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This version of Ben 10verse Pedia has been moved because of the lack of image space. We have uploaded to many images and now we have run out of space for more. To get around this problem we have utilized another wiki site that due to its unique nature applying pictures it has more space, as well as many other unique features. However, it is much more complicated and has a lack of categories. I am still learning how to use it and I will be transferring all of the articles from here to there which will take me about a few weeks to finish. Please be patient and wait until we finish moving to our new wiki since it could be blank for a while. If you don't find what you where looking for in the new wiki, please search here if it's not there. If the page doesn't exist anymore, the chances are is that it has been transfered already. Here is the link to our new wiki: The New Ben 10verse Pedia.

This also means that we will not be updating or adding any new information for a while, until the new site is up and running and all the information is succesfully transfered we will update with new information. Rest assured I the Admin, am writing down and recording information regarding the show and things trying to keep up. As well as creating new pages from things that have been seen in episodes that we have long watched.

However, a note of advice. I am extremely slow on information regarding Alien Force. While I am trying to keep up with all the new information it is taking a back seat to transferring information. Which has proven to be more difficult than previously speculated, meaning it will take longer that originally suspected.

Welcome to Ben 10verse Pedia,
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We are currently working on 188 articles,we have 159 images, and we have 18 members.

Beware! This wiki contains Spoilers. Read at your own risk.

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Main Deal

I created the WikiTrix. If you do not believe then you don't have to. But I created it. And I lost the password so for a long while I just kind of abandoned it. But last night I told myself that I was going to create another one. That would be completely and utterly even perfecter. So please help add to this one. And always remember WikiTrix.

Content Policies and Terms of Agreement

Since Ben 10verse Pedia... isn't that large yet, by users not content, there really is no need for any formal rules. But once people begin to add more and more information, please be aware that I will be adding rules and regulations here:
Content Policy, Image Policy, and Membership Policy.


The forums are here: Ben 10verse Pedia Forums


For all of us adoring fans. There is now a fanon wiki site for Ben 10. You can add any information that you came up with or thought about for all of us to see. So have fun at the Ben 10 Fan-Pedia

Featured Article

The months featured article is the article Wildvine.
The Florauna Wildvine.
Wildvine is an Omnitrix alien. He is of the Florauna species from the planet Flors Verdance. He is a plant-like alien and has several plant related abilities including, his need for sunlight. Wildvine also has regrowable seed bombs on his back, the bombs can be launched and they can explode with several different effects, the most common effect that Ben uses is the explosives. The seed bomb explodes with disatrous results for the enemy. Wildvine can also sprout thorns that are razor sharp from any point of his body, making the enemy have to stay at a distance from him, but even if they do that he can just grow to incredible lengths to attack..... READ MORE

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Featured Contributor

The featured Contributor of the month is... UserQQQQ. They are the featured contributor for attempting to create an infobox template for the Omnitrix aliens. And when its done, i'm sure it will look fabulous. So lets all give them a round of applause.

For other months featured contributors please see: Featured Contributor Archive.

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