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All points Bulletin -
Neuostland Military Region -
All Military units -
For the arrest, apprehension or otherwise suppresion of Terrorist Leader Tedesceau '

Bulletin Begins:
Military units in the above region are advised to be on the alert for the Terrorist Leader Tedesceau and to employ any and all means available to eliminate this threat should the opportunity present itself. The attached background file is provided to assist field commanders in combating this threat.

Name: Tedesceau, self styled "Che Tedesceau"

Family: From a line of original german engineering fleet

Appearence: A mixture of the honest german farmer and passionate revolutionary.

Strengths: Charisma, Oratory and militay strategy

Weaknesses: Anger and passion, sympathy for fellow Neuostland folk, lack of political training


Che Tedesceau's history is the history of the rebellion on what was until recently a highly productive farming planet of Neuostland.

The essential increase in taxes levied by Central Command has been used as an excuse by revolutionary forces led by Tedesceau to inflame the planet into a state of almost complete rebellion against Central Command.

The so called rebellion started with ejection of tax collectors, burning of military posts and general civil disobedience. Quite legitimate responses by Central Command to restore order have been hijacked politically by Tedesceau forces, self styled "the Homeland Front", as political stunts to further inflame disorder.

Dissapointingly a large and growing percentage of the uneducated rural population have been influenced by the populist and charismatic terrorist. Until recently, this growing disent did not present a military threat but has resulted in the economy of the planet being rendered increassingly unproductive due to disent and hit and run attack by the Tedesceau forces.

Current Status

Despite attempts to apprehend the terrorist at the recent peace conference, he has fled back to the surface. Any opportunity to apprehend should be taken.


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