Dr. Oliver Cross

From Brass Goggles

Name: Dr. Oliver David Cross Age: 27 Nationality: American, born in Oregon City. Biography: Born to William and Rebecca Cross in 1848, conceived on the Oregon Trail and born upon the family's arrival in Oregon City. Nurtured almost from birth on the stories coming out of the East via Mr. Pittock's Daily Oregonian newspaper, Oliver realized he was living on the wrong end of the Trail at a very young age. As soon as the Transcontinental Railroad reached Portland in 1871, he sold his belongings and his shop, boarded a train back East, and has never looked back. Having apprenticed with the first clockmaker in Oregon Territory, (and, after learning all the secrets of, killing him so as to prevent competition [the police suspected 'twas him, but the clockwork bomb was simply too powerful, destroying all evidence), the young Mr. Cross brought a wealth of knowledge with him back to the Old Colonies. Studying for first a batchelorate and later a doctorate at Boston's famed Harvard University was the work of barely a year, so bright a learner was the newly-minted Doctor, the young man realized that not even the great cities of the East were large enough to provide him with the research opportunites that London would. So, for the second time in his life, Dr. Cross sold everything he had and headed East, this time to the Imperial Capital, there to make his mark in the scientific world. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, he is slowly but surely doing exactly that, as unlike so many brilliant researchers and inventors, Dr. Cross has no moral qualms about... well, about anything. Indeed, the Metropolitan Police are currently looking into why so many prostitutes, beggars, and other undesirables are suddenly vanishing in the Camden Town area....

Physical Appearance: Handsome, if somewhat overweight, the young Doctor wears his brown hair neat, and dresses in a coat, vest, powder blue shirt, and red cravat nearly all the time, as well as a pair of brass goggles and enlarging lenses that seem the affectations of so many clockworksmen in the modern age. He keeps a brown beard and moustache, in the stile known as a goatee, as well as wearing a pocketwatch he intentionally keeps broken so as to have a watch on hand to practice on should business and research both draw slow at the same time.

Oliver's current activites can be found in Steam London.

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