David Darrell-Lambert

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At the age of nine I was taken on school outing to a RSPB reserve. Nosily waiting in a hide a Kingfisher dashed past and started my passion for birds. Since that day I have bored everyone I can find talking to them and showing them birds. In 1991 I began illustrating the London Bird Report. Since then I have become a local bird recorder (five years and just started again) and for the last ten years I have lead groups of birdwatchers in the London area. I am currently the chair of the Ornithological section of the LNHS and giving talks on bird identification for them. My London list is over 250 and I have had some good finds, including Green-winged Teal, Blue-winged Teal, Eider, Red-footed Falcon and Serin.

Patch List Totals

Chafford Hundred


Rainham Marshes

St James's Park

West Thurrock

Westminter: Thames Area

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