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What does JMRI do?File:JMRIhompage.jpg

How is JMRI Structured?

  What is the relationship between the different interfaces?
  What files are used by JMRI
  What do all those files do? (in general)

How does JMRI relate to DCC.

Using JMRI without DCC.

Which DCC system can JMRI connect to. What each DCC system can do.

How to connect to each DCC System.

How to verify the connection between JMRI and the DCC system.

Using service mode and operations mode to program mobile decoders.

PanelPro - what it is and what it can do

   How to setup a layout
      Other Control Panels
      External Displays
   How to collect feedback from your track through S88, Loconet etc
   How to use that feedback to control trains on the track
   How to define trains

What's WiThrottle and how do I set it up?

Trouble shooting problems

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