Tarakh Garonovich Samsonov

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Samsonov is the General of the Soviet Second Interplanetary Corps, that is nominally part of the Third Extrasolar Fleet.

Destined for Command

Tarakh Garonovich Samsonov was born in the bustling hive of activity that is cosmopolitan Krasnograd. The Martian capital is the largest military cities in the galaxy, and most families have some connection to the Red Fleet or Red Army. Garon Ivanovich Samsonov, Tarakh’s father, was a Colonel in the Maritan Red Army. It was literally beaten into the young Tarakh that he, too, would be a soldier when he came of age.

Trained at the prestigious Krasnograd Red Army Academy, Tarakh demonstrated average tactical ability, however in advanced testing his strategic sense was shown to be near perfect. He was accelerated through officer school and upon graduation he was posted to the 351st Planetary Defence Division as a staff officer. Swift promotions followed, and before long he was commanding the 342nd.

Attracting Official Attention

It was at a routine inspection parade in 2354 that Samsonov was pulled in front of Defense Secretary Reynia Simanova Baguta. She questioned him quite intensely on that first meeting, and told him she had watched his career with interest. Over the next few years, Samsonov was brought before her on several occasions, and grilled intently. Sometimes other officers were present, sometimes not. Promotions often followed these meetings. When General Roman Alexeyevich Garanov declared openly that loyal Red Army generals should form a New Iron Guard for the 'Woman of Iron', Samsonov was among the first recruits. This was in 2364, and Tarakh was commanding the 27th Shipborne Guards Division.

Baguta's Man

Within two months, Garonovich was provided with a new Political Officer, Chemerkova, and promoted to commanding officer of the newly-formed 2nd Interplanetary Corps. He was to complete their training over the next two years and then take ship on the Maxim Gorky and transfer to Chimera. It was here that his rapid climb met trouble. During the invasion of Neuostland he was caught with most of his troops in the bridgehead, and to his chagrin sat out the crisis landlocked by enemy action. As if to compensate, he was overly active during the Arthurian Incursion, pursuing the Lancelot seat's ground troops mercilessly.

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