3G - Jul 10, 2367 - The Arthurian's Propaganda

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3G July 10, 2367 (ES)
Truly everything the galaxy really needs to know


Exclusive Exposé on the Arthurians

The Arthurians are here, but who are they?
And what is their agenda?
Learn what you need to protect yourself against unwanted influence.

The men from Mars

The Arthurians were originally from Earth, but they are now more like the men from Mars. Having been left to their own devices for 200 years they have changed their culture and their bodies,which now only superficially resemble our own. Genetic manipulation is rife amongst the Arthurians, a practice we gave up over 150 years ago. Not to mention fusing yourself to a computer.

How can we trust these genetic abominations?
These zombies fused to computers?

Rewriting history

The Arthurians are hacking our computer networks, and changing what we know about them. Today your records may warn you of the dangerous acts they are perpetrating, but tomorrow the records will be rewritten or deleted.

Be vigilant, it is already happening!
Records of the Arthurian Incursion have already been modified to hide the atrocities they have conducted!

Our investigations have uncovered damning evidence of Lancelot Cavanaugh hacking the New Iowa DataNet. According to sources, data repositories were illegally accessed and changed.

Information about child abductions and mind control devices have been changed. These changes bear Arthurian digital finger prints.

Mind Control Coverup

Abducting Children

The Arthurian forces on New Iowa rounded up children, who were then transported to the Arthur for invasive surgery. The Arthurians claim that children were freely given over by their parents, and that the surgery would provide a "greater consciousness".

If you were a parent held at gun point by a band of mercenaries how would you behave?

Adult Mind Control

After a successful campaign of abducting children the Arthurians have moved on to adults. With the aid of the Covenant Keepers cult, the Arthurians are convincing citizens of New Iowa to have devices installed to offer "greater understanding".

Little do they know these implants are mind control devices!
That the Arthurians are subjugating the population in their search for power!

You Will Be Assimilated

The Arthurians have little care for our culture and just want to assimilate us into theirs. Taliesinn, the Arthurian in charge of disseminating propaganda, invited people the see the Arthur so they could "view the culture and society of which they would soon be a part".

No question about it, the Arthurians are intent on installing mind control devices "making independant thought less necessary".

We write this to make our readers aware of current events. Beware of Arthurians bearing gifts.

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