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So I'm trying to put all my fanfic links here.

there's a lot of way to get to a story. You can know the author's site, you can get links on a fanlist, there's a lot of place you can publish your stories like archives and, of course, there's blogsites and the alike where people publish not only their entries but also their writting.

I don't think I'm going to archive any, not at the moment, but I want to make reviews, categories and information. Something like Story, author, categories and sites where you can find it. And it would be probably usefull same thing about the authors: stile, categories they usually write... so on. Will I get people to give me that kind of information too, as not ever have to read anything I'm not in the mood? don't know if thats even good any way.

By the way my english sucks, I know it, my spanish too and thats worse, as that's what I'm supose to talk ;)

You could beguin going to category|categories, or not.

Wiki successfully set up. So I'm moving the authomatic page here

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