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People in Hell

[edit] First Steps

  1. An administrative user has already been created for you with all rights over this wiki. You should first log in using
    Username: admin
    Password: changeme
  2. Click on my preferences and change the admin password. Critical: If you don't do this, other users can take over your wiki.
  3. Click on the Control Panel link under " tools" in on the left hand side of this page. From here you can set the Logo Image for your wiki that appears in the upper left of all pages.

[edit] Optional Secondary Steps

  1. Add your wiki to the Categorized List of Wikis
  2. Promote your wiki by posting to your favorite social networks
  3. Create another user with a more personalized username (first log out, then click create an account).
  4. Join the News Group
  5. Edit this page and replace it's content with something more interesting for new visitors.
  6. Read How to make a successful wiki
  7. Read the Help Page
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