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Tess is being updated, but it will happen through a period of time.




  • 12:13 AM I added a new spell to Nanase's arsenal in Miscellaneous, but the details aren't released until it's mentioned in the story. Sorry!


  • 1:03 AM- I have fixed up a couple of things in the article and have finally released the name of my Mystery Man. The name is........ Is....... IS......... Well, go down and look for yourself. =P

Anywho, I also have plans to change Tess' and Nanase's parts a bit. Tess will have a huge change in it, because I have grown to like her and used her more, thus building more of a character. Ellen will have some of a change as well, but the change hasn't been seen yet, so I can't add it in. Nanase will have a decent amount, but some of it will consist of spells, making it look bigger than it is.

  • 1:34 AM- I updated Tedd's description and added a section for Nanase, but didn't start on it yet. I also added in a section for her spells in there as well. I'll work on it later on, most likely after I get some sleep.
  • 8:14 PM- Filled in Nanase's section as well as a good chunk of her spells. There is a lot that she CAN learn, but she doesn't know them yet. She also has a certain amount of spells she can use per day, but how much hasn't been figured out yet. I still need to balance it out.
  • 8:27 PM- Added in the Miscellaneous Spells section, because I had forgotten to. Silly me. I have given names to most of the spells that didn't have names already, such as Duplicate and Sense (People). The spell where she can watch her own body has yet to get a decent name. It's hard to think of one.
  • 8:34 PM- I have removed the name of the character for a couple of reasons. Those reasons are personal and stuff, and I may end up removing the character later on. It all depends on what happens. And no, it's nothing bad. I'm just a bit uneasy about him.


  • 6:39 PM- I have completely removed my Mystery Man from here. I have a feeling that I'll never really end up using him, as I'm busy with Tess and Ellen as it is already. I saved his character bio though, in case I ever want to use him or something. I don't know when and if that day will come, but it's possible.


The investigator who went to gather information on him has not reported back in 6 days. We assume he is dead. He is very secretive about a lot of things, and tends to dodge questions and bend the truth. Anything that he feels that shouldn't be answered, he will answer with a question instead.


  • A TF Gun
  • A squirrel Teddy
  • A cookie with shiny wrapper
  • Six cans unlabeled soda
  • A dead fish
  • Infinite bag of dice
  • A TF-Buster Mod Kit
  • Pewter figurines of the EGS cast
  • A ball of green yarn
  • A green catnip mouse


He supposedly supports the side of good, though has been spotted working with evil many times. His motives are unknown, but the only thing we know is that he always seems to have "a plan". Currently, he is working on the side of good. Maybe.

Tedd/Tess Forces RP

Reign is currently participating in two world RP's; CR-729, and CR-804, both which are going a bit slowly. Soon to be in another one.


Very much like the main reality, this one is normal except for seemingly random goo attacks, and the creation of Tess. The people here have gotten pretty used to the attacks and rely on Tedd's forces to get rid of the goo monsters.

White Team CR-729


Tedd is the perverted, weird, and very strange 18 year-old brother of Tess. In the past, he used to be a quite kid, who kept to himself, until Elliot came along. Since then, they've become best friends. He has changed since then, and has become a lot more social, and sometimes talks a little too much. At times he can be oblivious to things that are plainly obvious.

He is currently working on two projects, finding a way to make the blasters more efficient against the goos and trying to make a smaller and more efficient device that pulls free energy out of practically nowhere. Currently, he has made it small enough to power wristwatches. As for the blaster, recent tests show that he's made a little bit of progress, but the results are catastrophic. Nobody knows where he gets the goos in which he experiments on, but they know that he has access to multiple types, so he can find a setting that works on all the types of goos, or at least one that works on a majority of them.

Tedd has quite a few hobbies. They range from hanging out with friends to spending time in his lab working on things as a girl. He doesn't like to read much, because it takes away his time to do more interesting and fun things. He also likes to use the TF Gun to change into a girl whenever his dad is not around, for whatever reason it may be, may it be just because or for some certain event. When in the girl form, he looks similar to Tess, but if you were to stand them side by side, you can clearly tell which one is which, as if you could sense it. In his male form, Tedd and Tess look alike, but the similarities are not as plentiful. There are cases where Tedd has taken some of Tess' clothing when his sister isn't home, and sometimes the clothing never make it back to it's original home.

When a mission goes underway, he usually stays at home, to receive messages from HQ or to deal with goo attacks in case people are away. If he goes on a mission, then Tess stays home to do what he does.. For the most part. He is usually serious when it comes to dealing with missions, because it deals with the Lords Tedd, and everyone knows that you always are serious when it comes to them. Tedd isn't very good at placing the portals to other worlds, and usually places them off from the target intended. Everyone blames Tedd, since he is the one operating it, but he blames the machine and claims that it needs to be fixed, and yet never does.


Tess is 18 years old in appearance and mentally, but spiritually only a few weeks old. She was created by the DD and she has the ability to spread the V5 curse anyone, just like Ellen. Tess has a crush on Elliot, but refuses to interfere with his relationship with Sarah. There are times where she flirts with him, but both Sarah and Elliot are completely oblivious to this.

