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Outages: When Brassgoggles becomes hard to access

Quite a catastrophic situation indeed!

[edit] Keep calm & carry on

It is important not to panic or despair in the event of an outage - there is hope, even if it does appear a bit grim at first. It is advisable to either use your time to work on a new & wonderful project, finish an old project thats been hanging around for months/years or follow the emergency procedure.

[edit] Emergency Procedure

  1. Brew yourself a cup of tea, have some chocolate &/or biscuits - this is essential.
  2. Find out what the situation is - There are various places to do this, listed at the end of the page. Remember, it may prove to be only a minor outage, in which case the rest of the emergency procedure will not be needed.
  3. If the outage continues, more regular users may experience withdrawal symptoms - in this case it is best to start a project to take your mind off the situation. Alternately sites such as sparegoggles provide a fill in forum until B.G. is up & running again. in extreme cases of withdrawal it is advised that both options are taken.

[edit] Links of note

These sites may well provide information when an outage occurs

  • http: //steampunkworkshop.com/ - more detailed info, but only for major outages
  • http: //sparegoggles.forumotion.net/ - Also provides a temporary forum.
  • http: //www.new.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2250050386&ref=ts requires login - but guaranteed to have something.
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