Second World War

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Third Reich Ascendant

The point at which ACW's history diverges from our own is in late 1942, when Messerschmit began large-scale production of the jet-powered Messerschmit Me262. Large numbers of these aircraft were made available to the Luftwaffe, which gave it the edge in Air superiority. Germany was still deprived of a decent bombing force, but the Allies were simply unable to compete with the speed of the German fighters.

Hiroshima and the Failure of Fat Man

The next divergence from real world politics occurs when Fat Man fails to detonate. Whilst the Allies are acknowledged as having nuclear capability, no one believes it to be a fool proof technology and the Germans believe the allies have run out of plutonium.

This allows the Japanese to stay in the war long enough for German production of Messerschmits to have an impact in Europe.

N2s and Sitzkrieg

Germans finally create their own atomic weapon and test it in 1945 at ?

They quickly equip V2 rockets with the few nuclear warheads they have available and threaten to use it.

With the threat of nuclear assault, neither the Russians nor the English/American forces are particularly keen to launch an offensive. The war degenerates into minor skirmishes and engagements and the first real efforts of negotiating at least a cease fire begin.

Stalin stops at Germany's back door

After suffering greatly from the war Russia is keen to pursue the war to a final bitter conclusion, however it's allies are less enthusiastic. A nuclear detonation on allied soil is not a politically acceptable outcome for the major democracies.

As the American and English assaults slowly grind down to a halt, Russia finds itself increasingly in the attention of the Germans. Russia is forced to halt at (Where? Prague?) and sullenly joins the negotiation table in early 1947.

The Treaty of Yalta: Europe after the War

  • Attended by Russia, the UK, the USA, Germany, and Japan.
  • It is agreed that Germany retains control over all lands currently occupied. This includes Austria, ???
  • The USSR and USA do not get access to German rocket scientists or rocket technology.
  • German museums are well stocked with artwork looted during the war
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