Russian Stationary Assault Generators

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After the shocking speed with which the Russian Third Extrasolar Fleet deployed into Neuostland's cislunar space during the Neuostland Crisis (2), it became apparent that the Russians had somethign new, and it was big.

The device in position past Pluto, that had been identified as Russian by NATO2 observers, was implicated by a massive power expenditure just prior to the Third Fleet's arrival in-system.

Given the designation codename 'sentry' (the s-series codenames for fleet support assets) by NATO2, it has been theorised in the weeks since the attack that the "Russian Stationary Assault Generator" is one of three possibilities: some analysts prefer the idea that it is simply a massive Krasnikov generator, capable of generating a Krasnikov tunnel into massive gravity fields. Another speculation is that it is a cloaking device that somehow generates a field preventing detection of an assaulting fleet. The most alarming suggestions posit the existence of a 'time dilation' generator, which collapses the fleet's movement in time but not in space, meaning after a jump it can get into assault position almost instantly from the defender's point of view. This latter hypothesis is problematic, but if true, places the Russians light-years ahead of the curve in military science once again.

From Panetwebsite "Truth in the Skies" address: pw.truth.sol/soviets

"Look to the skies readers! The Sov's have finally gotten the jump on us all. It seems that they have developped a system of creating a temporary black hole/white hole portal that they can use to shunt ships through in no time and with no energy expenditure. My "contact" on the set' oborony sent me an article that shows the Party Premier giving the Soviet Prize for Military Science to the chief scientist for the project. We had better get something going to defend ourselves or else we will all be speaking Russian by the end of the year."
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