Phineas Carter Franklin

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Phineas Carter Franklin was born obscenely wealthy, and has only increased his family’s wealth in his lifespan. The Franklins, who are not conclusively related to Benjamin Franklin (but claim they are anyway, and who would risk disagreeing with Boston’s richest family?), sit on some of the most important and influential boards in the nation. They have substantial interests in a diverse range of industries, including a seat on the Carlisle Group’s board, major shares in a number of banks, and controlling interests in Pfizer-Monsanto and their own incredibly successful venture, Franklin Orbital Construction incorporated.

Wealthy Origins

As the eldest son of Taylor Murdoch Franklin, the incumbent Franklin patriarch, Phineas was groomed from a young age to succeed in managing the family’s interests. At 16 he was already making managerial decisions for one of the minor Jupiter shipyards of Franklin Orbital. By 18 he had taken over his father’s seat on at least two boards, and began to make a name for himself as a businessman of no mean acumen. At 23 he took over full management of Franklin Orbital, long a testing-ground for young Franklin men, and increased profits 200% in the first year. By 25 he was managing the entire family’s portfolio bar the Carlisle group chair, which was his father’s pet and traditionally the last to be handed from father to son. When his father died in 2332, Phineas easily folded the prestigious and powerful seat into his duties and began to amass wealth at a preposterous rate.

Retirement and Eccentricity

When he turned 60, he left all of the family affairs bar Carlisle to his twin sons, Taylor Junior and Forrest, and retired to the family estate in Massachusetts. Bored of his lavish existence, he began to rove the galaxy on his own, private FTL ship, the Atlantic, visiting the most exotic or dangerous locations he could find, and building a formidable collection of the rare and the wonderful from around the galaxy. He is rumoured to possess some fantastic artefacts, and is known to have a passion for aliens exceecded only by the capacity of his wallet - No price is to high for P C Franklin, and the more potentially exciting, the more he will pay.

Thrill-Seeker Extraordinaire

Every debatable moon, border dispute, Krasnikov Tunnel collapse, gravity storm, Phineas has visited. He craves danger and excitement like he craves the esoteric. However, the Ark Ships have always piqued his interest as the last great quest. He is known to have funded a number of Covenant Keeper sects, in the interest of obtaining any knowledge he could of the ships’ possible whereabouts. He has even funded several deep space jumps with his own FTL ship to scan for signs of the ships, to no avail. It was no surprise then when the Atlantic arrived in New Iowan space mere minutes after the Arthur.

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