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La Révolution was started June 11th, 2007 by inuyashafan213 as the second coming of the AD Fanfic. The first AD Fanfic was The Cilliad, which was written by inufan213 and contained 73 chapters across many arcs. For La Révolution, inufan213 decided that the AD regulars would write the continuations of the story. This happened since inufan213 just didn't have the time to continue the story and the AD regulars wanted it their way... though they weren't even in Burger King...

After a four-year hiatus during which AD kind of developed ADD and stopped caring about writing or reading fanfic chapters, Cille decided to resurrect LaRev and give it the proper ending it always deserved. Of course she still gets ADDish about writing, so the full ending might take a while, but at least there's stuff happening.

The Old Website

The website for La Révolution was launched June 29th, 2007. HeeroYuy135 gets the credit for the idea of the website, and mgangel1124 gets the credit for the creation of the website.

Here's the website, yo.

The New Website

"But wait," I hear you cry, "the boards don't exist anymore, and that website link up there is asking me to install Flash which also doesn't exist anymore, and it would be super outdated even if it did load properly. How shall I ever keep up with the ongoing adventures of my favorite ADer-based characters??!?11?"

Fear not, loyal reader, for there is a new website!


Cille made it and updates it when she writes a new chapter, and it looks pretty slick if she does say so herself.

You can pretty much ignore any of the other links on this wiki if they go to the board, since Cille doesn't feel like deleting them cuz nostalgia and it would take effort and stuff.

The Plot

The story takes place in Actonia in the capital city of Orly. There's a revolution going on and stuff.

La Révolution centers around the lives of the citizens governed by a tyranical Head Governor named Michelle Ozzal and the revolution that is planned to bring justice back to all of Actonia and liberate it from Ozzal's control.

List of Chapters w/ Summaries

Main article: List of chapters in La Revolution

Side Chapters, aka Holy Shit! It's a fanfic of the fanfic!

The mini-series event of the century! ... that came about because of further boredom... matter of fact, this entire section came about because of boredom. >:3

Lament and Fruition: A History Between the Head Agents of the Echelon by Kagomes_Luver2789

Author/Chapter Count

This section displays all the authors that have taken part in La Révolution.

Author # of Chapters Done
inuyashafan213 2
mgangel1124 2.5
HeeroYuy135 3
FurionTassadar 3
Kohikki 3
pierrot-le-fou 3
matrixman124 2
k_dawg_3484 1
Cille a bunch
SportsMaster 3
LAZY17 1
Myname 1
PokeNirvash 1
Shuya_Nanahara 1
namek_kaia 2
anime_goddess05 1
yupat 1
MasterSamson 3
jakobtheliar12 1
fool_on_the_hill 2
_Boxers_ .5


Main article: List of characters in La Revolution

Side article: VAs for the characters and info


The Blacken Syndicate A revolutionary group created by Landon Blaken after his parents were killed by the Actionia military for protesting against Ozzal's unjust laws. The Syndicate consists of a menagerie of people (mainly AD board members) who share a similar hatred for Ozzal and the corrupt Actionia government. It is assumed that their eventual goal is the overthrow of Ozzal and the creation of a fairer government. Now, if only they could get their act together. Oh, and according to a chapter by mgangel, they disguise themselves in Mardi Gras outfits, but this has yet to actually happen in a chapter....
Actonia Military Actonia's military is loyal to Ozzal, who rose to power through its ranks.
The Echelon A secret organization created by Ozzal to serve as a sort of special ops/secret police. They receive their orders from Ozzal's advisor Goda and are led by Zeus and Kay El. Echelon agents tend to either work by themselves, in pairs, or with a contingent of Actionia soldiers. Ozzal's hold over the Echelon has grown more tenuous, especially since Goda has revealed himself as a double agent working for the Order of Iron. The group is essentially wiped out after taking heavy casualties and then being disbanded by Ozzal.
The Order of Glass The obligatory mysterious third organization. Whereas the Syndicate are technically the good guys, and the Echelon/Actionia government are the bad guys, the Order is meant to be the group that exists between the two, with questionable motives and methods of operation. "Ends justify the means" kind of people. Fortunately, they don't seem to like Ozzal all that much, and many of the members operating in Actionia are sympathetic to the Syndicate's cause. Eventually the escalating crisis leads the group to officially join forces with the Syndicate. Their sole source of identification are their glass crosses, which they wear around their necks.
The Order of Iron The rival organization of the Order of Glass. They want to take over the world, and are generally eeeevil.
The Cool Mexicanos A shady organization led by Da Sombras and Landon Blaken to serve their shady ends, which include finding the secret to eternal life. They have a zeppelin and are eeeeeeevil.
Orly Police The Orly police force is technically under Ozzal's jurisdiction... but that doesn't stop them from doing their own investigations.
The Enigma Eight Also known as the Flying Smiley Indifferents. A group of mercenaries wanted by practically every nation across the globe. Its sole goal is the advancement of power and prestige of its individual members. They are recruited by Ozzal to take care of the more troublesome citizens of Actonia.
The GAR Street Bar Regulars The patrons of a popular bar, known for its frequent fights and general overwhelming aura of manliness. They join up with the Syndicate after a rousing speech given by Kamina.


