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Zarahemla is the second sim in the Adam ondi Ahman complex, and opened in April 2007. More than half the land area of Zarahemla is dedicated to common areas. Principal builds include:

  • Brother Brigham's, an open-air G-rated dance club on the island's highest hill.
  • The Shops at Zarahemla, the first shopping complex in the Adam ondi Ahman sims.
  • The e.e. cummings center for arts and music (new in July 2007).
  • A possible future location for Brigham Young University-Hawaii.
  • Pioneer Park in the northwest corner of the sim.
  • Former community builds include a community center for island residents adjacent to the public Temple Beach, and the Primlake Amphitheater for live presentations.

In October 2007, significant population shifts opened areas for major redevelopment.

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