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Unmariowiki:Other Stuff

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You can add stuff here that probably doesn't fit in with the rest of the wiki. I.e., if you got fan fics, here's the place. Keep remembering that it has to be Mario related. The talk pages of the main link will be used to critique the "Stuff".

Example Header

  • (enter information about "Stuff" here)
  • (enter link to "Stuff" page here or type Upcoming and, if you have it, the date)
  • (enter creator or creators)
  • (enter whether allow others to edit your project and if unspecified, the author automatically allows others to edit his or her work)
  • (enter some categories/keyowords, so that one can press ctrl+F to search for it)
  • (enter a link to an index if it contains of more than 1 page)

The Game™

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