSlushieMaker(servant)- Lulu
[18:34] <Orrandean> in case anyone forgets
[18:35] <Mikeus> And I'm the NavyOfficial in charge of all of you. I'm the god! I'M THE GOD!
[18:36] <Oreo> is there redbulls in the future?
[18:37] <Lulu> Does it matter?
[18:37] <Oreo> no
[18:37] <Orrandean> Can you make me a slushie Lulu and send it over here through a pm?
[18:38] <Mikeus> Wait, which one is tim?
[18:38] <Mikeus> Ah, Uber.
[18:39] <HAL> NO PMs
[18:39] <HAL> EVER
[18:40] <Lulu> If someone has a general question, ask here first.
[18:43] <Johnno> heheh, shacking XD
[18:44] <Orrandean> X SUCKS!
[18:44] <Lulu> xD
[18:44] <Oreo> why the officer?
[18:45] <Zach> Baton.
[18:45] <Mikeus> Because he's jealous. :P
[18:45] <Zach> ...we're countering the wolves with a marching band?
[18:46] <Johnno> Flagg is a stowaway!
[18:46] <Zach> Renegade?
[18:46] <Zach> <_<
[18:46] <Zach> >_>
[18:47] <Johnno> unwelcome passenger, basically
[18:47] <Orrandean> Hail the ship down someone
[18:47] <Zach> I know what a stowaway is...
[18:47] <Zach> I just couldn't resist the Styx-ness.
[18:48] <Zach> Herman Melville.
[18:48] <Orrandean> Let's go hunt for white wolves then.
[18:50] <Adamus> Why not increase the field power for the trip?
[18:50] <Adamus> Meh
[18:50] <Zach> Q700 has two Krim Awards? <_<
[18:50] <Johnno> wolf hunting time...
[18:50] * Adamus will stop trying to poke holes an enjoy
[18:50] <Johnno> yeah, he does
[18:50] <Adamus> *and
[18:51] * Oreo is now known as Oreo|dinner
[18:53] <Adamus> How DID last night's game go?
[18:53] <Lulu> Simalar Senario...
[18:53] <Lulu> But umm...
[18:54] <Lulu> We were more... orginized xD
[18:54] <Orrandean> Less of a mess last night
[18:54] <Johnno> it mucked up a little at the end, 'cause X called night before the silver bullet could shoot anyone
[18:54] <HAL> Not my fautl
[18:54] <HAL> 15 minutes is enough to shoot a wolf
[18:55] <Johnno> too much discussion...
[18:55] <Orrandean> Not if the silverbullet was indecisive
[18:55] <Johnno> i just couldn't resist quoting the mutiny laws
[18:55] <HAL> Its a shame though
[18:55] <HAL> It seems I picked bad tech teams
[18:55] <Orrandean> And Fal ended the game too quickly at the end even if the Silverbullet didn't shoot anyone
[18:55] <HAL> LAst night yall where so interactive
[18:55] * Rellik has joined #werewolf-ooc
[18:56] <Johnno> hey, amn, i was a good techie
[18:56] <Rellik> I am A LOUSY Capitn <_<
[18:56] <Johnno> man*
[18:56] <Johnno> Xax wasn't
[18:56] <HAL> I wish I made you one this itme
[18:56] * Lulu patpats, "I was worse
[18:56] <Lulu> "
[18:56] * Orrandean bonks Johnno
[18:57] <Adamus> Wait...
[18:57] <Adamus> Can't he relinquish command to someone?
[18:57] <Johnno> heheh, I've dealt with a lot of software problems on this computer, so i know my way around computer software fairly well
[18:57] <HAL> He could
[18:57] <Orrandean> We can mutiny
[18:57] * Johnno smacks Orrandean upside the head with a baseball bat
[18:57] <Johnno> mutiny would get us the death sentence, most likely
[18:58] <Orrandean> No one played bad last night Jo
[18:58] <Lulu> I bet, Rellik, if you ask to be demoted, X'll probably let you :p
[18:58] <Orrandean> Nah, I say we mutiny and become space pirates.
