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Waffle House #4741

Waffle House #4741 is an RP started by ProfessorTomoe. It is based on the classic Waffle House chain of restaurants, but with several dozen twists. The RP seemed to be over at one point, with the Waffle House being used as the Tactical Operations Centre for the EGS Defence Force during Operation Lagomorph. However, the Waffle House has recently undergone renovations and it is once again open for business.


Waffle House #4741, next to the main highway in whatever town it happens to be located. Check out this link if you're unfamiliar with the chain. It's the classic American greasy spoon / short-order restaurant. Open 24 hours a day, every day.


  • Vern, the cook - a 50-year-old veteran short-order cook. Has worked at the Waffle House for 30 years. Tall and thin, with greying hair and lots of premature wrinkles. Not very talkative, but everyone listens when he speaks. (Played by the GM.)
  • Dora, a waitress - a 55-year-old waitress who's been around the block a few times. Typical southern waitress in the mold of Flo from the TV series "Alice." Sassy but friendly. Doesn't put up with BS, but is willing to play along sometimes. Basically runs the place, unless Vern has something to say. Looks human, but who really knows? (Role open for volunteers.)
  • Baldrick, a waiter - a stocky 35-year-old waiter. Insists on being called "Cap'n Wafflebeard," but meets with varying degrees of success on this issue. Dresses in full pirate regalia, complete with a black beard (with touches of grey), flintlocks, a cutlass, a fake peg-leg and an eyepatch. Hasn't yet said whether or not he is a Pastafarian. (Played by Dayantis)
  • Tara, a waitress - looks to be in her twenties, slim, has wavy brown hair, and a faint trace of a Southern accent. Friendly and easygoing. Seems to have picked up Dora's habit of addressing people as "hon". (Currently played by OzLionHeart, but is available for autoing.)

Official Rules

It's a restaurant, and a cheap one at that. Order something and eat it. Socialize a bit. Engage in food fights or other mayhem.

Anyone is welcome, and that really means anyone - any character, from any place, and from any time. The Waffle House has a strict "no discrimination" policy.

Reality in this RP is used mainly to keep the eggs from floating off of the plates. Other than that, who knows what could happen?

Please keep in mind the following:

  1. The staff of Waffle House #4741 are infinitely strong and invulnerable to any and all attacks. They're also well armed. In other words, don't bother trying to hold the place up (or blow it up) - you'll get your arse handed to you on a platter. With a side order of hash browns.
  2. Weapons should be left outside. See rule #1 for the reason why.
  3. All action takes place inside the restaurant. Anything that happens outside stays outside.
  4. Anyone loitering without ordering will be vaporized to make room for another customer. As long as you order something, though (and pay for it - see rule #5), stay as long as you want. Nurse a cup of coffee or something.
  5. Pay your bill when asked. Any character trying to run out without paying will be instantly vaporized at the door (i.e., out of the RP permanently).

That's all there is to it. Enjoy!

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