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Claudia Abins is a yet undiscovered Majikal rarity. Rare in that her Majik is Cyan - she communicates with water and wind mainly - and undiscovered in that she still lives in relative seclusion at her parents' small tavern. Her father is ridiculously supportive of her and her drunk mother, and is patient beyond belief. Her mother, in contrast, is constantly drunk and borders on verbally abusive, and luckily enough, is also pregnant. Claudia still lives very much inside her own little world/head, and has not really achieved anything of note.

Claudia is quiet and reserved, and does look the part of the dark, reclusive child. She also has very good intentions and likes to help out, though her help almost always ends in more work for the other party as she is incapable of finishing anything that she starts.

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[edit] Random

  • Claudia will often stop talking in the middle of sentences to just stare off distractedly. This is usually due to her listening to elements, but not always.
  • Claudia has a much duller and less saturated color palette than most of Clem's other characters. She also has two different colored socks for unknown reasons.
  • Claudia always wears a long, abstract shaped pendant, but won't tell anyone its significance.

[edit] Secrets

[edit] Powers

Claudia is still untrained in her Majik and doesn't realize that what she can do is that different from anyone else. Especially considering no one has really noticed what she does. This is mainly due to the fact that, at this point, Claudia doesn't particularly control her Majik, she simply sits and listens to the elements (mainly wind and water) rather distractedly.

[edit] Connections

Since she has not yet been introduced to the storyline, Claudia doesn't really know anyone yet.

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