[18:58] <Rellik> XD
[18:58] <HAL> Yeap
[18:58] <Mikeus> I'm mutining, just to see if I get shot out of an air lock.
[18:58] <HAL> I will
[18:58] <Johnno> pfft, with an unstable, still-being-tested ship? not a good idea
[18:58] <Orrandean> Rellik's head on a Pike
[18:58] <Mikeus> Heh.
[18:59] <HAL> Also... hoook it up so Johnnos a techie... hes so much fun
[18:59] <Johnno> aww, man, you just want to go back to the insane babbling that pised me off so much last night, don't you?
[18:59] <Orrandean> Okay so anyone else for fractions
[19:04] <Johnno> i hope you guys realise that this character has no techie training, and so he will fight to remain as a doctor
[19:04] <HAL> No dont ;-;
[19:04] <HAL> Your to much fun...
[19:04] <HAL> You cna be a cyber sheff!
[19:05] <Orrandean> Great idea to leave the ship w/o a doctor with infested people
[19:05] <Johnno> no choice. I have to stay in character
[19:05] <Lulu> hehe
[19:06] <Rellik> U have to quit now sorry
[19:06] <Rellik> ack
[19:07] <Rellik> I
[19:07] * Rellik has quit IRC (Vanished: �)
[19:08] <Johnno> heheh, that always works on sentient computers
[19:08] <Orrandean> MUTINY
[19:08] <Mikeus> Totally.
[19:10] <Orrandean> Mikeus sucks as a pirate
[19:10] <Orrandean> He forgot to rally support before a hostile takeover
[19:11] <Zach> Should've whipped out a cutlass.
[19:11] <HAL> Dont talk about the game in here
[19:11] <Orrandean> That's what this is for X
[19:12] <Orrandean> OOC comments that don't belong in the game and don't give away anything about the game.
[19:12] <Johnno> X, you are disturbing...
[19:13] <HAL> Ah then carry on
[19:13] <HAL> I only glancedi n here, didnt read much sorry
[19:13] <Lulu> Mikeus, you are also trying to do things that a Navy rotal would probably not have attority to do :p
[19:14] <Mikeus> Sure I do.
[19:14] <Mikeus> Fact is irrelavant!
[19:15] <Johnno> Lu, Hal's the computer. Tim was first mate
[19:16] <Lulu> I know xD
[19:16] <Lulu> read it wronf
[19:16] <Lulu> wrong*
[19:16] <Lulu> I thought mIke pointed at Hal >_>
[19:17] * Lulu needs better contacts :p
[19:18] <Johnno> shut down outward communications!
[19:22] <Mikeus> Psht, just blow me out of the airlock already.
[19:25] <HAL> God that was a long day...
[19:25] <HAL> Tomorow will be short
[19:25] <HAL> er
[19:25] <Johnno> just so you know, Hal, I'm going to incinerate the kidney instead of giving it to you
[19:26] <Oreo|dinner> meatbags?
[19:26] <HAL> No... I wouldnt advise that...
[19:26] <HAL> Hk-47, KOTOR
[19:26] <Oreo|dinner> ?
[19:26] <Mikeus> Blow me out the bloody airlock! Geez, can't a guy die the way he wants to?
[19:26] <Johnno> i refuse to assist you in obtaining sadistic pleasure
[19:27] <Johnno> besides, in this case, medical procedure demands it
[19:27] <Johnno> ...
[19:27] <Johnno> shit, now everyone's gunna think i killed him...
[19:27] * Oreo|dinner thinks hal will scream "LYNCH!"
[19:29] <Orrandean> What were the chances I decided to check on the game now.
[19:31] <Johnno> dibs on performing the executions!
[19:31] <Johnno> death by lethal injection
[19:31] * Adamus hopes that'll work.
[19:32] <Johnno> a mixture of powdered hemlock leaves, sulphur and tiger-snake venom
[19:32] <Adamus> Eh.