She often enjoys using the TF Gun to turn herself into Tedd, causing confusion among the cast. She sometimes wears the same clothing as Tedd, and there are cases where she actually takes a set of his clothes. There is a slight size difference, but nothing too noticeable. Her clothing ranges from casual clothing, to some revealing clothing, and everything in between. Normally, she has her own set of clothes, but for some reason those keep disappearing somewhere. (Hmmm...)

Tess attends Moperville South with Ellen, Nanase, Grace, and Justin. She does not, however, have the exact same schedule as Ellen and Grace, since Tess technically has previous school experience and can handle herself. She is a straight-A student, with a 4.0 GPA (Or a 100 in numerical value). She, like her brother, is a social outcast when it comes to people outside the group of friends. She takes nearly all advanced classes, unlike her brother. Tess is a VERY quick learner, so she gets everything usually within the first round of things, or five minutes. Being a quick learner and very smart, along with a photographic memory, she doesn't need to study for tests.

As a sister to Tedd, she does cares for him in a loving sisterly way and will stand up for him if needed. Tess is the Yin to Tedd's Yang and both will often make sure that the other doesn't do something they'll regret later. She is a kind spirit who is normally gentle for the exception of her brother most of the time. After all, she is his sister. Around her friends, she is usually a talkative person, but if Elliot is around, she is very shy and rarely speaks. She is normally not self-conscious, so she doesn't really take much interest in what people say or think about her, for the exception of Elliot.

In any situation, Tess is a cool-headed person. She rarely is surprised about anything, because she is open-minded and optimistic about almost everything. When it comes to her brother it's as if she is a completely different person. She is usually always assessing the situation to look any opportunity to strike, or any outcome that would most benefit her and her friends. She is quick to act and quick to think, so it isn't very surprising to see her go from one thing to another and be five feet away from where she last was in less than a second. She is also a very strategic person, so she will look for the best way to do something. Granted, her tactics may be a little weird but it gets the job done.

Tess is rarely ever the boring type, who likes to crunch numbers or talk about Quantum Physics or anything. She does like to read as a hobby and is a bookworm, but if she is with friends she makes them her priority over her own interests. She often jokes around and occasionally plays pranks on the group, but most of the time she just enjoys herself doing what the group is doing.


  • 18, male; He is able to turn into the cat form and into V5 form. He is the father/mother/cousin/twin brother of Ellen. He has noticed that Tess keeps acting weird around him, but constantly brushes it off.


  • 18, female; She has the power to V5 people like Tess. She is the result of V5'ed Elliot touching the DD. She is still a little pissed at Tedd for it. Upon being around Nanase a lot, she has learned a little bit of magic, but nothing that would be useful.


  • 18, female; Grace has her normal forms. She has gained the confidence to fight, but only in self-defense and when absolutely necessary.


Nanase is 18 years old, and lives a semi-normal social life with her friends. She has magical abilities that let her cast spells and other types of magic. Apparently, this was gained back during a trip with Susan. The details of how they obtained their magic is unspecified. Other than that, she takes takes a martial arts class with Elliot and Justin. The dojo is called Anime Martial Arts School, run by Sensei Greg. The school is basically a bunch of anime martial arts styles all combined into one. She is a black belt in the class, along with Elliot. She is also the only person who can beat Elliot in a fight or so it's said, but neither person has fought the other with their full power so the superiority between them isn't known. She is known for using any opportunity to get the drop on her opponent to subdue them, may it be "fair" or not.

When it comes to her social life, she used to be a loner, like Tedd. She then met Elliot and Justin and once dated Elliot. There weren't any feelings for him physically, so she broke up with him to help him get together with Sarah. When she is with her friends, she likes to just have fun and hang out with them, never really suggesting much. Nanase is usually a calm person, but when she gets hungry, she gets to be out of control and starts ranting on and gets very tense. She eats a lot and very quickly, and is still thin. Her explanation is the combined practice of martial arts and magic. Nanase is also very mild-natured. If Nanase were to ever lose control of her temper, she can single-handedly level a town within minutes. But for this to happen, you would have to put her through a lot. Not even a bad day is even close enough to making her lose her temper.

Until the sleepover at Susan's house, Nanase hadn't known about her own sexual orientation, and refused to believe she was a lesbian. She would constantly use the excuse of Ellen being in V5 form and having pheromones to make her feel that she was attracted to Ellen. When it came time for Susan to tell her that Ellen did not possess any pheromones, she had finally realized the truth and accidentally let the secret out by using her fairy spell to run away to Ellen and Elliot's room. Since then, Justin, Susan, Ellen, and Elliot all knew about it, but she thought that only Elliot knew. When Grace's birthday party came around, and after a few not so subtle hints to have her tell Ellen about it, she decided to talk to Ellen about it. Ever since then, they have been dating, and Nanase had been trying very hard to keep it a secret from anyone who wasn't a friend.

