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“Thif if un-pofh behavior. Fpeak in thy old tongue, sor it eft moft pofh indeed.”
Thy Moste Pofhley Plumf

Welcome to Teh MarioWiki Userpedia, the one-stop-shop for user things!

We're currently working on 675 articles about MarioWiki user things.

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  • Games – All the Fan Games that Users have made!
  • Users – Users make the world go 'round!
  • Places – Various places that Users have shown up in.
  • Items – Users have the right to property, we have the right to keep track of it!
  • Sysops – The guys that get the extra access.
  • Bureaucrats – "The Man", and "The Ax". Be warned, they may try to put you down. Hard to spell, too.
  • Trolls – Misunderstood, or evil? Your choice.
  • Movies – Like that thing WarioLoaf is doing.
  • Stories – This is self-explanatory.
  • Sprite Comics – Comics the heart and soul of the wiki.
  • Sprites – The things that we put into Sprite Comics.

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