Youth Pastor

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Note this story was in the pit it only had a few pages, I wasn't quite ready to do my own story yet so I figured I'd start on
an idea that just didn't take off, I liked the basic premise so dug it out and started adding to it. It's about a male youth pastor 
who abuses his post to take sexual advantage of the teens. No offense is meant to any religions and this is a work of fiction 
and should be treated as such. Feel free to add just keep in line with the theme, anything too out there will be removed, and 
do not alter anyexisting pages except for minor grammatical corrections, those would be ok.
WARNING this story will have themes of incest, abuse of power, humiliation, homosexuality (for the most part this is a 
heterosexual story) and other perverts themes this is an Adult Story but if stuff like that bothers you don't read

Congratulations Mr. John Smith, you have been successful in your application to become our new youth pastor at our local community church, the email had read. Your first meeting is tonight at 7pm. The great thing about the job is it gives you an apartment and office next to the church, to be available for the youth of the community to come for your counsel if they don't feel comfortable going to the much more mature Priest of the church.

Happy that you got the job, your mind starts to wonder who will be there tonight. You’re hoping that the cute lad and his sister who you see in the street will be there.

As you think about them and the other teens you have seen in the neighborhood, your cock rises in your boxers. You have always had a thing about teenagers and this is your ideal job.

You have an hour before the meeting starts

Do you:

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