Neu Hessen Massacre

From Acw

After the murder of 5 local democracy activists by the GDL appointed administration in the June of 2364, almost the entire population of the Neu Hessen colonial captial, Wiesbadenklein, revolted, killing off the tiny Wermacht force posted in the city.

A GDL strike force was immediately dispatched to Neu Hessen to bring Wiesbadenklein back into line, spearheaded by the 78th Infantry Regiment.

Commanded by Oberstleutnant Gellert Stoss, who took command of the entire regiment following the death of Oberst Helmut Muller, commander of the 78th, during the initial invasion of the city, the 78th proceeded to attack the rebel colonists. The colonists attempted to fight back using what minimal weaponry they had, but had little chance against the battle hardened troops. They retreated with their families deep into the city and prepared to make their last stand.

Rather than engage the colonists in urban warfare, Stoss instead ordered that Wiesbadenklein be bombed from orbit. It is estimated over 20 million died in the initial attack. A further 10 million were killed by Wehrmacht troops sent in to “clean up”. By the time Stoss was finished, every man, woman and child in Wiesbadenklein was dead; over 35 million individuals.

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