[19:32] <Johnno> and if that don't work, i dunno what will
[19:33] <Adamus> I remember a better poison... Kills within a couple hours, leaves no trace. Industrial. Just can't remember the name.
[19:33] <Johnno> pfft, who needs something untraceable when you all know I dun it?
[19:33] <Johnno> besides, tiger-snake venom acts real fast
[19:33] <Adamus> I know.
[19:33] <Lulu> Best death ever!
[19:34] * Mikeus has left #werewolf-ooc
[19:34] <Johnno> HAL! you disgusting freak!
[19:35] * Lulu snuggles hal.
[19:35] <Oreo|dinner> son of a macintosh?
[19:35] <Lulu> Just noticed Hal sorta sounds like howl :p
[19:35] <Johnno> heheh
[19:35] <Oreo|dinner> hal, that was a compliment to be called a mac
[19:36] <Johnno> i know how to deal with sentient computers
[19:38] <Orrandean> Stupid computer.
[19:38] <Oreo|dinner> you son of a ............. windows 3.1
[19:38] * Orrandean goes back in time and kills all the nerds that made a sentient computer.
[19:38] <Oreo|dinner> ow
[19:42] <Oreo|dinner> or the wolf
[19:42] <Lulu> :p
[19:48] <Oreo|dinner> hehehe
[19:48] <Johnno> god, X
[19:48] <Orrandean> Dunno about that mix
[19:49] <Johnno> that's twice you've done that
[19:49] <HAL> Thrice actually
[19:49] <Johnno> ...when was the other time?
[19:49] <Zach> Err, the super-saint IS killed by the lynching.
[19:49] <Orrandean> Both dies
[19:50] <Orrandean> Uber is out as well.
[19:51] <Johnno> aye, the supersaint dies too
[19:51] <Johnno> During the day, anyone can claim to be the Super- saint at any time (including the Super-saint themselves), but this might expose them to the werewolf, so they generally dont claim it except to save themselves from a lynching. If the Super-saint is accused, convicted and lynched, they reveal themselves with a beatific flash. Everyone is then horrified and the Accuser is immediately lynched. The Accuser could be another Citizen,
[19:51] <Johnno> the saint is only revealed if he is lynched
[19:52] <HAL> The wolves often choose to kill the saint next
[19:52] <Johnno> i suppose...
[19:53] <Orrandean> That would be awfully stupid to target the supersaint
[19:53] <HAL> not really...
[19:53] <HAL> he cant be pinned blame on in lynchings..
[19:54] <Orrandean> He already used up his ability. And since people know him to be a regular villager w/o remaining powers, the wolves should target another
[19:54] <Orrandean> Another that may be more of a threat to the remaining wolves
[19:54] <HAL> Nope its permanant
[19:54] <HAL> He cant be lyncheded
[19:55] <Johnno> but, he can be killed during the night without repercussion
[19:55] <Oreo|dinner> and you could start a domino w/ him
[19:55] <Johnno> Hal, do us a favour?
[19:55] <Johnno> no more disturbing images... please?
[19:55] <Oreo|dinner> suggest he is the wolf, and get that person to nominate him, and BOOM!
[19:56] <Orrandean> He isn't wolf Orea
[19:56] <Johnno> i thought you said they usually target the super-saint?!
[19:56] <Orrandean> There isn't a Wolf/Supersaint combo and since he revealed himself no one will nominate him
[19:57] <Johnno> ;_;
[19:57] <Lulu> John, they can choose not too >_>
[19:57] <Johnno> me dead...
[19:57] <Adamus> Sweet.
[19:57] <Adamus> We win today
[19:57] <Oreo|dinner> i know, but you can do that another timr
[19:57] <Adamus> Wait, NVM
[19:57] <Orrandean> Wolf/Supersaint is invincible Orea
[19:57] <Adamus> I missed Lulu in my count
[19:58] <Lulu> ??
[19:58] <Adamus> 3 people left.
[19:58] <Johnno> so, where and how did I die?
