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Administrators are UnMarioWiki users who have sysop rights.

For a listing of all current sysops, see Special:Listadmins.

Sysops are not imbued with any special authority, and are equal to everyone else in terms of editorial responsibility. Some consider the terms "Sysop" and "Administrator" to be misnomers, as they just indicate users who have had performance - and security-based restrictions on several features lifted because they seemed like trustworthy folks. Sysops should not have power over other users other than applying decisions made by all users.

The community does look to sysops to perform essential housekeeping chores that require the extra access sysops are entrusted with. Among them are keeping an eye on new and changed articles to swiftly delete vandalism, and meeting user requests for help that require sysop access. Since sysops are experienced members of the community, users seeking help will often turn to a sysop for advice and information.

What's different

The Wiki software has a few important features that are restricted. Of those restricted features, sysops have access to the following:

  • Protect and unprotect pages.
  • Directly edit protected pages.
  • Delete pages and their history.
  • View and restore deleted pages and their history.
  • Permanently delete images. This is a non-reversible change: once deleted, always deleted.
  • Revert pages quickly. Note that any user can revert a page to an earlier version, sysops simply have a faster, automated reversion tool to help them revert vandalism.
  • Block IP addresses, IP ranges, and user accounts for a specific time or indefinitely. See the Blocking Policy for more information.
  • Unblock IP addresses, IP ranges, and user accounts.

See Also

Sysops should also see the administrative base category for reference to policies and more.

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