Fifth-Dimensional Hardware Store

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The Fifth-Dimensional Hardware Store is a roleplay by Piebunny about a hardware store filled with strange happenings.


Basic Plot

"It has been suggested by many that there are multiple universes parallel to our own. This is untrue. There is, in fact, only one universe. However, this universe has five dimensions. The first three are the ones in which we are able to move freely. The fourth is, of course, Time. And the fifth determines what course events take. Say, for example, you see a dollar coin in the street. You pick it up, or you don't. These events can't happen at once, so they instead happen at different points on the fifth-dimensional axis. Now, normally we cannot navigate the fifth dimension. However, there exists at exactly the same place at every extent of the axis, a nexus point through which objects are able to enter and move freely through the fifth dimension. At our particular extent, the nexus was undisturbed for milennia. The local Aborigines considered it a sacred place which nobody, bar nobody, was allowed to enter. The first settlers believed it was haunted. And in the late 20th century, it was cordoned off in barbed wire by the local council and considered just another vacant lot. And so, nobody entered the fifth dimension and the nexus remained undisturbed. That is until some schmuck built a hardware store on it."



The adjacent suburbs of Misty Valley and Southstone, Sydney. Both fall under the jurisdiction of Southstone Shire Council. Southstone and Misty Valley are both rather sleepy, though Southstone is somewhat busier. On the main street of Southstone, innovatively named Southstone Road, is Southstone Towers, a shopping complex. The hardware store, appropriately named TARDIS Hardware, is located just across the road from Southstone Towers. Everyone in Southstone and Misty Valley knows about the weird happenings in the store. They have jokingly explained this as: "Must be a fifth dimension or something." They are of course entirely right. They prefer not to visit TARDIS unless absolutely necessary.


  • Piebunny posted his discussion thread for the topic on August 28th, 2006. KylenPhylar thought it was too similar to his Kylen's Interdimensional Bar roleplay, however, Jonixlord and William Dojinn signed up.
  • The RP thread was posted on the 30th of August.
  • It was inactive from the 16th of September, 2006 to the 8th of October, 2006.
  • Dekupower joined via the prompting of Jonixlord.
  • The characters have entered the hardware store as of 18/10/06.
  • On 20/10/06, Marci was arrested for making an obscene clone fall.
  • On 4/11/06, Marco disappeared into fifth-dimensional space.
  • The RP is struggling, and may be on its last gasps of breath.
  • Not if Jonixlord has anything to say about it!
  • Jonixlord has spoken and this thread is done...ish.
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