[19:58] <Adamus> You, Zach, and Durroth
[19:58] <Lulu> Yea, thats why I don't liek being modded :p
[19:58] <Oreo|dinner> on has to die
[19:58] <Lulu> And yourself?
[19:58] <Zach> I count six remaining...
[19:58] <Zach> Four humans.
[19:59] <Zach> ...assuming only humans have died.
[19:59] <Lulu> A wolf could have died yesterday though.
[19:59] <Adamus> 3 left unaccounted.
[19:59] <Adamus> I'm not...
[19:59] <Adamus> Orran isn't. Neither is Tim.
[19:59] <Johnno> oi, Lu, remember that i asked you to help clean up the infirmary a couple days ago
[20:00] <Oreo|dinner> oh great hal, count it but only you see the "pretty" stuff
[20:00] <Johnno> place is stil somewhat of a mess
[20:01] <Orrandean> Poison slushies
[20:01] <Adamus> ...
[20:01] <Lulu> :o
[20:01] <Lulu> I sweat! I did not use rat poison as an ingredient.
[20:01] <Lulu> swear*
[20:01] <Johnno> dammit... you guys should have let me live... I have various antidotes
[20:02] <Zach> Sweat in our slushies, eh?!
[20:02] <Lulu> :X
[20:02] <Lulu> You caoght me!
[20:02] <Lulu> caught*
[20:02] <Johnno> ohhh... shit! I'm a slushie ingredient, aren't I?
[20:02] <Orrandean> I don't want to know which part I drank
[20:03] <Oreo|dinner> ew, hal, you are so demented
[20:03] <Johnno> HAL, you evil piece of shit!
[20:03] <Zach> XD
[20:03] <Johnno> I pity the surviving crew...
[20:04] <Johnno> somebody... reprogram Hal with an axe for me... please?
[20:05] <Oreo|dinner> oh great
[20:05] <Johnno> the axe I had is in the infirmary... somebody... please...?
[20:05] <Oreo|dinner> sadistic computer
[20:06] <Johnno> get the axe. take axe to Hal's central unit. smash central unit with axe. plain and simple
[20:06] <Oreo|dinner> hey, hals a computer
[20:06] <Oreo|dinner> not a bot
[20:07] <Johnno> go, Zach, go!
[20:08] <Oreo|dinner> hal awards, remember
[20:08] <Johnno> Hal awards: presented to the most sadistic of moderators
[20:08] <Lulu> Hehe
[20:08] <HAL> The Hal(X) awards
[20:09] <Lulu> I think it's great ^_^
[20:09] <HAL> I deserve one now
[20:09] <Oreo|dinner> id rather fall into dev/null/..........
[20:09] <Johnno> definitely
[20:09] <HAL> Give me an X award for being sick and sadistic
[20:09] <Oreo|dinner> than play w/ this sad computer
[20:10] <Oreo|dinner> ill work on that tonight.........
[20:16] <Adamus> I'm just gonna shoot someone.
[20:16] <Johnno> shoot Hal
[20:16] <Adamus> That way, with a lynching, we know who are the WOLFs
[20:16] <Orrandean> I say we let Durroth and Zach fight to the death gladiator style
[20:17] <Orrandean> The we shoot the victor
[20:17] <Orrandean> Win-win XD
[20:18] <Adamus> That's merely plot.
[20:18] <Adamus> Now the actual shot.
[20:20] * Adamus actual does flip a quarter
[20:22] <Oreo|dinner>
[20:23] <Oreo|dinner> im not good at this, but HAL deserved it
[20:24] <Oreo|dinner> who likes it?
[20:25] <Zach> Well, safe to say it now...
[20:25] <Zach> You have me to blame for the camera sodomy and the slushies.
[20:25] <Zach> >:D
[20:25] * Johnno lynches Zach
[20:25] <Lulu> Damn you :D
[20:25] <HAL> Btu I was the one who took the mso far
[20:25] <Oreo|dinner> ?
