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This is a category of pages that were created in error or by accident and need to be deleted. As only Admin can delete pages it has been marked as needing to be deleted.

Note to Admin: Check that these pages have not been marked to be deleted by accident. Maybe they should be redirected rather than deleted. Though pages that are typos probably just need to be deleted.

Marking pages to be deleted

If you have a page that you think needs to be deleted you can mark it for deletion by adding the following template to the page:

{{To be deleted | reason to delete}}

Where you replace the text reason to delete with the reason that you think that the page should be deleted.

Important Note

Make sure that you don't just randomly mark pages for deletion. The Admin will consider the your reason before deleting the page.

Also make sure that all pages that link to the page in question point to the correct place. It may be better to redirect the current page to the new page rather than deleting.

Articles in category "To Be Deleted"

This category contains only the following page.


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