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Furniture is one of the main points of Animal Crossing. Furniture is used for decorating your house or trading in for Bells. In your inventory, furniture is represented by a leaf symbol. There are many diferent ways of attaining furniture in Animal Crossing.


[edit] Trees

The most basic and cost efficient is shaking trees. Every day, it is possible to find two pieces of random furniture in your town by shaking non fruit-bearing trees. The locations are random.

[edit] Nook

Another place you can obtain furniture is Nook's shop. As Nook's store enlarges, so also does the ammount of furniture he stocks a day. The rarer the furniture, the more expensive it will be.

[edit] Neighbors

There are multiple ways to obtain furniture from your neighbors. One is by talking to them. Sometimes, they will give you a random piece of furniture. Sending them letters that have gifts attached is a more reliable way. They will always send a letter with a gift back, sometimes with furniture from within their house. If you want something specific they have, try sending them sea shells or garbage, as they will often replace their furniture with your gifts. The last way is when walking by them, they sometimes have an exclamatory mark of their heads, and they will follow you around for a bit. Talk to them and they may ask if you want to buy some furniture. Sometimes they will also give you free furniture.

[edit] Balloon Presents

Sometimes, on the top screen of your DS will come floating by a present carried by a balloon. This always seems to happen on the 4th minute. The time will read XX:X4. If you shoot it down with your slingshot, the present will drop down and you can take it. Be careful when shooting near a body of water, as the present can fall into the water, and becomes unobtainable. After the first balloon present appears, either 20 or 30 minutes afterward another balloon present may appear. Balloon presents can be found from 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM daily.

[edit] Special Events

During holidays where Tortimer can be found outside the town hall, he may be giving out furniture. Also, in Winter, a snowman can be built once a day. If you make him exceptionally well (snowball on bottom as large as possible, head slightly smaller) he will mail you his thanks, along with a piece from the Snowman Series. Special Visitors to your town such as Gulliver and Pascal also give out their own respective series. Finally, accomplishing special tasks (finishing museum, getting high HRA score, etc) nets you a model of something pertaining to what you accomplished (I.E., finishing the museum earns you the Museum model.)


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