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Diemos is the nickname given to a phantom moon seen orbiting Mars, the evil twin of Deimos.



Scientists at the Christopher Columbus observatory, Mexico (UISA) Earth, detect a 3rd object the size of a moon orbiting Mars. And SBE authorities on Deimos are contacted to verify the sighting.

Unfortunately, due to the difference in orbit between the Deimos and the phantom moon, and inter government bureaucracy, an hour elapsed before probes made their way around Mars to look for Diemos.


Since the sudden appearance and disappearance of a stellar body the size of a moon is unlikely the following theories have been postulated:

Readings error

  • The readings taken at Christopher Columbus observatory where incorrect. Due either human error, or a glitch in the telescope computers. Testing of the equipment since had shown no current problems with the system.

Huge spacecraft

  • There is a really huge spacecraft moving round the Sol system, either terrestrial or alien. Since the largest known spacecraft, the Ark Ships, are only 100 km in length there is some doubt about this theory (Deimos is 23,460 km in diameter).

Computer virus

  • A Grossdeutschland computer virus is responsible for the incorrect readings. And the Germans are trying to move the SBE from Deimos so they can have it for themselves.

Space platform

  • That there was a huge 6th Chinese space platform constructed in secret. Since little is known about the Chinese space program some parties hint at this option. Though why do the Chinese need a space platform the size of a moon?
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