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Mario Hoops 5-on-5

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The sequel to hoops 3-on-3. It was originally called Marro Hoops 7-on-7, but was changed to 5-on-5 even though there are actually 7 people on one team. (Ninten'doh doent know how to count).


Para-Hoopa - Koops' Krazy Katchers

Mario - Mushroom Numbskulls

Luigi - Mushroom Numbskulls

Yoshi - Mushroom Numbskulls

Peach - Mushroom Numbskulls

DK - Mushroom Numbskulls

Daisy - Mushroom Numbskulls

Toad - Mushroom Numbskulls

Wario - Garlic Idiots

Waluigi - Garlic Idiots

Jimmy T. - Garlic Idiots

Mona - Garlic Idiots

WarioLoaf - Garlic Idiots

Evil Guy - Garlic Idiots

Boshi - Garlic Idiots

Tumble Aka Max2 - Best Buds

Dry Bones - Best Buds

3D - Best Buds

Twink - Best Buds

Plumber - Best Buds

Great Gonzo - Best Buds

SPL - Best Buds


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