Aftermath II RP

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A rebirth of the sadly now-dead Aftermath RP.

GM'd by Cameo.


The following description is taken directly from the discussion/signup thread.

The date is August 21, 2019. Four days ago, Earth fell victim to a disaster, cause unknown. The planet has been blanketed with dark clouds, and - more importantly - 99%, maybe more, of the population is gone. Not dead, or at least not visibly dead, just gone. Vanished - if you'll excuse the pun - right off the face off the earth. And the remaining people have changed in odd ways...

To be specific, everyone that was spared has been changed physically - although some alterations are extremely minor, such as a different eye color - and most have developed some kind of superhuman ability that may or may not be related, directly or indirectly, to their change (examples from the first RP include an undead-and-effectively-immortal guy, a winged dude and a pyrokinetic). The powers often, although certainly not always, reflect some aspect of the person's personality; for example, a hot-tempered person might get an ability related to fire.

Some of those abilities are very much like magic in the way they work, up to and including blatant violations of the laws of physics, but whether they actually are remains unknown. The power any one person can have is theoretically unlimited, but inexperience and trouble with control, if they can control their powers at all, limit most of these characters.

Most people just woke up different than the way they were when they went to bed, but others underwent transformations (ranging from painful to barely-noticeable with regards to physical sensations), and it all happened between a few hours and around a day after everyone else disappeared.

Because the clouds and the mass disappearance were the only effects of the apocalypse, everything else - buildings, transportation, services like electricity and the Internet, etcetera - has survived untouched, although the fact that they don't have anyone left to maintain and/or operate them may take a toll on them in the future (four days really isn't enough to have drastic effects).

Animals didn't disappear when the humans did, but a significant number of them have mutated in various ways that range from newfound sentience to gaining parts (e.g. spines, wings, fins) usually found on other animals to turning into ferocious beasts (rest assured, though, the only beasts we'll come across used to be small animals or pets, so they probably won't be bigger than a large dog - except for what might be lurking in the city zoo). Because of the constant darkness, nocturnal species and those who can operate during either night or day are seen far more often than diurnal animals.

The setting is Denoncourt City, a mid-size city somewhere in America.


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