Location Reference Description
Actonia Action Discussion folder Actonia serves as the country of the main setting so far in "La Revolution." Its capital city (and the only major city left in the country since Ozzal came to power) is Orly. The areas of the country outside of Orly are known as Lower Actonia. (Some authors have erroneously used Lower Actonia to refer to the non-downtown parts of Orly.)
Comedia Comedy Discussion folder It is the sister nation of Actonia, as well as the former home of Luna Monegossde. However, there are hints of a rivalry between the two nations, and some in each country would like to see them break their ties. The capital city is Croffordson, formerly known as Comlaeha.
Comdot Estate folder The "White House" of Actonia; the residence of the Head Governor of Actonia. A large and imposing building in the center of Orly. It contains a prison where particularly dangerous political prisoners are held.
Trunks' Pub and Dance Dance Revolution Hut Trunks' series of Watching the Anime Block Experiment threads Meeting place of the revolutionary group. Closed many times due to fire safety violations. Is destroyed when the Echelon goes all medieval on Syndicate hangouts.
Babblstan Babbling folder A country that borders Actonia. Despite their lack of technology, the citizens are very patriotic. The future Head Governor Ozzal began a war with Babblstan 13 years ago as a military commander. This is also where the freelance snipers, Heero and Riza, lived.
Gunsmoke Inc. Gunsmoke Inc. threads Meeting place of the seemingly smaller Syndicate branch. Most of whom turned out to be members of the Order of Glass. The bar was pretty well gutted during the mass arrests of Syndicate members.
Rantonia Rants folder Rantonia is a nation currently at war with Actonia. It is nearing defeat, but not as quickly as Ozzal would like. Homeland of Shipon Kaaba. Has large amounts of radiation. The capital city is Zomg.
Land of the Rising Big Red Dot Japan Only a few people know where this is, but an awful lot seems to happen there.
Land of the Stars and Stripes USA Haven of professional sports and reality television.
France France Hikki's homeland.
Great Britain Great Britain Where Hill and November 11 come from.
Harry's Witch Hunter Robin A restaurant across town from Cille's apartment. She is stood up after being summoned here by a note she finds in a tiger lily bouquet left in her front hall.
Williams Street Manor Williams Street Culture folder The "White House" of Comedia; residence of the head governor of Comedia.
Toonamia Toonami Origin of Kaia, who was once part of the Order of Glass division there. This division seemingly wants immigrants from the Land of the Rising Big Red Dot to not be treated in a childish manner like most other citizens.
Cartoonia Cartoon Network An area of the La Revolution world not yet involved with the current events. Referenced by DangerCille as being taken over by Ozzal in the future.
The Cave of Wonders Incoherent Babbling The Hide-out of the Super hero duo "WINBACK & The Inquisitor."
GAR Street Bar N/A A den of utter manliness where only the baddest dudes (and dudettes!) hang out, drink, and fight with each other.
Enbeforlocke Woods N/A Forest on the outskirts of Orly where the Syndicate's new bunker headquarters is located.
Wacdnald's InuYasha Fast food joint where Kay El picks up some burgers.
Land of the Sacred Cows India Rakshata Chawla's homeland.


[as] anime

  • ray=out Magazine (series of origin: Eureka 7)
  • Karabiner 98k = The rifle Heero and Riza use is the same WWII-era rifle Charles Beams used - only difference is that Heero and Riza's rifle has an attached scope which can be removed. (series of origin: Eureka 7)
  • The fate of Raef's parents may be considered a reference to Winry's parents in Fullmetal Alchemist.
  • Vespa and Guitar = Owned by Shipon. The guitar was originally Emiri's. (series of Origin: FLCL)
  • The Diclonus Immigration = The incident where Actionia wouldn't allow the Diclonus in because of the anti-streaking laws. This parodies the incident where Kim Manning wanted [as] to pick up Elfen Lied, but the severe editing would make it unintelligible, causing Manning to decline the offer.
  • Limited Edition Ultra Super Spicy taquitos = A reference similar to the "super spicy curry" that Haruko fed Naota (Ta-kun) when Ninamori came over in FLCL.
  • Love Hotels Make More Than Anime = Refers to an article on ANN where it was stated that Love Hotels make twice as much money as anime in Japan.
  • Mateba revolver = The type of firearm used by Togusa in Ghost in the Shell.
  • "You have to be like water" = Spike's fighting philosophy in Cowboy Bebop.
  • "To catch a fish, you have to think like a fish" = advice given to Jin by a wacky fisherman dude in Samurai Champloo.