Nanase has the ability to use spells, and apparently level up like a game, if she were to constantly use spells. She also has a list of offensive spells that can be used in a fight, among others that are supportive/defensive and miscellaneous. She has a spellbook that writes itself when she levels up, so she is constantly reading it and trying to get new spells when she can. Currently, her book isn't even close to 1/4th full, even with the list of spells she has available to her. She does have a limit on how much she can use spells, but since she has been trying to level herself up so much, it is actually rather high. Though her spells are like a video game, she is not. She cannot drink anything to restore her magical energy, she has to rest instead.

=====Spells===== (Costs will be added later.) Basic Offensive

  • Thunder- Basic weak lightning-based attack. It shoots a bolt of lightning forward and does weak damage.
  • Thundara- Medium lightning-attack. Like Lightning, it shoots electricity forward, but two bolts instead.
  • Thundaga- Strong lightning-based attack. Shoots forward three bolts of lightning dealing heavy damage.
  • Fire- Basic weak fire-based attack. Shoots forth a single fireball, does weak damage.
  • Fira- Medium fire-based attack. Shoots two fireballs.
  • Firaga- Strong fire-based attack. Fires three fireballs. Does heavy damage.
  • Blizzard- Basic weak ice-based attack. Drops a small crystal of ice over the enemies' head. Does weak damage.
  • Blizzara- Medium ice-based attack. Drops a medium sized chunk of ice onto the opponent's head.
  • Blizzaga- Strong ice-based attack. Drops a large sized block of ice over the opponent. Deals heavy damage.

Basic Supportive

  • Barrier- Sets an invisible barrier around an ally or self, reducing damage taken. The spell is temporary and how long it lasts depends on the caster's level.
  • Cure- Heals a small amount of damage on an ally or self.
  • Cura- Heals a moderate amount of damage on an ally or self.
  • Curaga- Heals a large amount of damage on an ally or self. Not to be confused with Full Cure.
  • Group Heal- Heals damage to the whole group of allies.
  • Revive- Revives a knocked out/dead ally. Cannot be casted on self. Limit 2 per day.
  • Regeneration- Temporarily regenerates ally or self's life for a set time. Amount healed and spell length depend on the caster level.
  • Restore- Removes any status ailments from ally or self, but does not work on KO/death.
  • Agility- Increases the speed of an ally or self by 200%. (This does not cancel out Stasis, but shortens it by 1/2.)

Advanced Spells

  • Dark Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga- Acts like the normal spell, but is stronger than the original. Also has the chance to cause status ailments.
  • Dark Fire/Fira/Firaga- Acts like the normal spell, but is stronger than the original. Also has the chance to cause status ailments.
  • Dark Blizzard/Blizzara/Blizzaga- Acts like the normal spell, but is stronger than the original. Also has the chance to cause status ailments.
  • Hell Thundaga/Firaga/Blizzaga- Acts like the normal spell, but does immensely more damage and has a higher chance to cause status ailments than any Dark spell.
  • Full Cure- Fully restores ally or self.
  • Ultima- AoE attack. Creates a blinding light of pure energy, and does massive damage to anyone who isn't protected. Does not distinguish between ally or foe.
  • Judgment- AoE attack. Drops down beams of sacred light from the sky, and does immense damage. The beams drop in separate areas, so there is no actual target, just the area. Requires 5 seconds of incantation.
  • Hien Messhoujin- A melee combo attack that once started, cannot be stopped. Deals heavy damage, but requires a weapon. Does not require incantation time.

Miscellaneous Spells

  • Duplicate- Creates two or more copies of herself in different colors. The colors that she uses reflect that copy's personality. Blue is seen as a emotional personality, Red as a hot-headed personality, Green is seen as a more playful type, and others that may appear, but nobody hasn't been able to distinguish what types of personalities they have.
  • Fairy Doll- Creates a fairy doll of herself within the approximate location of where she wants it. The doll is about 1'0" high, and can fly. If she uses the spell and is specifically looking for a person, and they already have a doll, she assumes control over the doll. In Ellen's case, since she has both a male and female doll, Nanase takes control of whichever one is closer to her. This spell also has an optional ability to allow Nanase's original body to glow when using the spell.
  • Sense (People?)- Allows Nanase to sense how many people are watching her, and how directly they're looking. So far, she hasn't liked the results of knowing what's going on around her.
  • ??? (No name yet)- Allows Nanase in Doll form to take a round, translucent/transparent object to watch over her original body like a crystal ball.
  • Demon's Eye (New Spell)- This spell is new, and in the script for 729. It's not posted yet, but at least you guys can see it's here. Be happy. xD I'll put up the effects when the spell becomes mentioned and stuff.

There are plenty of other spells that are accessible to Nanase, but she doesn't know them yet. The spells are derived from Crisis Core, Phantasy Star Online, and the Tales series. The basic offensive spells are shared among Crisis Core and Phantasy Star Online. Some of the support spells are also shared, and some are made up, but have the effects of other games. Kinda hard to make your own actual spell that isn't already taken.

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