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eltcochic delboc The town shop is run by Tom Nook, and sells a variety of items. Quantity and variety of items changes as the store increases in size. Nook's is open from 8:00 in the morning till 23:00 (11:00pm) at night.

[edit] Store Upgrades

Nook's Cranny- Available from the beginning of the game.
Nook'n Go- The first store upgrade. Becomes available after spending(and/or selling) 25000 bells at Nook's Cranny.
Nookway- Upgraded from Nook'n Go when you have spent(and/or sold) 90000 bells there.
Nookingtons- Upgraded from Nook'n Go after spending(and/or selling) 240000 bells AND a visitor to your town buying at least one item from the shop.

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