Other anime

  • Four-Hands = a nickname coined by Heero and Riza for their twin-wielding abilities. Originates from the anime Black Lagoon, where the main character's nickname (Revy) is "Two-Hands."
  • Trunks' Pub shootout in Ch. 9 = another homage to Black Lagoon and the shootout in the first episode at the Yellow Flag Bar.
  • Proxy = A term used to describe a being in the series Ergo Proxy.
  • OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!! = An anime spectacle said by Vegeta (Series of Origin: DBZ)
  • Diclonus = species of mutant from Elfen Lied.
  • "Oh, jou sir, are tres beau, like a prince!" and "I think he has you confused for your brother, Tamaki-chan." = References to Tamaki (referred to as a lonely prince) from Ouran High School Host Club.
  • Strawberry Sundaes = Favorite food (along with pizza without olives) of Dante in Devil May Cry.
  • The Bird of Spamming is my name, devour my spam to make me sane. = Reference to the inscription on the vampire Alucard's coffin in the anime series Hellsing.

Pop Culture

  • Batman wannabe = Reference to Roger Smith of Big O, Keith's most commonly assigned IA agent
  • The Legend of the Superfriends announcer = This announcer lends his voice while introducing The Inquisitor and WINBACK

Video Games

  • DDR = A game that makes people think they can dance, when they really can't... The most popular game in Trunks's pub. Is currently trashed. Trunks is waiting for an imported one to come in.


  • KOTOKO = A very famous J-POP singer. Orochi really likes him.
  • Avril Lavigne = A "crappy chick-rock singer" whose name is remarkably similar to what Hikki calls April.
  • "cantate domino, canticum nouvum laus e jus en ecclesia sanctorum, en ecclesia sanctorum" = Latin lyrics to the song "Cantate Domino" ("O Sing Ye to the Lord"), also called "Psalm 98". Roxie sings it as Solomon plays for her in chapter 25.


  • Quentin Tarantino = An American film director, actor, and screenwriter. He rose to fame in the early 1990s as an auteur indie filmmaker whose films used postmodern nonlinear storylines, and stylized violence interwoven with often-obscure cinematic references. His films include Reservoir Dogs (1992), Pulp Fiction (1994), Jackie Brown (1997), Kill Bill (Vol. 1 2003, Vol. 2 2004) and Death Proof featured in Grindhouse (2007). Makes a cameo in Ch. 10 as a passerby that pukes after seeing Heero's dismembered body en route to visit a fan at Trunks' Pub to tell him to stop sending him fanmail.
  • Black Pearl = A ship that Captain Yemman and Captain Edward T. Panda commanded in a flashback, which appears to be destroyed now. A reference to Jack Sparrow's ship in "Pirates of the Caribbean."
  • Shooter = Quatre Winner's character mirrors that of FBI Agent Nick Memphis. Both characters uncover a government conspiracy and face an uphill battle to seek the truth.
  • The Matrix = Referenced in a scene in Chapter 21.
  • Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back = Referenced in Chapter 27.


  • Jean Valjean = The protagonist of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables set during the French Revolution. Valjean is a convicted theif who escapes from prison and begins his life anew as a changed man under the alias Father Madeleine. In La Revolution, Father Sadar mentions to Samson that he is a theif escaped from prison who has started a life anew, just like Valjean.
  • The Count of Monte Cristo = Emiri is mentioned reading this book by Alexander Dumas in Chapter 10 of La Revolution and is later overheard by Samson and Sadar roleplaying a scene in the book with Kira as Edmond Dantes, Dumas' main character, and herself as Mercedes, Edmond's love interest.
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Emmuska Orczy = The book that Cille finds in Ghost's Book Shop. Also, the early relationship between Landon and Cille is reminiscent of the courtship of Percy and Marguerite. (At least the actual Cille thinks so.)


  • Dragon's Teeth = Refers, obviously, to the teeth of the fearsome mythological beast. However, Furion also read a book once where a dragon died and his teeth fell out and became soldiers that took revenge on the people that killed it....


  • "JESUS OF NAZARETH!!" = An exclamation made by Ozzal while waiting for taquitos. More than likely a reference to the Jesus in the Christian Bible.

Inufan213's Unglorified Departure

I didn't really say good-bye without explaining myself. I just grew so stressed with the boards in relation to my personal life; I didn't realize that I was doing so bad with my studies last year, and I can partly attribute the cause of my poor marks and my inability to focus to nothing other than the ASMB. This is my final year of high school, and I don't want to get f'ed up right at the end of my run. A year of straight A's is all I want, and I can't have any distractions. :(

So, since you guys were probably my best friends, I feel bad having left you so soon, I was just having a nervous breakdown and needed to end it. I know you guys will grow to forget I existed eventually, but I still know you guys are great people. You made my experience on the boards worthwile and, actually, I learned so many valuable things from you guys.

It was great run, you guys.

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