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Southstone, and its adjacent suburb of Misty Valley, is the setting for the Fifth-Dimensional Hardware Store roleplay. The area is loosely based around a real area in Sydney.

A map of the area concerned.


Both Misty Valley and Southstone are somewhat sleepy suburbs in Sydney, Australia, though Southstone is somewhat busier. The main street is innovatively named Southstone Road. The local primary school of the area in question is Misty Valley Primary, and the local high school is Southstone South. Both fall under the umbrella of the Southstone Shire Council, which curiously enough, do not know about the strange happenings in the local hardware store.


  • The Marcellis house, 7 Kestrel Place
  • Southstone Towers
  • TARDIS Hardware, the primary location and the focus of the roleplay.
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