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Welcome to the Blades of the Apocalypse Wiki. Blades of the Apocalypse is an online RP fantasy site. You can find information on timelines, characters, major events, and planes of existence here. Feel free to page through the wiki, and the site, of course!

Blades of the Apocalypse =-=

[edit] Present Day: 8008 AV

A week has passed since the battle with Baalaose, a conflict which shook the planet of Etrah to its very core. His defeat left an unimaginable wake of carnage, resulting in the deaths of many powerful beings.

However, the fall of Baalaose had only secured peace for a very short while. A strong and influential group from another plane, with technology advanced far beyond anything on Etrah, has taken it upon themselves to police the universe. they have finally taken notice of the cosmic unrest within, and caused by, Etrah.

Using their technology, which includes means of planar travel and the ability to collapse entire planes of existence into the Non-plane, this Inter-dimensional Police Department has begun their investigation of the Etrahn plane.

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