Weapons systems

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small-calibre, rapid-fire kinetics guns

These are all automatic weapons that can sustain high rates of fire and fire small solid or explosive shells. They have been specially altered to allow the gunpowder propellant to ignite in a vacuum, or to use a gas or rocket propellant to launch the projectiles at high enough velocity. These are most often used against screencraft or en masse against larger ships' unarmoured areas.

large-calibre kinetic cannon

These are very high-calibre weapons (150mm+) that fire solid shells. The Alexander Nevsky pioneered these weapons by fitting some specially modified ex-naval guns, and the basic layout has not changed in the intervening 200 years. While calibres of up to 1200mm exist, they are rare, because for space combat, smaller weapons are preferred due to the smaller forces the ships is subjected to while firing.

Mass drivers or Railguns

The perfect kinetic penetrator for space combat, these weapons fire a tiny projectile at enormous speeds. The kinetic energy on these projectiles is such that they can puncture almost any armour.

Guided missiles

These are shaped warheads on rockets that can be guided onto their target by painting laser.

Energy weapons

The perfect weapon for space combat, an energy projectile weapon projects a beam that travels at the speed of light. Because of the speed of the projectile and the fact that it is a beam, it is the ultimate in 'point-and-click' weapon. The huge aount of power used to drive these weapons mean that even

Benefits and Drawbacks

Each of these weapons has its problems. The downside of kinetic weapons is that the reaction to firing them pushes the firing ship off course. Often designers mount small retro-rockets on the rear of the turrets that push back against this force a split second after firing, but these are exposed and complex systems, and one engine being knocked out means the entire array must be disabled or risk setting the ship spinning. Energy weapons use incredible amounts of power, and even the largest ship must power down all systems in order to fire a three-second burst. Moreover, the capacitors need substantial recharge times afterwards with the ship still powered-down. Missiles are a good balance, but are limited in numbers by the size of the silos.

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