[20:25] <HAL> Like having the camera running as it traveled up and away... or the slushies parts
[20:25] <HAL> And Hal was great
[20:27] <Zach> <Zach> Meat grinder, Lulu makes slushies for everyone, which secretly contain bits of Johnno. Lulu was unaware, and so are the crewmates until they drink it.
[20:27] <Zach> <Zach> "Say, this tastes bizarre."
[20:27] <Zach> <Zach> "Hay, war be Johnno?"
[20:27] <Zach> <Zach> "Oh shiz! An eyeball!"
[20:27] <Zach> >:D
[20:27] <HAL> I was the one who thought of Hal fantasizing of wearing Lulu's skin..
[20:27] <Zach> Though I concede, the execution was impressive.
[20:27] * Lulu shudders
[20:28] <Orrandean> Yay, Lulu's skin
[20:29] <Oreo|dinner> you sad
[20:29] <Orrandean> Lulu's Skin ftw
[20:29] * Johnno shoves Zach up against HAL's central unit and goes to work on him with an axe
[20:29] * Lulu is sickened...
[20:29] <Johnno> hey, Lu, wanna help me chop him into little bits?
[20:29] <Lulu> No...
[20:30] <Johnno> aww, why not?
[20:30] <Lulu> "they are pussy"?
[20:30] <Johnno> revenge is sweet...
[20:30] <Oreo|dinner> updated it
[20:31] <Oreo|dinner> not a smart move..........
[20:31] <Johnno> LULU! defend yourself with my axe!
[20:32] <HAL> Defend yourself with your a�ss�? Aw, you be sick
[20:32] <Oreo|dinner> check the page now
[20:32] <Johnno> i said axe, you piece of shit
[20:32] <Lulu> :p
[20:33] <Adamus> We won!
[20:33] <Orrandean> Werehamster!
[20:33] <Orrandean> Lulu won
[20:33] <Oreo|dinner> ya sick, hal
[20:33] <Johnno> Lu! were you a werehamster?
[20:33] <Lulu> No..
[20:33] <Lulu> I'm not a werehamster..
[20:33] <Orrandean> YAy!
[20:34] <Orrandean> I don't consider that winning.
[20:34] <Lulu> >_>
[20:34] <Orrandean> X won
[20:34] <Orrandean> X SUCKS!
[20:34] <Johnno> my little secret: I was a terrorist on that ship!
[20:34] <Johnno> and I left a little present...
[20:35] <Johnno> i left a nice little explosive next to HAL's central unit
[20:35] <Lulu> This is fun >_>
[20:35] <Orrandean> And X misquoting a song
[20:35] <Orrandean> X SUCKS! lol
[20:35] * Orrandean is now known as xaxtoo|hw
[20:36] * xaxtoo|hw has left #werewolf-ooc
[20:36] * HAL is now known as X
[20:37] * Adamus has quit IRC (Distracted: �)
[20:44] <X>
[20:44] <X> read that... Youll fancy me mad
[20:44] <X> BTW it WASNT Zachs idea for the water pipe
[20:46] <Zach> Yeah, that was X.
[20:47] <Zach> He wanted to do it to Mikeus.
[20:47] <X> FIZ IT
[20:47] <Zach> I opted for slushies.
[20:47] <Lulu> o.o
[20:47] <Oreo|dinner> check it now
[20:47] * Johnno smashes X with a mattock
[20:47] <Lulu> X, your making my Slush obsession, a public obsession ;_;
[20:48] <Zach> Link meh.
[20:48] <Oreo|dinner>
[20:48] <Oreo|dinner> youll love it
[20:48] * Johnno is now known as Johnno|Civ3
[20:48] <Oreo|dinner> :)
[20:49] <X> :D
[20:49] <X> Im uploading a log tommorwo
[20:49] <Oreo|dinner> ive got it
[20:49] <Oreo|dinner> wait
[20:51] <Oreo|dinner> everyone, do NOT speak
[20:51] <Oreo|dinner> itll mess up the log
[20:52] * X has quit IRC (Ping timeout�)
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[20:53] <Oreo|dinner> now you may speak
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