Your Wild Day

From Create Your Own Story

This story is a work by Arthur Saxon, and published on his website, so please do not edit. His stories usually contain panty pooping, microskirts, insects and other various perverse topics, which is probably why I enjoy his stories. I have emailed him for permission to publish this story here, so please do not edit this (save for grammar). If you like this story, you can find his other stories at In this particular story, you are a 16-year-old girl. Let's begin.

It is the morning of your sixteenth birthday. You wake up and go to your wardrobe to pick out your clothes for the day. You have school, unfortunately, but you've heard that there is a field trip today, so hopefully you'll get out of some of your lessons. You put on some white cotton panties and a bra, followed by a white blouse, but you pause for a moment while you decide which skirt to wear. There are three to choose from. Will you wear:

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