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[edit] System One

[edit] Felicatia

Home of the Alicats, located in System One

[edit] Mrey

Home of the Aliroos, located at the heart of System One.

[edit] Lorn Holloc

Home of the Qwas. An ex-meteor.

[edit] Kadith Space

[edit] Katrees

Kadith homeworld (destroyed)

[edit] Lylat

Star system near Kadith solar system.

[edit] Corneria

[edit] The Other

Stratum existing beyond the Core; historical abode of the Trigoddesses.

[edit] Elsewhere

[edit] Earth

Yeah, it's here... somewhere.

[edit] Pokeworld

Poke-world, as in poke-mon... not as in jabworld.

[edit] World

Home of the pirates, islanders, Jakkali, politicians, etc.

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