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Welcome to Richiepedia

This Wiki was set-up to allow anyone in the world a chance to add their stories, pictures, etc of everyone's favourite drunken ginger git, Richie Hell! Instead, however, it turned into a playground where whinging little bitches complained about one-another to each other.


A full list of articles is available on the Contents page, which can also be found on the "navigation" portal on the left of your screen.

Adding new articles

The easiest way to add new articles to Richiepedia is to search for a page you want to add, using the exact spelling/capitalisation that you require. Eg: Search for the term "Ginger hair". When Richiepedia can't find this page, you'll have the option to create it yourself. Having a created an article, please add it to the site's contents page. Thanks.

This page

As I'm a power-hungry admin, I've protected this front page from editing. It seemed a lot safer that way. Also, this way I can tell you all off because you all clearly need to grow the fuck up, and my message will stay here. So, that being said, grow the fuck up. Thank you.

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