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[edit] Introduction

Welcome to the RedstoneChips wiki. Feel free to add schematics, screenshots, videos, tutorials and anything RedstoneChips related.

RedstoneChips is a Bukkit plugin that allows you to build custom integrated redstone circuits on your craftbukkit minecraft server. Circuits can be built with any number of inputs and outputs and with any imaginable structure.

[edit] Tutorials

[edit] Basic Circuits

Logic Gates

[edit] Examples

7 Segment Setup

[edit] Schematics

[edit] Rubyc

Rubyc is a RedstoneChips chip library containing rubyc - a programmable chip that can run ruby scripts.

Rubyc Intro

Rubyc Default Script

Rubyc website

[edit] Rubyc Tutorials

Rubyc Hello World

Rubyc Direct sram memory access (read/write)

Rubyc Listening to /rctype events

Rubyc Wireless transmitter/receiver

Rubyc Using the bukkit scheduler

Rubyc Connect4 Game

[edit] Rubyc Examples

Rubyc Display

Rubyc WiresDisplay

Rubyc Wireless Sign

Main site

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