Your life: Wolf

From Create Your Own Story

All your life, you've been travelling, exploring and adventuring, never once have you thought about stopping this habit, never once cared to think about not basking in the moonlight at night.

It comes naturally, for you are, but a wolf, and what is a wolf, without a moon to chase, a moon to howl at, and ask: who am I?

That's who you are, and how you have always been, roaming the land, going deep into the dense forests and going into every little nook and cranny you can fit youself into,

You are a wolf, A fucking big one at that, You reckon that you are about three times as big as a shire horse, and ten times heavier, yes a horse, or atleast that is as humans call them, equines? You are a very smart wolf, your intelligent green eyes, staring back at you in a passing pond, They are knowing eyes, piercing eyes, fierce eyes.

You've always been an orhpan, you have no knowledge of parents, maybe they'd disowned you? maybe they thought that you were too abnormaly large for their tastes? Whatever the reason, you'd be glad for it, you don't need anybody slowing you down anyway.

But that then comes to the current matter at hand, (paw?) it's a fresh new morning, you are currently resting, and you're bored to the bone, taking refuge in a cave at the foot of a mountain, you find yourself wondering what you could do today...

Go outside and into the forest

Look wolf

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